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Chapter 10

BethE: Would it be polite to ask Eve what happened? Or would she be offended/mysteeeeerious?
Sara: That's good.  :) I like Eve.
Etheric: Probably a little on the mysterious side.
Etheric: Though she thinks she has explained things clearly already.
BethE: "I'm Eve. I'm Dark. I'm Hope. What's for dinner?"
Etheric: To be fair, she was a *little* more verbose than that.
BethE: True.  :) I was being forgetful.
Random_Nerd: So, anything before we start?
BethE: Are we considered done with this 'chapter'?
Random_Nerd: Hmm. What do you think?
lazarus: 2.4s left in the sens game...
Etheric: I don't think it's been a transition yet, personally.

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Sara: (Suck it, Jersey!)
Etheric: Trying to remember -- how'd we end up last time?
lazarus: woot :) 3-2 is the final score, Ottawa's leading the series 3-1 :)
BethE: Not quite sure what we had left. We have Hope 2.0, Message a holding pattern until he does something, Lesson's working on the plantpeople and theresa's given him orders to let her know when he needs one moved (the shrinks can go to the trees) and she's given a nice greenway for plantrest and a greenroad for Red when he consults.
BethE: And Brian wants a particle accelerator.
Sara: Why?
BethE: We Don't Know.
BethE: I've never heard of picking up chicks with a particle accelerator.
lazarus: heh :-P
Random_Nerd: Bah. Everyone knows that chicks dig a guy with a big precise linear accelerator.
Etheric: There was an article by RSB that comes to mind... About the role of ambition in Nobilis.
BethE: Who's he?  :)
Etheric: I think it was on, but I'm not positive.
Etheric: Who's who?
BethE: Ambition.  :)
Etheric: Oh -- not quite what I meant.
Etheric: But it's a decent question.  :)
Random_Nerd: Hmm. What point on ambition did it raise?

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Knockwood: Hello
BethE: Hi Knock!
Random_Nerd: Okay, the gang's all here.
Random_Nerd: Start after the discussion of ambition?
Knockwood: hm?
Etheric: Well, since I doubt I could find it quickly, I'll go from memory. Basically it listed four "virtues" that players in a successful Nobilis game would have, one of which ws ambition, which they defined as the quality that would make a Noble use a wish on a daydream rater than fro something "useful."

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BethE: (I'm ready to start whenever. Couldn't find the thread using the forum search.)
Etheric: I see Brian's particle accelerator as squarely falling into that rubric of ambition.
Etheric: Wasn't a thread, Beth.
Etheric: An article.
BethE: Oh, in a 'That's cool, I want it, I have it!" sort of thing?

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BethE: Ahhhh...
Random_Nerd: Are the other three glory, imagination, and vanity?

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Brian: and cows?
BethE: I am...completely lacking in the important virtues.
Brian: (remember, cows will outpopulate people 50:1!)
Brian: (they're Important!)
Brian: (or maybe I just have a cold)
Random_Nerd: (And ambitious.)
Knockwood: so, you want us to play complete jerks?
BethE: (Define 'people'.)
Random_Nerd: Complete jerks... no.
Brian: Brian's getting less and less in touch with humanity as time goes on.
Brian: it's kinda neat
Random_Nerd: More... perhaps people like mythological heroes?
Etheric: I don't recall what the other three were. Those might be it.
Etheric: Was just looking through the archive of RSB's columns, but I couldn't find it.
Random_Nerd: Well, those are the things hollyhock represents.
Random_Nerd: Rigth?
Random_Nerd: (Err, right.)
Brian: that's why they're the HG's virtues :p
Brian: gotta have all those to believe you can run a Nobilis game :-P
Knockwood: and we know Tpyo is heavy on the ambition... :)
Etheric: Hmm. Still can't find it.
Random_Nerd: I'm ready to start if you are.
Random_Nerd: If memory serves, you were standing outside of an empty warehouse, working on how best to convert it to a fertile field.
Brian: I'm going to be in have-cold sick-space all night. May not impact the character, however :p ... maybe a bit more LSD-crazy than just weird-crazy though.

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Theresa: Theresa was planning on LC the whole place and a road to it as proper for a tree rest-stop.

