Session 82

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Chapter 10

Random_Nerd: Oh, and advance warning, I'm running on a very high caffine-to-sleep ratio right now. if the game seems weirder than usual, that's why.
BethE: Sanity, crutch!
lazarus: Noble Knight only has the LARP supplement (should finish reading that some day).
lazarus: RN: what she said :p
Knockwood: what, is Monty going to start singing Purple Haze?
Etheric: Do we have any idea what next? Or should we decide that IC?
BethE: *listens to what RN is babbling while he's pacing* Ack!
lazarus: Etheric: request a visit with ... JBJ.
BethE: We can decide IC and go from there.

      • You are now known as Theresa.

Knockwood: John Bon Jovi?
Knockwood: :D

      • Knockwood is now known as DanteE.
      • lazarus is now known as Brian.

Brian: that was our (well, Brian's) plan
DanteE: let's see, for _some_ reason you didn't want me doing any negotiating...
Brian: no, I just figured that you were most interested in chatting with the Nobles here.
Theresa: (The crest of our game would be a brown carved-wood crutch upon a field of green. Surrounding the crest is the molecular structure of caffeine.)
Random_Nerd: So, let's see. How had you wanted to split up the party?
DanteE: (BTW, heard or seen anything from RSB recently? Any posts or chats?)
Theresa: I think that last week, when asked what people would ask JBJ, Brian asked about what is' like to be the Imp of an Age while Dante wanted to know 'What happens when you die?"
Random_Nerd: (Nope, nothing lately that I can recall.)
Etheric: Wouldn't the latter be in the Library?
Etheric: Oh, when he dies. Not when "you" die.
DanteE: Well, the point of that is wondering if you really need an Imperator watching over something for it to exist.
DanteE: If you don't, mang goes Barakiel
Theresa: (And no new Hitherby since Jul.)
DanteE: er, bang goes Barakiel's plan
Brian: (Isn't she a professor still?)
Theresa: For all we know, estates that don't have visible Imperators or Nobles, they just don't have Chancels or Imperators visible yet?
DanteE: (Hm. One more week and we'll be obligated by internet tradition to start a rumor that she died...)
Random_Nerd: Dante, yes, you do need to have an imperator, unless it's something at least partly imperial.
Random_Nerd: Like an imperator, a noble, an anchor, and so on.
Random_Nerd: Oh, and different rules apply outside of Creation.
Random_Nerd: But things native to Creation exist only with an imperator sustaining them.
Random_Nerd: Hmm. I guess the only other example is sometimes, for Wildlords, the estates can show up before the Imperators do.
DanteE: then how can new ideas and concepts exist?
Random_Nerd: But for that, the Imperators are outside of Creation at the time, so weird rules apply.
Random_Nerd: Sometimes new concepts can create Imperators.
Random_Nerd: In particular, Light, Dark, and True Gods.
Random_Nerd: And sometimes new Imperators show up, and then so do their estates.
Random_Nerd: This way is more how it works with Serpents and Angels.
DanteE: hm...
DanteE: if we don't know how much work it takes to create an Estate outside Creation... that opens up a whole new way of thinking about the War.
Random_Nerd: So far, nobody in the setting has any clue how Estates work Out There.
Random_Nerd: There might not even /be/ Estates.
Brian: it's almost as if no one really has any clue how Estates work In Here, either ...
Random_Nerd: How so?
Random_Nerd: They know a lot of how things work. Like, all the above stuff? People know that.
Random_Nerd: At least, Imperators and Nobles, and sone Anchors, do.
Random_Nerd: Some.
Brian: and that's really what Brian wants to find out. Like, what causes them, why the Estate selection is what it is, and things like "Estate of the Age, what is it, really?"
DanteE: maybe Creation is a petri dish for Estates and Imperators
Random_Nerd: Estates of Ages are one of the areas that's the least well-known, since there are very few of them, and some of the usual methods for finding out about estates and imperators don't work on them.
Theresa: Then who's the penicillin? And whose cheese sandwich?
Brian: I suppose what I'm after is not what they are and what they can do, but the why of it all
Random_Nerd: Ah. That's less well known.
Random_Nerd: Different theories exist, but there's little proof.
Random_Nerd: You guys ready to start yet?
DanteE: Theresa: Excrucians are the Penicillin
Etheric: This is really interesting, but I'm pretty spacy right now and I'm wondering if I can actually play. But I don't want to cause the game to be canceled or anything.
Etheric: Weird sleep patterns lately, to make a long story short.
Theresa: I'm ready.
Brian: let's go play, then?
DanteE: you actually sleep?
Random_Nerd: Which scene shall we start with?
Brian: that's more tricky :p
Etheric: Yes. =P
DanteE: discussion of what we're going to do?
Brian: when we do that, we never actually /do/ anything ;)
Theresa: Discussion. Either that or someone gets to do a voice-over. And we keep the discussion to 5 minutes.
Random_Nerd: If nobody has a preference, we'll go to you guys giving Monty a foot rub.
Brian: ha! "How'd we get here?"
Brian: "Scene cut >_<"
DanteE: "So... you want to go look for Jan Ben Jan?"
Brian: I'm fine with a short discussion scene.
Theresa: (That's a big foot.)
Brian: (*dodges the flame war*)

