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Chapter 10

Theresa: Where did we last leave off? I think Dante was going to do something?
Knockwood: ('s Jericho review. He's ... not fond of it. :) )
Random_Nerd: Dante wanted to talk with Consequences, yes?
Etheric: (Are we cutting straight to that chat or picking up earlier?)
Knockwood: Right... I suggested we hold off on looking for somebody who would beat Barakiel with a stick at least until we check with Consequences on whether we could, oh I dunno, TALK him down first? :)
Random_Nerd: Well for the stick thing, may I suggest (Link:
Theresa: And here I thought you were going to link to an Abhorrent Stick...
Knockwood: cuz, y'know, I may be Courage, but going straight to an Imperator's bad side is more in the realm of Stupid, really.
Brian: can I get a very quick summary of last week?
Random_Nerd: Basically, you guys and your various minions debated how best to handle the situation.
Knockwood: (pause for laughter)

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Theresa: It was decided to maybe go find the angel who kicked Barakiel out of Heaven to spray B with water and bop him on the nose.
Brian: and did we actually agree on anything yet? :p
Etheric: Nope.
Random_Nerd: Barakiel is probably not the easiest person to deal with?
Theresa: Dante's going to talk to Consequences and then we'll see.
Brian: ok, let's get that scene going, then, shall we?
Etheric: I still need an answer to my question.
Etheric: Again, how soon after the last session are we setting this?
Random_Nerd: Depends on what you guys want.

      • Mode change "+oo Brian DanteE" for channel #Nobilis by Etheric.

Theresa: What did you have in mind, Eth?
Etheric: Just want to know if we're starting -right- afterwards, or if there's been sufficient time for Eve to do her off-camera switcheroo thingie yet.
Random_Nerd: That's fine if you want.
Etheric: Okay, works for me then.
Etheric: So Eve switched to Carrie sometime in the interim.

      • Etheric is now known as Carrie.

DanteE: HOw long does that really take, anyway?
Theresa: (Ready! I don't think I have any questions except for is Lesson done bleeding?)
DanteE: (Oh... I've repaired Shadows' sword, right?)
Random_Nerd: (Yeah, you did that last time, and put a lesser pres on it as well, right?)
Carrie: (Well, the few times it's happened on camera, it's been within the space of maybe 20 seconds to a minute. When off camera it seems to be doable somewhat quicker, possibly due to the Perfect Timing.)
DanteE: (yep)
Random_Nerd: (Lesson's bleeding is stopped, although the wound isn't healed.)
DanteE: (didn't Theresa's plant help?)
Random_Nerd: (Does Carrie have the lesser or greater version of Perfect Timing?)
Brian: (ready)
Carrie: (Lesser. My understanding was Lesser couldn't actually bend time, but could manage anything roughly plausible.)
Random_Nerd: (Okay, let's start as Carrie comes back in.)
Random_Nerd: (Yeah. With the Greater version, you could walk out, change forms, write a novel, and build a ziggurat out of dead hippos, and still be back in twenty seconds.)
Carrie: (Mainly I'm thinking Perfect Timing ensures that no one's looking when she shifts, unless it's dramatically appropriate.)
Random_Nerd: (You can certainly do that.)
Theresa: (Is it painful to do and/or watch?)
Brian: (oh, by the way, I started reading Nine Princes in Amber last night. It vindicated my belief that Amber and Nobilis have a fair bit in common :p)
Brian: (err, last night = the other night)
Random_Nerd: ____________________________START_________________________________
DanteE: "So... which way's Consequences?"
Random_Nerd: Samuel: "Oh, and I've added the question of which angel or angels exiled Barakiel to our list of Very Important Questions for the research division. It'll take some time, but they're happy with me right now."
Theresa: "Because you give them something to do?"
Random_Nerd: S: "Because of some of what I may have perhaps passed along to the Oracle about how the changes of Ages work, and about Jan Ben Jan."
Brian: "What about? 'Don't talk to Jan Ben Jan 'cause it doesn't like it?'"
DanteE: "That's Attaris."
DanteE: "Jan Ben Jan wants your body. Piece by piece."
Random_Nerd: S: "Along with physical appearance, Code, habits, and a brief description of my thoughts on his psychology."
Theresa: "I didn't realize you were a shrink, Sam."
Brian: "Oh. Right, the one who does like talking. I get them mixed up sometimes ...)
Brian: (\) = \")
Random_Nerd: W: "All Aides get mandatory courses in attempting to anticipate the moods of powerful and willful people."
DanteE: "...How well do they work, William?"