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Random_Nerd: Yeah. If you remove the building, it'd just take a series of lesser creations to make it fertile.
DanteE: though I wonder if you're not overthinking things.
Theresa: Oh?
DanteE: I mean, just move the plant to in front of the ray & slap a Preservation on it long enough for them to fire it.
Theresa: Well, there's the thought that the shrinks can go to the trees instead of the trees coming here. But Red will have to come in to consult and the greenway gives him some room.
Brian: but what are Nobilis, if not the Incredible Machine?
Theresa: Plus, I'd think there'd be emotional trauma, but that's just my crazy.
DanteE: they'd have had then when they found themselves a tree.
DanteE: *that
Random_Nerd: Okay, I have a question here.
Theresa: Do you agree that Red would need some space?
Random_Nerd: Is the specific mechanism by which the trees get moved and so on interesting to you guys as players?
Brian: only insomuch as it's the Incredible Noble Machine
Brian: (i.e. complex, convoluted, weird, something no one but Nobilis would think up, but it works)
Theresa: I figured it is a part of what we called an equiv to LC, a Move.
Random_Nerd: Because if it's interesting, it's fine to play it through. But if not, just tell your underlings to take care of it and give them a week.
DanteE: which means Theresa can do it with a blink.
Random_Nerd: So, show of hands. Who wants to work out the details of moving the plants to where the ray is?
Theresa: Yep. Which is why Theresa told Lesson to just let her know when a treeperson is ready to be changed back and she'd move it to the warehouse.
Snow: I'm ambivalent. Woo, ambivalence!
Theresa: I'm not really all that interested. I was just poking at it a little.  :) Plus I thought the idea of Red being a consultant was interesting.
Brian: I'm with Snow
Eve: I'm pretty ambivalent too.
DanteE: I'm impatient. Just fire the thing already.
Random_Nerd: So, everyone doesn't really care?
Brian: I'd like to get the Story going to the next chapter, yes.
Theresa: They have to go through therapy first, Knock.  :)
Random_Nerd: Okay, let's handle that stuff during downtime. We'll start the next chapter with the warehouse removed, a field put in, and those plant-people with a high degree of distress moved over.
Theresa: I am willing to0 proceed.
Random_Nerd: Any objection?
Eve: Next chapter is fine with me, if that's what people want to do.
DanteE: considering they started out as human, I'm thinking therapy would be more effective after they get zapped back
Theresa: I'd like to have Holy Fire going, btw.
Random_Nerd: Okay. What's your Spirit?
Theresa: Therapy is to make sure they want to go back. (Spirit 1)
DanteE: (Spirit 2)
DanteE: (any word on, BTW?)
Brian: Assuming downtime, Brian will have hired some guys to go and renovate the office buildings and factories and stuff he built.
Brian: (yeah - not happening until I get more cash. I can't afford the cost to make it go.)
Snow: Snow would have lounged around. Probably ate some rabbits.
Random_Nerd: Okay, now. The next chapter. There are two ways we can do this. One of you can give us an agenda and we can depict the PCs working to do that thing, or I can bring in some external motivating force.
DanteE: OK, what's the next chapter gonna be?
DanteE: ya beat me to it. :)
Theresa: Snow can tell us what William's apartment is like.. *curious*
Eve: I think that "External motivating force" would work well. Since otherwise we seem to flounder.
DanteE: how about making progress on one of the numerous subplots we've collected?
Random_Nerd: Sounds good to me. Do you have a favorite?
Theresa: I don't have anything on my agenda. Theresa will have been pondering some of the motivation behind her View on Plants. And trying to decide if she is for or against Terminator Seeds.
DanteE: hm... finding a lost Noble from Luc's group?
Brian: Brian is going to be working on his "Build Up the Chancel Science Community" thing, when he's got the time.
Theresa: Luc's Nobles is interesting. Oh, a Dionyl ever Anchor a nonDionyl?
DanteE: or takingsteps toward eliminating the Corrupt Cult
Random_Nerd: About as often as humans anchor a non-human.
Random_Nerd: Which is to say that it's not the default, but it happens sometimes.
Theresa: Do we have any info at all on our Cult?
Theresa: (Is it possible to deCorrupt a cult?)
Random_Nerd: Okay, here's what I'm thinking. Last storyline is over. Everyone gets a character point or chancel point.
Random_Nerd: (It is, but it'd probably involve conflict with Excrucians, given that corrupt cults are the ones they've influenced.)
Theresa: (*blink* I didn't know that. I just thought that Entropy got involved somehow.)
Random_Nerd: And for the next storyline, at the end, I'll give an extra character point to the PC who's most clearly and interestingly acted as a motivating force on the plot, as determined by having all of us vote at the end.
Random_Nerd: (Entropy wouldn't make corrupt cults. They're too strong a tool for the Excrucians.)
Random_Nerd: (Entropy may be a dick, but he still doesn't like the Scruchies.)
Theresa: (I know that Snow has spent a chancel point to get a border guard. Can I add mine to hers to increase the # or strength of guard?)
Random_Nerd: (Actually, I believe she decided not to. Correct, Sara?)
Snow: (I think we changed the Border Guard to something else, but I odn't remember what the something else is.)
Snow: (Yeah.)
Eve: (Actually, we only get one Chancel point for the group if that's what we opt to do.)
Random_Nerd: (No, I don't believe that's correct.)
Random_Nerd: (But let me check.)
Snow: (Because the Border Guard would have been too weak to do much.)
Brian: I have a full backup of the wiki here on my local machine. If anyone needs to know anything, just let me know and I can look it up
Random_Nerd: (Hmm.)
Random_Nerd: (The wording is ambiguous.)
Eve: (We get an additional Chancel Point per player, then? That's not what I remember, but if you think that that's the rule I don't object.)
DanteE: (unless we all throw in points, then it's a 6-point Borderguard)
Random_Nerd: (Okay, I think that Etheric's reading is actually correct.)
Theresa: Brian - can you send me an email of my stats/wikipage, please? I don't think I have them, otherwise.
Brian: I'm going to be selfish and want to finish off my Gift that I've been working on for two years :p
Brian: T: email?
Brian: (addy, that is)
Random_Nerd: Any response to my suggestion, with regard to the extra point vote thing?
Theresa: (
Theresa: I think it's a cool idea, as long as we can remember far enough back.
DanteE: would a borderguard fight off shards coming through the vault? :)
Brian: Survivor: Amyra?  ;) (I do think it's a good thing)
Random_Nerd: A borderguard is a quasi-noble thing that the chancel can use to cast miracles to defend itself.
Eve: Okay, hmm.
Eve: I could go with the group getting a Chancel Point, but if we go with each getting a character point, I can raise my Aspect.
Theresa: Under that definiton, one could call the treasures that.
Eve: The Treasures aren't On Our Side, though.
Theresa: I'd be willing to hold off to benefit Eve. (The Chancel isn't on my side either, necessarily. Realm 0. <g>)
Brian: I just need to re-calculate the costs of my Gift, make sure that it fits with the amount of CP we've got - I think my "need 1" from the last time we got xp is right.
Random_Nerd: Okay, guys, honest question. Should I stop trying for PC-directed plotlines and go back to a more traditional "two guys with abhorrent guns kick down the door" storyline?
DanteE: NO.
DanteE: they hert.
DanteE: *hurt
Eve: I liked what you were doing before alternating between the two, personally.
Theresa: No, I may still be healing from the last time.
Eve: But it seems I'm in the minority.
Random_Nerd: Well, that's my preferred approach too.
Theresa: I don't mind alternating.
Random_Nerd: Okay. So, near as I can tell, it seems like a majority of the players want this next one to be back to an NPC-instigated storyline.
Brian: (GC of Love 7, Automatic Invocation 1, Global Effect 1, One Trick -3, Uncommon 1) = 7 points ... how many CPs have we got so far?
Random_Nerd: (Beats me. I don't keep tracks of those for you.)
Random_Nerd: Give me a moment to polish off an idea, and we can start.
Eve: I could tell you if the Wiki were up.
Brian: I'm expecting someone to say 6 + 1 for this past story.
Eve: Let's see.
Brian: Eve: where do you keep it?
Eve: Keep what?
Brian: the XP log?
DanteE: I've got 5 + whatever from this story in reserve, and I've spent 2 so far.
Random_Nerd: Okay, I've got the wiki on my PDA, let me check.
Eve: There is no XP log. I would look at the Wiki, count how many stories there have been, look at your character sheet and see how many points were there, subtract the second number from 25 plus the first one, and that's your number of free points.
Random_Nerd: Okay, you were indeed one CP from making it a Greater creation.
DanteE: we just finished Chapter 8, IIRC
Theresa: That sounds right.
Brian: Numbers don't add up, 'cause my math says 7, and it looks like we've just finished Chapter 8, so I should have 1 more point somewhere. Unless my math is wrong.
Eve: Maybe you spent one?
Eve: I know we never spent any Chancel Points. At least not unless it happened during the period I was gone.
Brian: (GC Love 7, Automatic Invocation +1, Global +1, One Trick -3, Uncommon +1) = (10 - 3) = 7.
Random_Nerd: Is everyone ready to start?
DanteE: we were just discussing whether to get Char or Chancel points
Theresa: We spent some DP, I thought, while fighting in Mexico.
Theresa: I think I'm ready.
Brian: I think I missed a decrement for one story?
Eve: DP are separate.
Eve: We get one every session.
Theresa: Okay.
DanteE: right... so, what was the verdict on what to do?
Brian: Anyway, I say CP, 'cause I'll mark this as finally done, and then figure out the math later :p
Theresa: An NPC driven storyline this time?
Random_Nerd: You guys seemed to want to get individual character points.
Theresa: And individual CP so Eve And Brian can skillup.
Eve: Both of those are good for me.
Random_Nerd: And yes, that seemed to be the consensus. I have one almost ready, and I'll have the finishing touches on the situation as soon as you guys make up your minds.
Brian: I've stolen my CP, so no more Chancel Point. Ha!
Theresa: Ready, RN.
DanteE: find one of Luc's Nobles?
Brian: oh! I think I know what's up! I think I missed the crossing over of a chapter maybe?
Brian: Anyway. I'm ready.
Eve: I can go whenever.
DanteE: ready...
Snow: *nod!*
Random_Nerd: __________________START____________________
Random_Nerd: In the presence of each of you, wherever in the chancel you are, some nearby pocket of air says in Kudzu's voice: "Meet me in the Realm's Heart. I have business for you."
Brian: "So, just pick a colour for the walls. I don't particularly care. How about avocado? I've gotta go." (/cell phone to renovators)