      • Etheric has signed off IRC (Disintegrated: Sorry, can't do this. Have to get some rest. Really sorry to do this, guys.).

Random_Nerd: Okay. So, to your suite, with William and Lesson there?
Theresa: (Eep.)
Theresa: (Sure.)
DanteE: whoops...
Theresa: "If we can find him. For all we know, he doesn't want visitors at the Old Gods Home."
Random_Nerd: __________________START__________________
Brian: "So, any clue on how to get in contact with JBJ?"
DanteE: "Or... Attaris?"
Random_Nerd: W: "We could send a messenger to his chancel, or we could try to work out some web of favors where someone he listens to owes a favor to someone we could do a favor for."
Random_Nerd: W: "First approach would be less likely to work, second would probably require you doing something to get in with Jan's friend."
Theresa: "Messenger might be the quicker route and favors of favors might get intangled with the Wild code."
Random_Nerd: W: "Hmm. Or, you could pray to him. Or show up unannounced."
DanteE: "What exactly do you hope to accomplish, though?"
Brian: "I'm interested in talking with him over the nature of the Estate of an Age"
Theresa: "Does he have a code that is known?"
DanteE: "Wait... the Imperator of the First Age is dead, right?"
Random_Nerd: W: "I actually don't know that, Domina. One moment, please."
Random_Nerd: He touches his silver ear sphere.
Random_Nerd: W: "And yes, the Most Ancient Lord is dead."
DanteE: "Well then, why isn't the First Age gone from the history books?"
Random_Nerd: W: "Okay, it seems that as a True God, Jan Ben Jan has a private code. And as a god with no Nobles to follow it, and with a secretive disposition, he's not made it known to the public."
Theresa: "Hmm."
Random_Nerd: W: "I don't know. You'd think it would be."
Theresa: "It could be that since that Age is past and Imperial, it has become part of the bedrock of the world?"
Random_Nerd: W: "But the best theory I have is that it's not really recorded, except in the minds of Imperators and a very few Nobles."
Random_Nerd: W: "And /they/ can still remember it. They can even tell people about it."
Brian: "Aren't they also able to visit it? How would that work?"
Random_Nerd: W: "Yes, they are, in a way involving the Spirit World. And we don't understand that at /all/."
Random_Nerd: W: "I don't even think any Nobles really understand that place."
Random_Nerd: W: "Have you ever seen it?"
Brian: "Me? Don't think so."
Theresa: 'I don't think so."
Brian: "Do we know what Jan Ben Jan's flower is? Or otherwise the best way to contact him?"
Random_Nerd: L: "What's the spirit world? The thing you do where you talk to trees and rocks and things?"
DanteE: "Nope..."
DanteE: "Yeah it is, actually."
Theresa: "No, Lesson, that's the mythic world. Earth can't handle looking at what it thinks is reality and what spirits think is reality, so Nobles have to shift viewpoints."
Random_Nerd: W, in a tone that sounds like reciting something memorized by rote: "Jan Ben Jan represents himself with the periwinkle, flower of memory."
Theresa: "The spirit world of the Imperators is where most of the Imperator"
Brian: "T, can I have a periwinkle, please?"