  • Theresa gives a small smile. "And also exercise in dodging and hiding?"

Random_Nerd: W: "Depends on the Nobles and Imperators in question."
Brian: "Well, you seem alive and functional enough so far..."
Theresa: *muses* "Must be harder in Wild chancels. You never know when everything you thought you knew suddenly becomes pants."
DanteE: "Possibly literally."
Brian: "Probably literally"
Random_Nerd: S: "To be fair, this is my first assignment."
DanteE: (so where are we?)
Random_Nerd: W: "But at any rate... did you wish us to assist in some way in your dealings with Consequences?"
Theresa: (Our rooms.)
Random_Nerd: (You're still in your rooms at the moment.)
DanteE: "You understand what I'm thinking, right?
DanteE: "I would much rather deal with Barakiel on a friendly basis than go and find someone to bully him."
Random_Nerd: W: "Let me see. Tell him what you've found out about the cataclysm being part of the Age it ends, rather than the one it begins. See if he thinks that Barakiel can be persuaded by this line of reasoning."
DanteE: "Right.
DanteE: "More to the point, by Attaris' assertion that killing Ananda would /start/ the cataclysm."
Random_Nerd: W: "I would suggest making up some sort of story about what it's going to be. Ymera Attaris Ebrot Appeka most likely has her eye on you, and right now my theory is that she was the original subject of the whole 'you don't tug on Superman's cape, you don't spit in the wind' song, but 'Jim' fit the meter better."
Theresa: (*snort*)
DanteE: "fair enough. Who's got a good story?"
Theresa: "True, we would need someone else to tell the story to Consequences..."
DanteE: (No one has a good story? :) )
Brian: "I thought I told one after Attaris left ... the Cataclysm is a Great Betrayal, worse than either the War or the Fall: some of the Imperators formerly thought on our side join up with the Excrucians ... still as full Imperators, not with their power at all twisted."
Theresa: (I'm thinking. I do better silly stories than good stories.)
Brian: "And it is projected to start with the death of Ananda."
DanteE: "Or in 3 months without it. We owe them that much.
DanteE: "Plus... remember, Kudzu wants Barakiel to not only abandon his plan but renounce it."
Theresa: "How about that when Ananda dies, his Imperator spirit, in leaving, kills the Phoenix family, does a bank shot of Attaris and lands in the next Noble-quality being it comes across."
DanteE: "OK, but what happens if Ananda doesn't die?"
Theresa: (Cake and ice cream!)
DanteE: (The cake is a lie. The ice cream's probably melted.)
Theresa: "If Ananda doesn't die, he will be shown to be someone else actually. That the entire being on the Council and so forth is a ruse to get disloyal Nobles/Imperators to come after him and thus invite the universal smack-down. Even if you use the Locust Court as the weapon."
Brian: "... that would probably be a bad thing to tell Barakiel?"
DanteE: "Yeah, we need a story tailored to Barakiel..."
Theresa: "It's hard to do 'Don't be such a martyr' in fiction-speak."
DanteE: "I've got it. Leave Ananda out... focus on Entropy. Ananda's departure could mean Entropy gets more power."
Theresa: (Any ideas, Carrie?  :) )
Brian: "One thing we do know for sure is that we are allowed to report on the timing of the Cataclysm"
DanteE: "That's all we have, really."
Theresa: "We just need to make up stories whenever someone asks us about it."
DanteE: "Just hope not too many people ask...
DanteE: "Eventually we'll be blaming it on a Young Man from Nantucket."
Brian: "Yep. I believe, though, that Barakiel, being told point blank 'What you are trying to prevent will /happen/ if you kill Ananda, immediately' will change his mind. I hope so, anyway."
DanteE: "That's why we're talking to Consequences. He'd know better than we would."