  • Eve has been absent the past few days, and attempts to reach her via the Realm's Heart have failed.

Brian: (To the Realm's Heartcave!)

  • Theresa looks up from her meditation near a quiet grave. She sighs and heads toward the Tower as fast as she can.
  • Snow uncurls herself from the discarded sheets of William's bed, yawns mightily, and heads toward the RH.
  • DanteE is in the tower, as usual, so he can head right up.
      • Eve is now known as Carrie.

Theresa: (*blink*)

  • Carrie strides into the Realm's Heart a few minutes after Dante does, like it's the most natural thing in the world.

DanteE: "Where'd you come from?"

  • Brian likely shows up after Carrie
  • Theresa comes into the Heart and...stops, staring at Carrie. "This is...okay, did we go back in time again?"

Carrie: "Hardly the welcome I'd hoped for... But that can wait. I believe our Lord has business for us."
Brian: "Eve and Carrie switched places again. Happens all the time in fiction and games and stuff." (Brian doesn't react at all otherwise)
Theresa: "We're still glad to see you, Carrie."

  • Snow trots in after Carrie, not looking too concerned. Sne snuffles at Carrie's leg.

Snow: (Does Carrie smell the same as Eve?)

  • Brian tries to idly pet Snow. Possibly gets bit.

Random_Nerd: All the clock workings of the Realm's Heart: "I have a slight errand I wish all of you to run."
Brian: "More rabbits?"
Carrie: (Hmm, the scent is similar, but with some distinct differences. Eve is after all not human, while Carrie is still human in biology.)
Random_Nerd: The voice pauses.
Theresa: "Yes, boss?" *slightly twitchy, given the last errands and also the secret of the Maple(
Theresa: ( * )
Random_Nerd: "Okay, how did you know that?"
Brian: "You like rabbits."
Random_Nerd: "It does involve the rabbit, yes."
Brian: "Hm. Wild guess ... we're to try to give him as a gift to some Angel or other?"
Random_Nerd: "There is a matter that will pass before the Council of Four soon, regarding the stance to be taken to the next age. While I am in no particular favor in the Council, I still need to have a certain position advocated."
Random_Nerd: "Stop that!"
Theresa: "Which position?"
Random_Nerd: "On whether to view it as hostile or benevolent."