  • Theresa Creates.

Brian: "Thank you *beams*"
DanteE: "How about Attaris?"
Random_Nerd: W: "Ymera Attaris Ebrot Appeka represents herself with the begonia, flower of warning and deformity."
Theresa: "Deformity? Huh."

  • Theresa creates an angel's-wing begonia flower, waxy and delicate.
  • DanteE takes the begonia...

DanteE: (Can we use this to locate Attaris without contacting him?)
Theresa: (Her.)
DanteE: (My bad.)
Theresa: (And we can't locate her completely well, due to Auctoritas?)
Random_Nerd: (I can't see how you would do that. If you can, I don't know what method you would use.)
Random_Nerd: (Well, how would you look, Theresa?)
DanteE: "We'll hold this in reserve as a backup plan."

  • DanteE sticks it in his lapel."

Theresa: (Well, if we were in Amyra, I could check there. But not the whole world.)

  • Brian prays to Jan Ben Jan: "Jan Ben Jan, I am Brian, Noble of Numbers, and wish to speak with you regarding Ages. My home Chancel is Amyra, and Luc's Aides organization know how to get in touch with me."

Brian: "Well, no response yet, but who knows how long Imperators take to answer requests from us Mere Nobles."
Theresa: "Depends on how busy he is or whether he cares, I guess."
DanteE: (Well, I suppose it beats "Breaker 6-6-6, this is Da Calculator looking for Big 3...")_
Brian: (Dante: laugh point.)
DanteE: (Big 2, I'm a doof)
Theresa: (I was wondering...  :) )
Theresa: "So you're thinking about going to talk to the Wildmistress of the current Age with Carrie while Brian and I talk to JBJ?"
Theresa: "Oh and William, does anyone have locations on any of the Phoenix family at the moment?"
Random_Nerd: You hear a loud commotion outside the door. Sounds like one of the two guards is thrashing about wildly and the other is trying to calm him down.
DanteE: "We might.... hm?"

  • DanteE checks out the door...

Theresa: (Who ordered pizza?)
Random_Nerd: W: "We have not seen any of the Phoenix family in... seven years, I believe? Seven or eight."
Random_Nerd: One of the human/demon guards by the door is writhing on the ground in what seems to be a seizure, and talking a mix of angelic and gibberish.
Theresa: "And if they were gone-gone, everyone would know?"
Theresa: (Hey, we speak that!)
DanteE: (That and Klingon)
DanteE: (OK, what's he saying?)
DanteE: "You (other guard), grab Shadows, tell him what happened."
Random_Nerd: "Thanahtha. Thnta. Numbers. Othanathatatq. Heard message. Aarara, thatnahra pterna. Accept audience, tniapyra sharana. Will answer questions,thathatn lgnarha, for a cost. Hatatah."
Random_Nerd: He contorts himself and drools, and bleeds from a broken nose where his head hit the wall.
Theresa: "Oh, huh, nifty. And cost is worrisome, but oh, sorry about the nose."

  • DanteE heals the nose...