Brian: "There's a hole at the centre of the universe. It is known only to a few. Fortunately, it has a drain plug. Unfortunately, someone will trip over it at the instant of the Cataclysm, and everything will slowly drain into the sewers of nothing."
Theresa: "Lesser Creation of Mario..."
Random_Nerd: S: "There is one of those, actually. Down near Hell."
Brian: "..."
Theresa: (Is there an air conditioning vent in Heaven?)
Theresa: "Think you have enough, Dante?"
DanteE: "I'll let you lead, Theresa."
DanteE: "Let's find Consequences."
Theresa: (I thought that just Dante was going...)
Theresa: (But okay.  :) )
Theresa: (Everyone coming along?)
Brian: (sure)
Random_Nerd: W: "Do you want us to be there?"
DanteE: "Sure, why not."
Theresa: "Oh and we should apologize for making a mess of our rooms and the hallway. We would expect such a courtesy from visitors."
Theresa: (Ready for a scene shift when everyone is.)(
Brian: (*nod*)
Random_Nerd: (*bamf*)
Random_Nerd: Consequences, as you walk into his office, looks up from assorted papers and skulls on his desk.
Random_Nerd: "Yes?"
Theresa: "Sorry about the disturbance a little bit ago. Didn't realize that a call could become so personal."
Random_Nerd: C: "If this isn't about the Big Plan, I don't have much time I'm afraid. I don't mean to be rude, but I'm very busy, and haven't had time to figure out how to bilocate yet."
Theresa: "We were able to talk to Wildlady Attaris about her Age and the End of it."
Brian: "Bilocate?"
Theresa: (Be in two places at once?)
Brian: (oh, that's /easy/ ... ... what?!)
Random_Nerd: "Yeah. Be in two places at once. It'd help at times like this, when my Anchors are busy."
Theresa: (You wouldn't be able to affect him, though.  :) )
Brian: (... is it possible to insert a Miracle into an object?)
Random_Nerd: (That depends on what you mean by inserting a miracle into an object.)
Brian: (Um. I mean, basically, having a little device he can hit an "on" button, and split his perception and walk to some other spot. However, may need to be essentially a KVM switch for the mind)
Random_Nerd: One of the skulls turns to watch one of the other skulls in a paranoid sort of way.
Brian: (for the record, I'm seeing this as an "I'm interacting with point (x,y,z), and now I'm interacting with point (x2,y2,z2)" way)
Random_Nerd: (Hmm. Best way to do that that I can think of would be either a Focus, or a Weird Science.)
DanteE: "I'll cut to the chase, Consequences. Attaris assures us that Ananda's death would /start/ the Cataclysm your Boss is trying to avoid."
Random_Nerd: "Huh. Did she say why?"
Theresa: "She thinks it would be fun."
DanteE: "Of course, it'll start in 3 months regardless...
Brian: (I was going to put out a simple "yes", but that works too :p)
DanteE: "But Ananda's death would make it start sooner."\
Random_Nerd: "So... you actually were able to speak to her, and she gave meaningful answers?"
Brian: "indeed."
DanteE: "Weeelllllll...."
Brian: "Was surprised myself, actually"
Random_Nerd: "When we tried to contact her, she just sent a messenger to recite Norse myths while talking backwards."
Brian: "Have you ever heard of the game Paranoia?"
DanteE: "Apparently our bumbling amused her enough to give us _one_ answer."
Theresa: "That disturbance that caused Shadows to make a groove in the floor on reentry was her messenger."
Brian: "It was kind of like talking to Friend Computer - never quite knowing which way is currently up"
Random_Nerd: "I'll just pretend I understand what you just said."
Brian: "Best done."
DanteE: "Earlier, Theresa and Brian talked to Jan Ben Jan..."
Brian: "Anyway, safe to say, the Cataclysm will start sometime between now and 3 months from now."
Random_Nerd: "Hmm..."
Random_Nerd: "So, the Cataclysm is something controlled by her, then?"
Theresa: "He asked for a price for his answers, which we paid. And then we decided to get more info from Attaris if we could."
Brian: "Um. Partially controlled by her."
Brian: "It falls under her Estate"
Random_Nerd: "What did Jan Ben Jan tell you?"