  • Snow rolls over, sprawling on the floor, utterly unconcerned.

Random_Nerd: "Which has certain... implications for Ananda."
Brian: "Ananda ... second in command, essentially? Angel of ... ... . I should've done my homework."

  • Carrie listens, wondering at the implications with a slightly puzzled expression on her face.

Random_Nerd: "But at any rate, while I have little influence with them, there is an Imperator who is well considered by two of the four members, and who by an odd coincidence, you have indirectly connected with."
DanteE: (Damn, chief, if you'd told us you intended to have Monty eat Entropy we'd have helped you out more!)
Random_Nerd: "I wish you to go to the Chancel of the Angel Barakiel, and persuade him to change his stance."
Random_Nerd: "Take the rabbit and the demon."
Random_Nerd: "Don't /igve/ him the rabbit. But make sure he sees it, and the demon that Urbanization anchored."
Brian: "Will do."
Snow: "Can I bring the Horse?"
Random_Nerd: "Yes."
Theresa: "What is the stance that he is professing?"
Random_Nerd: "I don't know. But I know that he knows more about it than I do, and I know that whatever his first conclusion is, it's wrong."

  • Theresa parses this.

Random_Nerd: "So whatever he's currently going to do, I want you to persuade him to change it."
Theresa: "Does he have a high opinion of you, boss?"
Random_Nerd: "Not as such."

  • Snow goes back to sleep, having secured Horseness.

Brian: "Timeframe?"
Random_Nerd: "You have a week."
Theresa: "Where is his Chancel located, if you know?"
Random_Nerd: "On his planet."
DanteE: "Jupiter?"
Random_Nerd: "Jupiter."

  • Theresa thinks of ways to transport Monty.

Brian: "We're going to Jupiter!"
DanteE: "...wild guess: right in the middle of teh Great Red Spot?"
Random_Nerd: "That would be the place."
Brian: "Hey, Snow ... if you swallow something, can you unswallow it?"
Random_Nerd: "I suggest that you take the mythic world there. It's faster."
Snow: "Why would I want to do that?"
Brian: "We've got a very large rabbit that we need to transport there and back."

  • Snow stretches, in coyote form.

Snow: "Oh. The rabbit on the moon?"
Random_Nerd: (She can't swallow Monty with her current gift level.)
Brian: "Yep. That one."
Theresa: (Hmm, that is a thought. What does Monty look like in mythic form?)
Snow: "Nah. I can't eat him. Not yet."
Brian: (that's sad. Brian doesn't know it :-P)
Random_Nerd: (RIght now, it has to be something that she can at least conceivably fit her mouth around.)
Brian: "I like the way you think" *pet*

  • Snow snaps at Brian's hand.

Snow: "No petting! Not a dog!"

  • Snow curls up more tightly, glowering.

Random_Nerd: (So, a human head, yes. A rabbit the size of rhode island, no.)
Snow: (Soon...soon!)
DanteE: "So... let me get this straight: take Lesson from here and Monty from the new moon over to the Great Red Spot of Jupiter and try to convince an angel that his current opinion of the direction the Council should take after Y5K, no matter what it is, is wrong?
Theresa: "Oaky, we can have William and Sam book us transportation or at least a route."
Brian: "In a week."
Brian: (to Dante)

  • Brian thinks real hard (Brian wants to talk to the Spirit of A Week From Now, convince it to wait another few days before arriving)

Brian: (Probably can't figure out any way to do that)
Random_Nerd: (Eh.. .you couldn't do it in such a way as to affect other Nobles.)
Brian: "... can any of you talk to spirits? Specifically, the spirit of A Week From Now?"
Random_Nerd: (You could make humans with calendars go absolutely nuts, but it wouldn't affect anyone immune to direct miracles.)
Brian: (well, at least the spirit could tell us what might happen?)
Theresa: "We can get it done in normal time, Brian. Plus, who says time runs the same on Jupiter?"
DanteE: "Chief? How do you know his opinion's wrong?"
Brian: RH call to William: "William, we need tickets to Jupiter, Stat!"
Random_Nerd: "Because he's a dick. But you didn't hear that from me."
Random_Nerd: "And that's a week /here/, not a jupiter week."
Theresa: (Darn.)
DanteE: "Which outcome _are_ you in favor of? There's always the possibility he favors the 'right' way for the wrong reason."
Random_Nerd: "Just, you know, take the path there. Maybe ride the bunny or something.
Random_Nerd: "I don't have a set opinion. But look at it this way. He's been around for all the changes of the ages. He's always been wrong."
Carrie: (Lesser Divi8nation of Hope on whether riding Monty can hope to get there within a day's time.)
Random_Nerd: "He fell before /Lucifer/ fell."
Brian: "Last time someone 'rode' the bunny - well, in - Theresa lost a hand for a week."
Random_Nerd: (Yes, if you do it mythically.)
DanteE: "... isn't it possible that the reason he's been wrong is because, in the past, someone tried something like this?"
Random_Nerd: "Could be. We'll see."

  • Theresa Creates a note on Lesson's desk (and Lesson's receptionist's) desks. "Lesson - you are needed for an expedition. Please clear your calendar for the next Chancel week. Pack for Jupiter. Meet at Tower."