Random_Nerd: The node reknits itself together, but the lunacy continues."
Theresa: (*has weird thought*)
Random_Nerd: (err, no ")
DanteE: (node or nose? :) )
Brian: (and nose?)
Random_Nerd: (Err, nose.)
Brian: (T: what's your weird thought?)
Random_Nerd: He gibbers on, with the words "Pay for each question" and "Not ask casually" mixed in.
Random_Nerd: The other guard rushes off.
Brian: "Hm. I don't think the entire message got through"
Theresa: "I think it did. We're not children. And Imperators do not waste their time. The costs will not be cheap."
DanteE: "And I kinda doubt you'll get a deal on 4 questions for $49.95"
Random_Nerd: He stops talking, and just quietly twitches.
Brian: "... Either we're expected to ask the guard, or that would be the wrong thing. I also suspect asking the guard to clarify would count as a question with a cost."
Random_Nerd: The shadow of the writhing guard suddenly pulls itself off the floor and onto a wall, and says "What's going on?"
Brian: "..."
DanteE: "Your guard's been promoted to intercom.
Theresa: "Hi Shadows. We received a message from an Imperator that we're wanting to speak to. Unfortunately, he sent the message through your Chancel member."
DanteE: "My bad... I thought it was another loose whatsit."
Random_Nerd: Shadow: "How damaged is he?"
DanteE: "Physically, he's fine..."
Brian: "He seems to be gibbering and writhing."
Random_Nerd: "He seems as though he may hurt himself. Is the message complete?"
Theresa: "Not sure. We were not informed of a meeting place. It's possible that the link is still active."
DanteE: to guard: "Please tell us where we can meet."
Random_Nerd: S: "Okay, I don't have time for this now, but I'll send people to relieve him."
Random_Nerd: Guard. "Kanhatototota. Meet you. Janahranh, ahtan. Burn my flower, yananahwah, and say my name, shatnalahihihi. And I come for you you you you you."

  • Theresa looks at Brian. "We shouldn't do it in this Chancel. That would be very rude to their boundaries."

Random_Nerd: The guard stops twitching, curls up into the fetal position, and starts to cry.
Random_Nerd: For anyone looking at the hell-world, it's rather disconcerting to see a bulky and deformed demon curl up and cry.
Brian: (it's disconcerting to see ANY of this happening)

  • Theresa has seen it before, though. *kneels down to comfort the demon*

Brian: "You're right, T. We've got that Grove in our Chancel, that should be a reasonable place that won't damage anyone else, right?"
Theresa: *murmurs* "It's's okay...he's gone now. You are yourself. You are your own."
Theresa: "Do we want him in _our_ Chancel either?"
Random_Nerd: Guard: "I can still see him. Still see him. So cold. So cold."
Random_Nerd: The guard mumbles "cold" to himself.
Brian: "Not really. But if he's coming to us, it's unlikely he'd welcome a visit."