  • Theresa looks at her hands, thinking what each one was.

Brian: "The biggest thing is that he told us that killing Ananda would not prevent any future Ages."
Brian: (amend: "any" = "all")
Random_Nerd: ( "If Ananda is killed by other Imperators, the Fourth age will not begin. The Third Age may end, but only if Attaris Ebrot Appeka choses to allow it to end. The Fifth Age may begin, but only if there is an Imperator of the Fifth Age. If there is, I do not know about it, but such an Imperator would be able to hide from me if he chose.")
Theresa: (Theresa says what RN just pasted.) "And his code, but that isn't as important."
Theresa: "And what the Estate of an Age is."

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DanteE: (WB laz...)
lazarus: (argh)
lazarus: (did I miss anything? Did my statement about "half-truth" OOC come through?)

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Random_Nerd: "So... then, killing Ananda wouldn't stop this Cataclysm, because it's part of the Third Age, and falls under the Estate of Attaris Ebrot Appeka."
DanteE: (Should one of us boot Brian?)
Random_Nerd: (It didn't, Laz.)
Bria1: (11:02:45 PM) Brian: (I believe my statement accurately summarized that ... if, perhaps, being a half-truth in our benefit)
Theresa: (*makes mental bet*)
Random_Nerd: "And if the Imperator of an Age dies, and the next one is ready, the next Age starts?"

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DanteE: "Sounds like it to me."

      • Bria1 is now known as Brian.

Brian: "That is what we were told by the people who actually have the Estates"
Random_Nerd: "Okay, then we need to abandon the plan now."
DanteE: "Is this enough to convince your boss?"
Random_Nerd: "In this case, I have an offer to make to you. Barakiel won't like it, but he'll go along with it."
DanteE: (oh great...)

  • Brian makes a go ahead motion

Random_Nerd: "My Imperator will in some future matter throw his influence behind whatever position either you or Kudzu favors, if in the coming decision, you and Kudzu do the best you can to push through an edict to execute Attaris Ebrot Appeka."
Theresa: (Hey I won my bet! ^^ )
Theresa: (Does this count as 'renouncing his former position'?)
Random_Nerd: "This deal will be honored, if you agree. I've been empowered to speak on Barakiel's behalf in such matters if I think it necessary.)
Random_Nerd: "
Random_Nerd: (Yeah, it probably would count.)
Theresa: (And what would the charge be?!? Because 'sarcastic git' is not enough to convict an Imperator or Heaven would be empty.)
Random_Nerd: (Well, you could build a case that she's a Mimic or a Deceiver or something.)
DanteE: "... I can't help but think that that is a potential disaster in itself... though I see where it's coming from."
Theresa: (Because she's a Wildlord?)
Theresa: "May we have some time to ourselves to decide, please?"
Random_Nerd: (And because the War has been happening in her Age.)
Brian: "I would be willing to bring it up with Kudzu."
Random_Nerd: (And because of the monkey business with Attaris and with Ebrot Appeka.)
Theresa: (Yeah, sure, the War is happening in her age, but did anyone blame the Most Ancient for the Fall?)
DanteE: (Technically, they should have, ne?)
Brian: (I - and Brian - believe that what the Cataclysm /is/ isn't under the Domain, but /when/ it is is)
Random_Nerd: (Some did, but nobody made it stick.)
Random_Nerd: "Sure, you may have time to discuss the matter or pass it upstairs."
Brian: (gets around the stickiness of Auctoritas)
DanteE: "We can certainly talk to Kudzu."
Theresa: "Thank you for considering our research, Consequences.":
Random_Nerd: "Well, we all want the same thing, I figure."
Theresa: "To survive?"
Random_Nerd: "We just disagree about how best to save the world."
Brian: "Can you talk to your Boss? If you wish, I can do some experiments with bilocation ..."
DanteE: "One thing, tho... can you at least get him to renounce his original plan?"
Random_Nerd: "He's not going to drop his Plan unless he has a better one, and one that he comes up with himself. Me passing this to him as a plan from you may not be the best way to do that."
DanteE: "Aha."
Theresa: "But you can suggest the new information from your 'sources'?"
Random_Nerd: "I can pass the information along, in the right way. If we're lucky, and I do it right, my Lord will decide on this himself."
Random_Nerd: "And if you're wondering... yes, he knows that I do this. At least, he knows in the general case that I do things like this, but chooses not to figure out the specific incidents."
Brian: "By the way, in your search for bilocation, do you need to be able to physically affect things in the other area - move around papers and such - or just perceive and be able to speak?"
Random_Nerd: "Well, I'm working on a way in which I can be fully physically present in two places at once, and maintain two different streams of thought. But that's on the backburner right now."