Theresa: "It was an arm. It grew back."
Snow: "That sounds like fun!"
DanteE: (and she had a spare.)
Snow: (Whoa, uber lag.)
Brian: (still kinda a funny spot to have that show up)
Brian: "Any other words of wisdom?"
Theresa: (Oh and Theresa's name at the bottom of the note, so he knows who it is from.)
Random_Nerd: "Don't mention the whole Fall thing. He's touchy about that."
Theresa: (Is there any Imperator who _doesn't_ have something to be touchy about?)
Snow: "The fall happens every year. He should get used to it."
Brian: "..."
DanteE: "Wrong Fall, Snow."
Theresa: "Okay, meet back at the conference room in two hours?"
Brian: "Will do."
Theresa: "But that's the only fall that's important to Snow, so it's the one she knows." *smile*

  • Snow trots off to the conference room, after summonning Horse to meet her there.
  • Snow winks at Theresa.

Brian: RH to William: "Meet us at the Conference Room in two hours. Preferably with a route to Jupiter, and any information on Barakiel you can get, especially regarding his decisions around the changing of ages."
DanteE: (Samuel too. Might as well go all out.)

  • Brian will head to the Library for a bit, and listen in to everything he can to gather information about the changes of ages, the Council of Four, Ananda, and Barakiel ... and Barakiel's Chancel and Nobilis

Theresa: (I thought we had pretty much mined out all of the info possible on Barakiel when we were researching in the Library?)
Carrie: (also to William) "While you're at it, find out how difficult it would be to quickly get an invitation to the Chancel of Barakiel. We wouldn't want to show up uninvited."
Random_Nerd: (Most of it, at least.)
Snow: RH: "And bring a lot of cheeseburgers!"
Brian: (well, yeah, but best to do homework)
Brian: (Snow: <3!)
Random_Nerd: (You know his estates. You know that he's the angel of Jupiter. You know that he was one of the Watchers, who had some ambigious thing to do with the very early history of humanity.)
Theresa: (*adds the two hour time limit to the bottom of Lesson's note, that way he's not standing there for an hour 45 with nothing to do.)
Theresa: (We know he Fell. And was kinda forgiven.)
Random_Nerd: (Yeah. His fall was temporary.)
Random_Nerd: (And before the big one.)
Theresa: (And that he kept Lesson in a box and that his feather + Lesson's heart = Trouble.)
Snow: (He could snuggle with Snow.)
Random_Nerd: (You know he spent some time in Hell, recently, but is not there now.)
DanteE: (When did he enChancel & take Nobles?)
Theresa: (I want a drawing of Snow and a chibiLesson snuggling. This may be sinus medication talking, however.)
Snow: (I could do that!)
Random_Nerd: (Some time ago. You don't have an exact date.)
Random_Nerd: (But at least on the order of hundreds of years.)
Random_Nerd: (And you know it happened while he was in Hell.)
Theresa: (We know that some of his Nobles are a couple of hundred years old at the moment. And Shadows is the youngin'?)
DanteE: "Anyone know how to get to the moon?"
Snow: "We can pick him up on the way to the new place."
Theresa: "Question is how to control him. Putting him into a box last time was difficult."
Random_Nerd: (In the Mythic world, there are roads everywhere. Roads to planets. Roads to moons. Roads to different Ages.)

  • Brian shifts into Mythic.

Brian: (what's the Mythic world look like?)
Snow: "Did you ever ask him to come?"
Random_Nerd: (It takes a little looking around, but you can locate the road to Amyra's moon. It's a new one. Greenish, and translucent.)
DanteE: (I wonder why we're bringing the UberRabbit to Jupiter)
Random_Nerd: (Depends what you're looking at in it, and what you're focusing on.)
Random_Nerd: (The mythic world is fractal. Everything is a spirit, which is a person, and is made up of smaller spirits.)
Random_Nerd: (So, what you see depends partly on what you're looking at, and on what scale.)

  • Brian will chat with the road spirit "So ... do you know the way to San Jose? I mean, Jupiter?"

Theresa: (We're taking things connected to Barakiel. It has a part of him in it.)
Random_Nerd: Road: "The road to Jupiter. Yeah, I know him. He's a jerk."
Random_Nerd: "Just because he's been around forever and I'm new."
Theresa: *to Snow* "We're not quite sure if he understands, Snow. We think that he just _looks_ like a rabbit. When he's actually a...lot of deadly bloodiron in a rabbit shape." *rubs arm*
Brian: "Where is he? My companions and I have need to visit Jupiter, and must therefore probably make use of the road"
Snow: "So you asked him already?"
Random_Nerd: "He's over there." *points* "The one made of purple and gold."
Theresa: *sheepish* "Actually, no. We haven't talked a lot to him. Dante stepped into him last time and Monty swallowed him."
Brian: "Thanks. Actually, I've gotta get to the rabbit on the other end of ... well, you, as well."
Random_Nerd: "Mister big shot 'duh duh I go to a place that represents kingly traits duh'."
Snow: (Can Snow talk to the rabbit via the RH?)
DanteE: (Hold on...)
Random_Nerd: (Hmm. The message board could tell him.)
Random_Nerd: (So, indirectly, yeah.)
Brian: (question: does Brian's gift affect spirits, too?)
DanteE: "Snow... why don't you come with me, and we'll both have a word with Monty."
Random_Nerd: (No. It's One Trick, and covers humans.)
Brian: "Will you permit me to cross, well, you?"
Random_Nerd: (If you expanded the flexibility, it could later.)
Brian: (ok)

  • Snow shrugs and follows Dante.