  • DanteE hits the guard with a ghost-Courage

Random_Nerd: The guard stops mumbling, and shifts his position a bit.
Theresa: "What did he look like?"
Theresa: *to Brian*  :Well, true, but it might be better to have him visit us on neutral territory to both of us. So he doesn't destroy anything important to us."
Random_Nerd: Guard: "Cold. Dark. Bigger than everything. Bigger than the world. And he saw me."
DanteE: "... is he gonna fit in the Grove?"
Theresa: (That's good storytelling, RN.)
Random_Nerd: (I try.)
Brian: "In our Chancel, we can fix things easier. I wouldn't inflict this on anyone, willingly."
Theresa: "The Grove is in the middle of the city, though. Last time we had something bigger than everything..."
Theresa: (Oh, wait, gettign clarification.)
Theresa: (Okay, nix my previous. The Grove's in the outskirts.)
Brian: (in my mind: "Guard saw Cthulhu?")
Theresa: "We'd have to open up the borders to him. And let the Boss know he's coming. Otherwise we might get a ticked off Wildlord breathing down our necks."
Brian: "Sounds like a plan. Shall we be off, then, T?"
Random_Nerd: (And Jan Ben Jan is a New God. The Old Gods are older and stranger than this.)
Theresa: *sigh* "Yeah, let's get home. For all we know, this visit may be too weird for even the Boss to handle."
Theresa: *thinking, 'On the other hand, he may want front-row seats with popcorn.'*
DanteE: "Is there such a thing as Too Weird for Kudzu?"
Theresa: "Sanity, crutch!" *grin*
Theresa: "
Theresa: Plus he wasn't too keen on the idea of inviting the Angel of the moon over for the party."
DanteE: "Maybe she handed him his concrete ass in tennis."
DanteE: "What about our 'mission' here, though?"
Theresa: "Don't get killed, Dante."
Brian: "*glances at Carreve* [appropriate name] and I have pretty close to real time communication wherever we are, so that's how this all works."
Theresa: "And we're still working on the mission. We're just having to take side-trips for extra ingredients."
Random_Nerd: L: "Don't like this. Isn't like how Imperators I know of work. Seen Angels, Kudzu. Powerful, important, but not like this."
Random_Nerd: W: "Yes. The Divine Imperators tend to be... strange. Each following some unique set of moral laws that makes sense only to him."
Brian: "William, Samuel, either of you have a preference on whether you stay here or tag along for the visit?"
DanteE: "Divine Imperators are strange, Wildlords are strange. Are any Imperators normal?"
Random_Nerd: S: "Serpents."
Random_Nerd: S: "I like Serpents. They're big, and powerful, but they make sense."
Theresa: "What definition of normal? because I'm sure Dionyl imperators seem normal to you, Sam. " *smile*
Random_Nerd: W: "I don't think it makes any difference to me."
Random_Nerd: S: "I'd rather be out of this Chancel, if that's possible. This place feels wrong."
Random_Nerd: S: "Worse than Earth."
DanteE: "OK, then... what about Theresa and I?"
Theresa: "We have a responsiblity to keep you two and Lesson safe. Given how that guard reacted...I'm not sure how perceptions would be for nonNobles seeing this Imperator."
Brian: "You seem more interested in things here - talking with Consequences and so on - and I don't think you're needed. I think Theresa should come with me."
Theresa: "We need to make sure that the prices we agree to affect the least amount of the Chancel or ourselves. Even with the Wild code, this Imperator will be hard to bargain with."
Brian: "We have no idea what his prices are."
Brian: "For all we know, they could be, like, a pie chart."
DanteE: "All right... and Kudzu wanted Monty and Lesson here specifically for whatever he's planning. So, me, Carrie, Lesson, Monty and William here, you two, Samuel, and sleepyhead (Snow) back home?"
Brian: (for the record: (Link: is what I was referencing ;))
Random_Nerd: (Ah, yes. I like that one.)
Theresa: "Yeah, we should take Snow home. Who knows what trouble her horse has gotten into."
DanteE: "... didn't she bring her horse?"
Theresa: (No, we left the horse at home in Monty's old room, I thought.)
Random_Nerd: (I think Horse is in the chancel.)
Random_Nerd: (And he's certainly well-guarded today.)
Brian: (she asked if she could come along)
Theresa: (And I think we said no.)
Random_Nerd: (So, how are we going to split up the party?)
DanteE: (I just said it)
Random_Nerd: (Sure, but the other folks would presumably have to agree.)
Theresa: (As was said. Although Theresa doesn't want Sam along for the JBJ visit.O)
Brian: "Dante, sounds fine by me. We'll meet back together after meeting with JBJ - either here or in-Chancel, as needs require. Sam, do you think you could survive a visit from Jan Ben Jan?"
Random_Nerd: S: "I don't know. Probably, if he doesn't want to hurt me."
DanteE: (le's just hope Samuel doesn't get turned into a box of Kleenex...)
Brian: "Are you willing to risk it?"
Random_Nerd: (So, shall we play through the folks leaving saying goodbye to C and S, or just handwave that?)
Theresa: (Do you know how much our insurance is going to go up if Sam gets dinged?)
Theresa: (Handwave is fine with me.)
DanteE: (Handwave, I think...)
Brian: (handwave is fine)
Random_Nerd: (Okay. Shall we have the narrative go with the people leaving, then?)
DanteE: (OK.)
Theresa: ('s fine with me. Come back with us arriving back home?)
Random_Nerd: (Okay, now, Dante, your character is behind, but Lesson's going with them, and John's back in the chancel. Do you want to take over either as your temp-PC?)
Brian: (I thought Lesson was staying here? Sam's coming, though)
Random_Nerd: (Err, I meant Sam.)
DanteE: (Hmmm...)
DanteE: (Wait... you mean King John?)
Theresa: (Yep, that John.)
DanteE: (I'll just kibitz. :) )
Random_Nerd: (Yeah. Since he's fleshed out enough to work as a stand-in PC, and he's in-chancel.)
Brian: ("Ok, now we're home, and I'm hungry..." *calls up pizza place* ;) :-P)
DanteE: (Actually... I'll try playing Samuel. Send some RP notes?)
Random_Nerd: (Okay, then let's cut to you guys arriving.)
Random_Nerd: (Ah, one moment.)
Theresa: (Theresa will want to talk to Kudzu about the trip and the upcoming summoning.)