  • Theresa shrugs. "It's how you get things done. If you had to negotiate and cajole and tantrum through every little thing, nothing would ever get done. A small part like teaching kindergardeners."

Brian: "It seems ... relevant to my Estate, you see."
DanteE: (Did I have a chance to give Shadows his sword back, BTW?)
Random_Nerd: (You can have done it offscreen if you want.)
DanteE: (Sure... as long as Kudzu doesn't break it again. :)
Random_Nerd: "Could you get back to me about that... about two months from now? I've learned in the past that if instead of doing my work, I start on projects to help me do my work better, the work never actually gets done on tine."
Brian: "I'll do what I can."
DanteE: "Big meeting's in one month, right?"
Random_Nerd: "Yep. Plus, I figure, one month for dealing with the fallout."
Theresa: "And amonth after that."
DanteE: "Maybe..."
Random_Nerd: "If we do this right, the world won't end then."
Theresa: "True, but the real trick is still having a world going onward."
DanteE: "We'll talk to Kudzu."
Random_Nerd: "Thank you. Please try to get back to me soon, because if he agrees, I need to get dozens of the right Imperators on our side without tipping off any of the wrong ones."
Brian: "Very well."
Theresa: "Can only imagine how difficult that is."
DanteE: "Depends on how many of them are Wildlords, really... :) "
Theresa: (So, scene shift again?)
Brian: (going home?)
DanteE: (Are we sure we're done here?)
Theresa: (Not sure. Home or the rebuilt by now maybe room?)
Random_Nerd: (So, where do you go?)
Brian: (room I guess)
DanteE: (We could go to the room, warn Shadows, talk to Kudzu, and report on our progress...)
Theresa: (Sounds good.)
Random_Nerd: (Works for me. Cut to the room.)
Random_Nerd: S: "So... second verse, same as the first? Or do you think this one will actually work?"
DanteE: "Well... I can see where the new plan is coming from, and given our new information, it would seem to make more sense...
Theresa: "I'm just trying to understand why I'm not surprised that we go from 'kill Imperator A' to 'okay, we won't kill Imperator A. Kill Imperator B!' in our walking down this road."
DanteE: "And if we knew Attaris was an Excrucian I'd be behind it 100%.
DanteE: "That's the big question, though.'
Theresa: "There are probably people who think Kudzu is an Excrucian, Dante. Does that mean we should let anyone take a crack at snuffing him out?"
Brian: "I don't, honestly, like this ... I'm willing to bring it up, but what if when the Age goes away, everything is all *vanish*?"
DanteE: "No, Attaris' death just means Ananda takes over."
Random_Nerd: L: "Night."
DanteE: "Hm?"
Random_Nerd: L: "Night and the ones he knows. Think Kudzu is an Excrucian."
DanteE: "... Kudzu brought Hope and Courage into Creation.
Theresa: "How do you know, Lesson?"
Random_Nerd: L: "You said something about it two weeks ago. Something about that tree you like."
Random_Nerd: (Actually, hold on.)
Random_Nerd: (Never mind. I'd misrecalled a past event. Retcon.)
Theresa: "Just because he has Nobles doesn't mean he couldn't be an Excrucian. _We_ know he's not, but I'm sure that there are people who suspect _all_ Wildlords. For kicks."
Random_Nerd: W: "I think Excrucians /could/ have Nobles, if they really wanted to. Other than Mimics, I mean. We know they can."
Random_Nerd: W: "For that matter, Ymera Attaris Ebrot Appeka manifested something that seemed rather like a Shard."
Random_Nerd: S: "But it can't be that simple. Either she thinks it isn't proof, or she's stupid, or she thinks we're stupid."
Random_Nerd: W: "You have to be careful, though, because Imperators are good at Sicillian Reasoning."
Theresa: "A Shard would be less powerful than a full Imperator, though, wouldn't they?"
Random_Nerd: W: "Yes."

      • Brian has signed off IRC (Ping timeout).

Theresa: "They can also change the universe so that you _are_ in a land war in Asia."
Random_Nerd: S, under his breath: "They're all immune to Iocane Powder, too."
Theresa: "The other Imperators would have noticed if Attaris would have only been Noble strength and commented on it, wouldn't they?"
DanteE: "Of that list, my money would be on 'She thinks we're stupid'."