Random_Nerd: (But right now, every human being in the chancel is more or less fanatically loyal to Brian, since you upped it to Major.)
DanteE: (Anyone else want to see Ooki usagi no shin tsuki?)
Random_Nerd: (I don't speak your crazy moon language?)

  • Brian will go up the road to the giant rabbit

Theresa: (Usagi is rabbit...tsuki is moon...)
Brian: (usagi = rabbit. no = 's. That much I know)
Carrie: (The big rabbit of the true moon, I think. It's Japanese.)
Random_Nerd: (Ah.)
DanteE: (ooki=big and shin=new)
Theresa: (Okay, so I read a little Sailor moon stuff...)
Random_Nerd: (I speak absolutely no japanese. Just english and greek.)
DanteE: (no Latin? :)
Brian: (I know a little Japanese. Yay L5R!)
Random_Nerd: (Only a few words of Latin. Not enough that I could sit down with a book in it and read it.)

  • DanteE grabs his cowboy hat before heading out...

Random_Nerd: Snow and Dante arrive on the moon!

  • Snow looks around.

DanteE: "If I'm not back in time for the meeting just assume I'm rabbit chow again."
Snow: (With Aspect 0...can Snow breathe?)
Brian: (what about Brian?)
Brian: (He's going to the Mythic Moon!)
Snow: (is there even air? I forget if the bunny needs to breathe.)
Random_Nerd: (There's air. The bunny doesn't /have/ to breathe, but he doesn't know that.()
Theresa: (He gets upset if there's not air to breathe. Not that he needs it.)
DanteE: (I suspect there's an atmosphere...)
Random_Nerd: (And this moon was made to order.)
Theresa: (And plus, there are plants there! They make you oxygen.)

  • Snow breathes, then.
  • Theresa will stay behind to coordinate with Carrie and the Aides.

Random_Nerd: The bunny stares at you with eyes like black lakes.

  • Snow beams up at the bunny.

Snow: "Heeeey! You ever seen a lemur?"
DanteE: (Div-Courage on the beastie...)
Theresa: *to Carrie* "Sorry if we seem a bit disconcerted with the change. It's...I don't know what to say, actually."
Random_Nerd: (On the bunny? Hmm. He's not afraid of anything in particular at the moment. But new or abrupt things would scare him.)
Random_Nerd: (And he's not good at standing up to his fears.)
Brian: (what's the moon and the bunny look like in Mythic view?)
Carrie: "Eve was necessary. And she will be back. But for the moment, I'm more concerned with the task we have been given."
Random_Nerd: (The bunny looks strange, in mythic view. Sometimes he looks like a rabbit. Sometimes he looks like a skeleton hunched over. Sometimes like the moon. And an awful lot like the red spot of jupiter.)
DanteE: (what kind of skeleton?)
Random_Nerd: (The moon looks like a large walrus curled up in a ball, smoking a pipe.)
Brian: "Hey, Monty ... can you speak?"

  • Theresa nods at Carrie. "Agreed. matter who you are at times, I'm glad that you're back home."

Random_Nerd: (Unclear. Not human. A bit like the sort of skeleton a lobster would have, if lobsters had skeletons and were proportioned like linebackers.)
Theresa: (Does the walrus want a bucket?)

  • Carrie frowns, looking slightly conflicted.

Random_Nerd: (Is Brian mythic or prosaic?)
Brian: (Mythic still)
Snow: "Doesn't matter so much if he can't speak. Can he understand?"
Random_Nerd: Mythic Monty: "Hmm. It seems that I can. Odd. I've never tried that before."
Random_Nerd: "Are you edible?"
Brian: "Um. No."
Brian: "We've been told by the one who made us all as we are that we're to go to Jupiter. Do you want to come along?"
Random_Nerd: (And when something mythical looks like different things, it's like if you had different images that each of your eyes could see, and you can focus on either.)
Random_Nerd: (Or like seeing one side of a necker cube.)
Carrie: (Sort of like seeing a picture with only one eye?)
Brian: (Magic Eye!)
Random_Nerd: (Rather like that, yeah.)
Random_Nerd: (Like it's all of those things, depending on how exactly you squint.)
Brian: (I can't see Magic Eye pictures :()
Random_Nerd: "What's a Jupiter?"
Brian: "It's a place."
DanteE: "And it's the home of part of you."
Random_Nerd: "Oh. Is Jupiter the box that broke?"
Brian: "The what that what?"
Theresa: (*ponders this*)
Random_Nerd: "The box I was in. The one that broke, and made the bright light come in."
Random_Nerd: "And then I had to go to the ocean."
Brian: "No. It's a different place."
Random_Nerd: "Is it like the box?"
Theresa: (I take it Monty did not like the box. Understandable.)
Brian: "I don't think so. I've never been to Jupiter"
DanteE: "No, it's more like you, actually...
DanteE: "Kinda stormy.
Random_Nerd: "Oh, I know. Is it the dark place with all the blood, that was always too hot?"
Brian: "Nope. There's a lot more places out there than that"
DanteE: "No, that's a different place."
Theresa: (That's Lesson.  :) )
Theresa: (Or Hell, either one works.)
Random_Nerd: "I didn't like that place. The box was much better."
DanteE: (Wait... Monty knows Hell?)
Brian: "Did you like the box?"
Random_Nerd: (So it appears.)
Random_Nerd: "The box was big enough to jump around in, and had lots of things to eat. It was like here, but I couldn't see as much."
Random_Nerd: "And the food is the same in both."
DanteE: "Remind Theresa to take care of the rabbit chow..."
Theresa: (Oh, the box is the room in the tower!)
Random_Nerd: (Yes.)
Theresa: (Sorry, slow on the uptake tonight.)
Random_Nerd: "So is the jupiter more like the box, or more like the dark hot place?"
Brian: "It's like here. I think."
Random_Nerd: "Oh, okay, I like it here. Let's go to the jupiter."
Theresa: (Any word back from the Aides or Lesson?)
Random_Nerd: (You told them to take two hours, I thought.)
Random_Nerd: (The aides, at least. And Lesson has to cancel his meetings and such.)
Brian: "Excellent."
Random_Nerd: (But we can cut to their arrival if you want.)
DanteE: "That's a little later... would you be upset if we rode you? We can all go to Jupiter together."