      • DanteE is now known as Samuel_Dionyl.

Brian: "So. What do we tell Kudzu?"
Theresa: "That we know Barakiel's plan, for the most part and that we need to talk to JBJ to put the kibosh on Barakiel's plan best?"

  • Samuel_Dionyl seems just a little ... well, 'swirlier' than usual.

Brian: "Sounds good. Would you prefer to do all the talking, or would you rather I do?"
Theresa: "For all we know, the boss will think Barakiel's plan is cool."
Samuel_Dionyl: "What would you have me do?
Theresa: *shrug* Up to you. I can fill in the gaps if need be."
Theresa: (Have we told Sam everything? Is it safe telling the Aides about B's plan?)
Samuel_Dionyl: "I believe Dante said something about a video camera?"

  • Brian *blinks*

Random_Nerd: (They were in the same room as you for a lot of the discussion.)
Samuel_Dionyl: "He may have ... done that thing where you say something you don't actually mean?"{
Brian: "Right, well, anyway."
Brian: "Kudzu, are you around?"
Random_Nerd: Some random bush. "Yes."
Theresa: (Back in the clock towe...okay.)
Theresa: (I guess not.)
Random_Nerd: (Oh, if you're indoors, then some random brick.)
Brian: "We're sort of back. Our mission's not yet complete, we're here to report what we have so far, and to talk with Jan Ben Jan, who we will be, uh, summoning, I guess, later."
Samuel_Dionyl: (So, bush or brick? :) )
Random_Nerd: (Eh. Say you're in the tower, so, brick.)
Random_Nerd: A different brick: "Making any progress on the mission?"
Brian: "Barakiel's plan seems to be to assassinate Ananda, and thus to halt the turning of the Age. I wish to talk with Jan Ben Jan to find out if that is, as I suspect, an incredibly bad idea."
Samuel_Dionyl: (Actually, have the council vote for his execution... which is worse)
Random_Nerd: Kudzu: "That's... that's quite a plan. Roughly equal quantities of moxie and hubris, I'd say."
Theresa: "I think he wants us to get you to approve of it so you can talk at least one of the other Council members to vote for Ananda's death."

  • Samuel_Dionyl swirling seems to be slowing down a bit...