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Random_Nerd: W: "But... /that/ stupid?"
Theresa: "Well, we've only met a part of her. I'm sure that my pinkie toes don't have much to say on my behalf."
lazarus: (what did I miss?)
Random_Nerd: (What did you last see?)
lazarus: ((11:39:12 PM) Theresa: "Just because he has Nobles doesn't mean he couldn't be an Excrucian. _We_ know he's not, but I'm sure that there are people who suspect _all_ Wildlords. For kicks.")
DanteE: "Imperator for thousands of years vs. Nobles for a few weeks? Yeah, that stupid."
Theresa: (I'm sorry, I had misunderstood. I was thinking 'manifested' as in when she became the Imperator of the Third Age. I wasn't thinking of her little messenger sphere.)
DanteE: (Oh...) "Wait, are you talking about that sphere, or something else?"
Random_Nerd: W: "I meant the sphere. It said it was a bit of her power and awareness given form. That made me nervous."
Random_Nerd: L: "Was more the way it flipped out and then a wall exploded that frightened me,"
Theresa: "Hmm..I guess I was thinking more that it was similar to what Kudzu did with us, especially James. But that's how Excrucians make Shards too."
lazarus: "I kind of assumed that all Imperators vaguely had that ability"
Random_Nerd: W: "If they have it, they don't use it much."
DanteE: "Speaking of wacky WIldlords... shall we call our own?"

  • Theresa looks at Brian and Carrie, who have the limitless phone-home card.

lazarus: "Sure."
lazarus: "What do we wish to say?"
DanteE: "Should we warn Shadows first?"
Theresa: "Might be for the best. Who knows what these TransChancel phone rates do to the local connection.":
DanteE: "I'll get that...

  • DanteE tries praying to Shadows...

Random_Nerd: Sbadows: "Are things okay?"
DanteE: #Shadows? We're about to talk to our Wildlord boss. We should be able to talk to him without him manifesting, but don't panic if he does.#
Random_Nerd: S: "I do hope he doesn't. That last one set off all the alarms, but I think an entire Wildlord here would probably actually make them explode."
DanteE: "Oh... you might ask Kudzu if he knows Attaris at all."
lazarus: "I'll just act as a relay?"
DanteE: "Just be careful, we've already imposed on our hosts somewhat..."
Theresa: "In damages encurred."
DanteE: "As well as the usual concerns... you know, don't get your brain eaten."
lazarus: (RH) "Kudzu, my Familia wish to speak with you. I can act as a relay"
Random_Nerd: K: "Have you solved the problem yet?"
DanteE: (Is that to all of us or just Brian?)
Random_Nerd: (To Brian.)
lazarus: "We believe so. We've told Consequences, who will handle the final stage of talking to Barakiel. Consequences fully believes that the plan must be abandoned."
Random_Nerd: K: "Good. So, you can report home, then?"
DanteE: (Did we ever tell Kudzu what Attaris said?)
Theresa: (Haven't talked to him since after JBJ.)
lazarus: "Kudzu wishes us to report home, now that we've delegated to Consequences."
DanteE: "Did we tell him about the Big Deadline?"
lazarus: "Hm?
lazarus: "More importantly, why did you want to remain here?"
lazarus: (RH) "We'll be on our way back home shortly."
Theresa: "We haven't told him what Attaris said or that the new plan is to kill her."
DanteE: "Plus, part of the deal is to get his support for Plan B."
Random_Nerd: K, RH: "Good. That way you can open your presents."
lazarus: "Which is easier done when we get back home."
Theresa: (Oh yeah, Attaris sent us presents...)
DanteE: (Gee, I hope they're XBoxes...)
lazarus: "So, we should be on our way."
Random_Nerd: K,RH: "Okay, I'll see you soon."
lazarus: "... boss sounded downright pleasant about the idea of us being back in-Chancel ..."
Theresa: "It'll have to be a quick run home. If we get distracted, we won't be able to fulfill our part of the agreement."
DanteE: (Maybe he's as curious about our presents as we are. :) )
lazarus: (shall we have a Travel Montage, and then frame a scene of opening presents? And then end? :-P)
DanteE: "Well, it's a quick bunny ride..."
Theresa: (I'm okay with that.)
DanteE: (Me too)
Random_Nerd: (Shall we stop here? We seem to be running out of momentum.)
DanteE: (Assuming we do the necessary stuff offscreen, like take our leave of Barakiel's Familia...)
lazarus: (I want to know what the presents are before we stop :p I assume that you've got it all ready, RN :-P)
DanteE: (I'm with Laz)
Random_Nerd: (Works for me. Cut to you getting back home?)
lazarus: (*nod*)
DanteE: (Sure)
Theresa: (Yep.)
Random_Nerd: Waiting in the Diplomacy Grove are several large crates, and one of the three-arm guys from the BoM.
DanteE: (brings over the Crowbar of Freeman...)
lazarus: (:-P)