  • Snow climbs up onto Monty's shoulders, as long as it doesn't appear to bother him.

Theresa: (Just thought I'd check.)
Brian: RH to the Familia "Meet up on the moon ASAP. The bitter green road will take you there."
Random_Nerd: "Why do bugs talk now? Bugs never used to talk, before I ate all the other ones and the bigger one ate me several times."
Random_Nerd: "That was a really confusing time."
DanteE: (What's he talking about?)
Brian: "There is much in this world that is confusing. There's also much to learn."
Theresa: (I'm guessing...Kudzu.)
Random_Nerd: (He's not entirely sure himself.)
Brian: (his origin.)
Theresa: (Sounds like eating his siblings.)
Theresa: (How much time has passed in the deadline? Because we should probably get info from the Aides and get Lesson before going to the moon.)
DanteE: (yeah, but... getting eaten?)

  • Snow settles down around the rabbit's neck, burrowing happily into the warm fur.

Snow: "Don't worry about it. How's the food here?"
Random_Nerd: (It seems that Monty at least vaguely remembers being the rabbit that ate the others, being the rabbits that got eaten, and being Lesson's heart.)
Theresa: (Mayeb he was both himself and his siblings. And plus, one of Kudzu's schticks is devouring himself.)
Random_Nerd: "There's lots of food, and I don't have to run away from anything."
Brian: (Brian will be nice and not say "watch out! You've got a coyote on your back!")
Random_Nerd: (Oh, and one other thing? Monty doesn't know how big he is.)
DanteE: (Is there a route straight from the moon to Jupiter?)
Random_Nerd: (Not really. You'd have to go down to the earth first.)
DanteE: (you mean Amyra)
Theresa: (Not necessarily.)
Random_Nerd: (Amyra is on earth.)
Random_Nerd: (And this moon is too new to have mythic paths anywhere but earth.)
Theresa: (Where are you guys going to land at?)
Random_Nerd: Monty hops over a few hundred meters, shaking the ground as he lands, and gouging the soil with his claws.
Brian: (the other end of the road?)
Theresa: (We should probably warn the chancel.)

  • DanteE calls Samuel.

Brian: (eh. What's the worst a rabbit the size of rhode island can do)
Carrie: (We don't want to start a panic, though.)
Random_Nerd: (Okay, he's not quite /that/ big. He's the size of a small city, tops.)
Theresa: (We've _seen_ what Monty can do. And he's been growing since.)
Random_Nerd: (But for a rabbit, it's still pretty impressive.)
DanteE: "Samuel? Courage. We need a route from the moon to Jupiter, that _doesn't_ go through populated areas."
Random_Nerd: You feel the itch that indicates prayer, Dante.

  • DanteE answers the prayerline

Snow: (I think I'm done for the night, guys. Sorry to bail, as usual. :-/ )
Random_Nerd: S: "You want a mythic route, right?"
DanteE: "Yes... one that can accommodate Monty, though."
Snow: (Snow will bring along Horse, of course.)
Theresa: (Night Sara! *HUG*)
Random_Nerd: S: "Can one of you realign my sight to the mythic?"
DanteE: (G'night Snow)
Theresa: (Hmm..we dont' know Lesson's opinion on Monty.()

      • Snow has left #nobilis.

Random_Nerd: S: "I don't have enough training in human shamanism to do it myself, and it's hard to understand the mythic references when I'm looking at things prosaically."
Theresa: (Hey, we have that trouble too! )
Theresa: (Hmm, one would think that Sam would be a natural at it, given his heritage.)
Random_Nerd: (He has practice at imposing and sustaining his own worldsight. But not much in deliberately realigning it to a specific alien one.)
DanteE: "Hey, Snow... you wanna go help out Samuel?"
DanteE: (He's got a frisbee! :)
Brian: (actually, I'm feeling my brain go *screetch* too ... stupid cold :()
Carrie: (Would a Lesser Creation of Sight do it, or would it take a Lesser Change of PErception?)
Random_Nerd: (Hmm. Lesser creation of sight.)
DanteE: (And didn't Samuel map out the route to Mexico 2 stories back?)
Random_Nerd: (A lesser change could let him do it for himself at will.)
Random_Nerd: (Yes, he did. But that wasn't a mythic route.)
Random_Nerd: (That was through the chancel passageways.)
Theresa: (I think so. I think Will just took the Chancel-bus to Mexico City.)
DanteE: to Samuel: "Hm... sort out where it should be via geomancy or whatever you use, then we'll help you localize it when we're ready to go."
Random_Nerd: (And plotting a way to mexico city is /easy/. It's a magnet for urbanization-linked pathways.)

  • Carrie does the Lesser Creation of Sight with a hard miracle of Realm. Specifying that it fades a few minutes after Samuel finishes the job.