Brian: "I take it you still want us to stop it?"
Random_Nerd: Kudzu: "Yes. And get him to renounce it if you can."
Theresa: "Renounce it?"
Random_Nerd: Kudzu: "Say it was a bad idea. Directly work against it."
Theresa: "Ahh. Just wanted to check."
Samuel_Dionyl: (in other words, join us)
Theresa: "He seems to have been working on this idea for quite some time. Says he's tired of watching Imperators die to the War. So he's going to stop the next Age from coming."
Random_Nerd: Kudzu: "Well... I can sort of see where he's coming from. It's not too far from the sort of plan I might have come up with. But if it's his idea, there has to be a horrible flaw."
Brian: "Seems he let himself get a bit tunnel-visioned."
Samuel_Dionyl: (so did Kudzu)
Brian: "Do you have any idea where to look for the flaw? I'm going to ask Jan Ben Jan what he knows about the Age Estates, so that may help, but otherwise ..."
Theresa: "He doesn't know for sure that killing Ananda will stop the Fourth Age. Or that the next Age will be all that worse."
Random_Nerd: Kudzu: "Nah, but you know the plan better than I do. I'm sure you'll find the flaw."
Theresa: (Besides the fact that we'd have to kill Ananda/convince the Court to pronounce sentence?)
Brian: "I'm glad we have your confidence."
Theresa: "Do you know much about the turning of the Ages, Boss?"
Brian: "Now, we wanted your permission to summon Jan Ben Jan here - well, in the Grove - before we actually went and did it. So, is it ok?"
Random_Nerd: K: "Not really. I've only seen it happen once, and when it did, I was new enough to Creation and busy enough with other things that I didn't really understand what was happening."
Brian: (*points to permission question*)
Random_Nerd: K: "If you think it's a good idea, I trust your judgement."
Brian: "Thank you. Well, we'll be in the grove if you have need of us."
Theresa: 'Have you heard of him, Boss?"
Random_Nerd: K: "That's what you guys are for. Do things in my name. If it works, then you did good. If it doesn't, well, at worst I can replace you with someone who'll be a better bit of me."
Random_Nerd: K: "Heard of him, yes. But never met him."
Samuel_Dionyl: (do you want to? :) )
Theresa: (after the guard's description, no, but it's part of being a Noble.  :) )

  • Brian bows, and heads to the Grove.

Theresa: "See you later, Boss."
Random_Nerd: K: "Go do awesome things in my name, Plants."
Theresa: *to Sam* "Oh, Sam, can you get an APB out to the police near the Grove to make sure that everyone within a 5 mile radius is evacuated?"

  • Brian burns the flower in the middle of the grove, after having ensured that it's presentable.

Brian: (Someone forgot to tell Kudzu again that he's not the Unconquered Sun >_>;)
Theresa: (Aww, I liked the parting shot from Kudzu.)
Samuel_Dionyl: "Ah... I believe Carrie's father can help..."

  • Samuel_Dionyl calls Me. Winters.

Samuel_Dionyl: (er. Mr.)
Random_Nerd: (Don't tell him that. If you do, he might try to make Solars, and that would not end well.)
Random_Nerd: He answers the phone.
Samuel_Dionyl: (Let's see, can we handwave clearing the area and jump to the grove?)
Random_Nerd: Mr.W: "Hello?"
Random_Nerd: (Sure.)
Brian: (Ha. Kudzars!)

  • Samuel_Dionyl makes arrangements to clear the area...

Brian: (spiffy Jan Ben Jan summoning cutscene and then break for the week, given it's 11:30?)
Random_Nerd: (Sounds good to me.)
Samuel_Dionyl: (OK.)

  • Theresa will check the preservation on the Maple before the summoning to make sure he's still okay and that if it's worn off, it is renewed.)

Random_Nerd: (The preservation still stands.)
Theresa: (Good. Don't want him hurting my tree!()
Brian: (:) <3)
Samuel_Dionyl: "I'll stay in the background, I think. Should I really have a camera?"
Brian: "Might explode."
Theresa: "Probably not, but if you can get a good look, you might get to tell the whole thing to Dante once we meet again."
Theresa: "Buit seriously, Sam, your safety is a priority. If it looks bad, get the heck out of Dodge."
Samuel_Dionyl: "He could see through my eyes. If he wanted. You know?"
Samuel_Dionyl: "Dodge?
Samuel_Dionyl: "Is that was Dante's car is?"
Samuel_Dionyl: *what
Brian: "I've never really understood that expression, either"
Theresa: "It's an American town, I think. Popular with gunfighters and men in trenchcoats."
Theresa: "People who were causing trouble would be told to get out of there, because the people of Dodge didn't want trouble. And I think Dante's car was a Chevy."
Brian: "Buick, wasn't it?"
Random_Nerd: (Man. You guys really don't want to summon him, do you?)
Theresa: "I'm not good with cars."
Theresa: (Okay, okay, so Hastur, Hastur, Hastur, already.  :) )

  • Brian summons Jan Ben Jan by the instructions.
  • Samuel_Dionyl has Dante's keys...