  • lazarus examines the crates

DanteE: (Oh... can we assume they didn't kill everyone we ever loved?)
Random_Nerd: Three-Arm-Guy: "These just showed up. The Biggest Boss took over the body of the big walking pile of corpses and told us to get a guy here watching them."
lazarus: (not if you're using the crowbar of Freeman...)
Theresa: (Theresa's husband's already dead, so Attaris is out of luck there.)
Random_Nerd: Each of them has a label on it with one of your names.
DanteE: (Uhoh, I put an actual family in my background...)
lazarus: (... I have no family as of yet :p)

  • Theresa looks at her crate like it's a ticking time bomb. Which it might be!

Random_Nerd: (Well, she only said that to Dante.)
DanteE: "They weren't ticking or moving or groaning or anything similarly bizarre, are they?"

  • lazarus will Realmily open his, being Far Away at the time.

Random_Nerd: Arm Guy: "Just sitting here."
lazarus: (stage magician gestures to accompany Realm manipulation for the win! :-P)
Random_Nerd: Inside Brian's crate are a bunch of styrofoam peanuts, and a pin-on button that says "I antagonize gods. Ask me how!"
Random_Nerd: On it is a little sticky label that says "This is not a bomb."
lazarus: (:-P)
DanteE: what's it look like to the Sight?

  • lazarus shifts to Mythic to perceive it

Random_Nerd: It's a disembodied hand flipping you off.
Theresa: (All of the crates?)
Random_Nerd: Stuck to it is a smaller hand, also flipping you off.
Random_Nerd: (That was just in Brian's. You haven't opened yours yet.)
lazarus: (:-P)

  • DanteE warns the others to stand back, then pops his crate open the old-fashioned way.

lazarus: "Hm. Too bad for Attaris it presented them as gifts ... I'm afraid I'm going to have to go insult it again ..."
DanteE: "We might be even... depends on how she perceived our conversation..."
Random_Nerd: Dante, in yours is a plaster mannikin, with what looks like a graphically slit throat. Stuck to the front of the head, with a piece of tape, is a picture of your sister's face.

  • Theresa blinks.
  • DanteE does a Realm Div of his sister's health and location...

Random_Nerd: (She's healthy, and alive. She's also scared out of her wits, because a guy with a knife and no face chased after her for a while and suddenly vanished.)
DanteE: "Someone with a knife and no face went after my sister... then stopped.
Theresa: "Huh."
Theresa: (Does someone else get to pop CarriEve's gift?"
Theresa: )
DanteE: "That ... may ... be when the sphere convinced the rest of Attaris not to kill everyone I loved."

  • DanteE Realm-checks up on mom & dad...

lazarus: (*waits for T's*)
Random_Nerd: (The rest of your family is alive and has had nothing unusual happen to them.)

      • lazarus has signed off IRC (Connection reset by peer).
  • Theresa will open the box with Aspect 2ness.

DanteE: (good grief, how's Laz connected, by carrier pigeon?)
Random_Nerd: Inside is a rubber glove missing fingers in the same places that Theresa is, colored a garish pink.
Theresa: "How...thoughtful." (How does it look in the Mythic?)
DanteE: (Just one?)
Random_Nerd: (Just one glove.)
DanteE: (oh, reminds me... how's my mannequin look to The Sight & Mythic?)
Random_Nerd: Mythically, it's a sleeping pink guy missing an arm and a leg.
Random_Nerd: (Mythically, it looks exactly like a real dead human being, but with a note taped to it that says "Not actually real.")

      • lazarus has joined #Nobilis.