Theresa: (Because it's huge, it's got millions and it's been a city for centuries?)
Random_Nerd: S: "This isn't quite a matter of geomancy, but I'll do my best."
Random_Nerd: (Yep.)
Carrie: "That should do it."
Random_Nerd: As you do your miracle, you feel Sam twitch a little and then stretch, yawn, and nod.
Theresa: (Want some LSD, Sam?)
Random_Nerd: A little later, you see a small car driving up the moon path.
Random_Nerd: In it is Sam, driving, William, wearing a blindfold, and Lesson, closing his eyes tightly.
Theresa: (Are Carrie and I already there?)
Random_Nerd: Samuel seems to be having a conversation with the blindfold.
Theresa: (Or are we on our way?)
Random_Nerd: (Either way. Preferences?)
Theresa: (I don't mind being in the back seat. Being amused.)
Carrie: (Actually, I'm going to call Perfect Timing fiat and be in the car with them. Theresa can come along if she wants.)
Theresa: (Sure.  :) )
Random_Nerd: (Works for me.)
Carrie: (Hey, we had the same thought!)
Random_Nerd: (So it's a big car!)
Theresa: (Your Perfect Timing.  :) )
Carrie: (Seems like it.)
Theresa: *listens to the conversation*
Random_Nerd: Lesson: "You're stopping. Means we're done?"
Random_Nerd: Samuel: "You know, you're one of the few articles of clothing we don't have on Dionyl. We just don't have eyes, you know? So there wouldn't be much point."
Random_Nerd: Blindfold: "No eyes? But how do you look?"
Random_Nerd: S: "Stylish!"
Theresa: (*facepalm*)
DanteE: (rimshot)
Random_Nerd: William sighs.
Brian: (new rule: any time the GM makes a bad pun, we get a Chancel Point.)
Random_Nerd: W: "That was the dog nose joke, wasn't it?"
Theresa: (Ahh, Nobilis...where dogs with no noses become Dionyl...)
Random_Nerd: S: "...maybe."
Random_Nerd: W: "It really isn't funny."
Random_Nerd: S: "Says you, meat-body."
Theresa: (Yes, it is! Or maybe just because I live with the GM.)
Carrie: (If bad puns were Chancel points, beggars would have borderguards, though!)
Random_Nerd: Blindfold: "I liked it!"
Theresa: (I like that line, Carrie. I may use it whenever I post this.)
Random_Nerd: W: "Scarves are out of fashion."
Random_Nerd: S: "... Okay, we're even."
Theresa: (Snow doesn't think so...)
DanteE: "Hi guys.

  • Theresa will get out of the car once it's stopped. "Hello. My...Monty, you've grown even more."
  • DanteE checks to see how Monty and Lesson interact on particular

Random_Nerd: William steps out, and takes off his blindfold.
Carrie: (Anything that really needs to be done tonight before we wind up? I'm getting pretty sleepy.)
Random_Nerd: (No, now's a pretty good place to stop.)
Random_Nerd: (You've got the gang together, and you're about to hit the road.)
DanteE: (Ready to ride the rabbit?)
Theresa: (I'm good with stopping soonish too.)
DanteE: (...and for once that's not a euphemism)
Carrie: (Did anyone bring one of those elephant seat things or should Theresa grow one?)
Theresa: (Does Monty recognize people?)
Random_Nerd: (He can hardly even see people.)
Random_Nerd: (He hasn't figured out yet that you aren't really tiny ants.)
Theresa: (ahh. Comforting.)
DanteE: (you mean a howdah)
DanteE: (and yes, I had to look that up)
Random_Nerd: (Stop here?)
DanteE: (OK.)

  • Theresa will LC a plant-elevator to grow everyone up to level with everyone on Monty.

Theresa: (Okay.)
Carrie: (Work for me.)
Random_Nerd: ______________________STOP________________________

      • You are now known as BethE.
      • Carrie is now known as Etheric.
      • DanteE is now known as Knockwood.

BethE: You do wacky NPCness well, RN.

      • Brian is now known as Lazarus.

Random_Nerd: For some reason, comedy works well with this game.
Etheric: Unexpectedly, I felt less creative wityh Carrie's return.
Lazarus: I thought, last night, I was getting over my cold. Then today ... yano.
Lazarus: hard to think when your head is filled with gunk. Sigh.
BethE: Sorry we had such an off reaction to Carrie's return.
Random_Nerd: Did anyone think this session had too much silliness?
Random_Nerd: I wasn't sure if the dog nose joke was too much.
BethE: It's late. And I liked it. But I'm Chaotic Silly.
Etheric: I think it sort of filled a void, honestly.
Knockwood: I'm OK with it. :)
Random_Nerd: Anything you guys particularly didn't like about the GMing?
Etheric: I also think that part of the thing with Carrie was that I brought her back right during a Momentous Event so there wasn't enough drama to go around.
BethE: Do we demonbox too much?
Etheric: If I could change anything, I'd change the timing of Carrie's return. Which was partly my fault, but the GMing affected it some.
Lazarus: ... RN, how much of the plot idea was from my side comments?
Random_Nerd: None!
Knockwood: I have a feeling I inadvertently pulled the rug out from under Theresa, tho...
Random_Nerd: Which made me surprised when you anticipated about two of the points ahead of time to some degree.
Lazarus: I just happened to somewhat randomly hit upon them, then. Huh.
Knockwood: Kudzu's become predictable
Etheric: I thought Kudzu would ask us to get Monty a mate, when you said it was about rabbits....

Chapter 10