Random_Nerd: Everyone there, you feel a seizure starting to overtake you.
Random_Nerd: You twitch madly, can't think or see straight... and suddenly it feels like the world turns inside out.
Random_Nerd: The dome of the sky is filled with Amyra.

  • Samuel_Dionyl looks like confetti...

Random_Nerd: Directly above you is the Grove, and everything else spreads out to the sides.
Random_Nerd: LIke it was inverted onto a dome.
Random_Nerd: Under you, a vast dark shape turns.
Random_Nerd: You can feel it drawing the light and heat out of the world above.
Samuel_Dionyl: (Damn I hope that's localized...)
Random_Nerd: And you can feel it watching you as you hang suspended between it and the dome of the world.
Samuel_Dionyl: (Any effects specific to me?)
Random_Nerd: (No.)
Theresa: *bows* "Greetings, True God Jan Ben Jan."
Random_Nerd: In a voice like tectonic drift, it says "What do you wish to know of me? Be aware, any questions you ask will have a price."
Random_Nerd: "These are my rules. You can ask me about the present, the past, or the future. I will answer if I can. If I cannot answer, there is no price."
Brian: "We have two questions, then. What does an Estate of an Age mean, and what will happen if Ananda dies?"
Random_Nerd: "If I answer, the cost is a piece of your flesh, something obvious, that anyone can see. A finger, and eye, a nose. And two promises. First, not to regrow it or replace it with living flesh for a year and a day."
Random_Nerd: "And second, to tell any who asks about it that it was the price for a question put to me."
Random_Nerd: "If you do not think the answer I give is worth the price, you need not pay it, but then I will answer no more questions to you until the age turns."
Random_Nerd: (Mind if we stop here?)
Samuel_Dionyl: (Hm... maybe I should ask)
Samuel_Dionyl: (lose a scarf or two. :) )
Theresa: (Stopping here is fine.)
Brian: (questions have been asked, fine for stopping, though I want to know his answers :-P)
Theresa: (And Theresa is all over this one.  :) Her arm previously...)
Brian: (also, I'm hungry, so that's a vote for stopping ;))
Samuel_Dionyl: (OK.)
Random_Nerd: _______________STOP________________

      • Samuel_Dionyl is now known as Knockwood.
      • Brian is now known as Lazarus.

Lazarus: hee, fun, summoning up a god
Knockwood: Damn, I need to study up on Samuel more before I do that

      • You are now known as BethE.

Random_Nerd: So, what do you think of Jan Ben Jan?
BethE: Scary dude.
Lazarus: "The stay puft marshmallow man?!"
Lazarus: also, I wanna know how to do the trick where he bypasses Auctoritas without a seeming effort :p
Random_Nerd: He's an Imperator. This was an Imperial miracle.
BethE: And Theresa's fine with losing bits of herself. Plants grow back after pruning.
Knockwood: comes with being a GOD, I think. :)
Knockwood: Beth: Yeah, but she has to stick with it for a year and a day
BethE: So, she stuck with a stick for an arm for more than a week.
BethE: And if it's just a finger or two, that won't stop her doing about anything, unless there's a catch someone else is not mentioning.
BethE: (And maybe she can get a t-shirt. "This is due to asking an Imperator of an Age questions. Ask me how!")
Knockwood: depends on whether the stick counts as living flesh
Random_Nerd: What did you guys like most and least about this session?
Lazarus: getting stuff done is +!
BethE: Which is why a finger might be a better choice for body part lost. Easier to do things with missing a finger than a stick for an arm, even a Durant stick.
BethE: Liked least is my brain running around in circles making the murloc noises.
BethE: Liked the descriptions of the god and the guard and the creepy.

Chapter 10