Theresa: (I do not know what the sleeping signifies.)
DanteE: (maybe he'll wake up when you put it on)
DanteE: (WB Laz)
lazarus: (stupid connection x_x)
lazarus: (USB Wi-Fi to Satellite Internet for the lose :p)
Theresa: (I shall think about the glove.)
DanteE: (storming where you are?)
lazarus: (dunno, particularly)
Random_Nerd: (Shall we stop here?)
DanteE: "Well, nothing's blown up yet... Brian?"
lazarus: "Hm?"
DanteE: (er, I mean Carrie)
DanteE: (BTW, does Snow have a crate? or James?)
Random_Nerd: (Shall we leave that one until Etheric is there?)
Random_Nerd: (And there's no box for James or Snow.)
DanteE: (Any other boxes?)
Theresa: (I'm good with stopping here.)
lazarus: (I'm fine with stopping here)
DanteE: (if Carrie's asleep, I'm OK with stopping)
Random_Nerd: (No other boxes. Just the opened ones, and one for Carrie.)
Random_Nerd: ________________STOP___________________

      • DanteE is now known as Knockwood.
      • You are now known as BethE.

BethE: Interesting ending, RN.
Knockwood: is it just me or was that session sloooooow?

      • Carrie is now known as Etheric.

Knockwood: either that or I need to ease up on the caffeine... :)
Etheric: Sorry to hold things up, folks. I'm just... Having major concentration issues, and I'm considering quitting the game again because the last several sessions have just not been enjoyable for me.
Random_Nerd: Anything particular about them that you haven't enjoyed?
Etheric: It's nothing in the game, or the GMing. It's a problem I'm having. I don't really understand what's going on with me, though. I just will get mental blanks, and completely lose interest, every time we play for the past month or so.
BethE: Huh, that's unusual.
Etheric: I think it's probably best for me to leave so that I don't slow things down.
Knockwood: hm...
BethE: I do enjoy Carrie and Eve when you are able to play, Etheric.
Random_Nerd: Hmm. Well, would you stick around at least until partway into the next storyline, so we know it's not just something about that one?
Etheric: *nods* And I enjoy playing them too... When I can get into them. When I can feel them. Lately my head's been going all fuzzy when I even try. <.<;
Random_Nerd: (On a different note, I wanted to say that the next week's session is cancelled due to Thanksgiving, but it'll resume after that.)
Etheric: In that case, maybe see how I feel after thanksgiving?
Knockwood: (Yeah, I'll be visiting family, with spotty access...)
lazarus: you USians and your funny holidays ... :-P
Knockwood: Maybe you need to whack some orcs.
BethE: Turkey is a good reason to celebrate.
lazarus: Turkey is in October :-P
lazarus: heh. Hero Lab allows me to make a 99th level d20 character :p
Knockwood: t's an extended Harvest Festival, really. "Hey, we won't starve! PAR-TAY!"
lazarus: it's quite hilarious to see the hp total and BAB ...
lazarus: 495 hp, and I've only entered non-bonus hp for 31 levels ...
Knockwood: Oh, you guys like my idea, for the next plot to be going after the Corrupt Cult?
BethE: *hugs Etheric* Well, I hope you're feeling better soon, Eth.
BethE: I would like to poke at that thread, yes.
Knockwood: Alternatively, we could try and fix whatever I fucked up by picking up the Spear...
Random_Nerd: Either works for me.
Knockwood: (Then again, the Cult thing may mean we get a chance to whale on some mooks... :) )
Random_Nerd: Oh, and since this storyline is basically over, although there are a few loose ends, 2 character points each, because this was a long one.
lazarus: I think I like the Cult idea.
lazarus: and woo! xp! :-P
lazarus: what can I spend it on, again?
Knockwood: Yay! I can do my combat optimization. :)
Random_Nerd: You can either spend it like regular character points from chargen, or you can spend it on Chancel qualities like regular Chancel Points.
Knockwood: (1st draft: bump up Aspect, Spirit and Blades, and buy a automatic Blade Creation gift. :) )
lazarus: (meaning: my book's at home :-P)
Knockwood: Got mine here. What did you have in mind?
Knockwood: BTW, I think I'm the only one with a charsheet on the Wiki.
BethE: *cough*
lazarus: I believe I currently have only 2 CP, so what can 2 CP turn into?
Knockwood: Ah yes... gomenasai, Beth
Random_Nerd: A two-point Gift, an enhancement on an existing Gift, some Secondary Domain, or various Chancel features.

Chapter 10