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Chapter 10

  • lazarus whispers to Kwd "watch out, Beth's one too ..."
  • BethE is innocent.

Knockwood: what?
Knockwood: (YEAH RIGHT)
BethE: I am innocent of many things...
lazarus: .... screefice. I guess you're not around Tangency very much :p
Knockwood: there's a thread archive on the Wiki. :)
Knockwood: and considering my diet, they don't want my kidneys.

      • Etheric has joined #nobilis.

Knockwood: Hi Eth
lazarus: I figure that they'll keep us around and human as long as we amuse them with Nobilis :p
Random_Nerd: Hey, Etheric.
Etheric: Hi.

      • Mode change "+o Etheric" for channel #nobilis by lazarus.

Etheric: I'm thinking I probably do want to bow out of the game. I mean, a lot of things have been on my mind lately, nd this is nowhere on that list.
BethE: Hi Etheric!
BethE: Permantly bow out?
Etheric: But, I thought I owed it to you all to say so in person, so here I am.
Knockwood: urgk.
Random_Nerd: Okay. Sorry to hear that, and to lose you. Do you have preferences for what happens to your character?
Etheric: If you can line up a new player for Hope, I'd like the Estate to be transferred to a new Noble. If not, Carrie and Eve could become NPCed, or disappear from sight, depending on your preferences. I hate leaving too but I'm just not able to maintain the interest for whatever reason.
Etheric: Again, nothing to do with the game or the GMing, it's a personal thing.
Random_Nerd: Fair enough.
Knockwood: hrm.
BethE: *HUG* Sorry to hear that, Eth. I enjoy playing with you.

  • Etheric hugs Beth.

lazarus: we'll probably be here if you ever want to come back
Etheric: I'll keep in touch. It's been fun.
lazarus: it's been fun, Eth.
Etheric: For now, go show those cultists who's in charge. :)
Etheric: Or whatever you end up doing.
Etheric: Good luck.

      • Etheric has signed off IRC (Disintegrated: Destiny is choice.).

lazarus: "Destiny is choice" ... fitting, for Hope :p
Knockwood: well, now what?
BethE: *sniff* We've lost all Hope...
lazarus: we go stomp over a pile of Cultists?
Random_Nerd: Hmm.
lazarus: ... sadly, I know several people who may be interested in joining, but who aren't available at this time
Random_Nerd: Well, we have two things to decide, really.
Knockwood: damn Lost... :)
lazarus: actually, one's in Australia, and the other's generally got a band practice that ends about 10 :p
Random_Nerd: First, what are we going to do with Carrie/Eve, and second, where do you guys want to take the game this session?
BethE: Maybe for a little while, just have Carreve somewhere else like with the visit to the Frost Giants?
Knockwood: one question to you RN: How much does Hope's departure throw a monkey wrench into your evil plans?
Knockwood: (I actually occurred to me earlier that finishing Hope's Quest would solve The Big Problem...)
Random_Nerd: Biggest one it changes is the whole "save humanity from not being Imperial" thing.
Random_Nerd: Since that was mainly Hope's deal.
lazarus: Is that an IC or OOC "Hope's deal" thing?
Random_Nerd: Both, really, right?
lazarus: more importantly, is it a thing that Hope is necessary for?
lazarus: 'cause I could definitely see the rest of us taking up that quest if Carreve gets ... injured ...
Random_Nerd: I could see you guys still doing it without her, if you want to.
Knockwood: .... could always say the pair is off doing that quest... could even shoehorn us into a plot if her parents say 'Carrie's in trouble!'
Knockwood: ...and maybe I should lay off the SotC. :)
lazarus: nothing wrong with Pulp, at all :p
BethE: I would say that Hope would be a pretty big target to Excrucians.
Random_Nerd: I figure that until we decide what to do with Carrie, she's Guarding The Horses.
BethE: Our Chancel has many horses.
lazarus: Our Chancel has a lot of /cows/.
Knockwood: including that one very special one who needs guarding...
lazarus: they should be off guarding the cows
Random_Nerd: But that doesn't sound right.
lazarus: yeah, but cows make things awesome
BethE: If the cult is anything like the Chancel/Nobles, there will be cows, no fear.
lazarus: hee
Knockwood: Then again, if it isn't, that might say something as well...
BethE: As for direction, I would like to look into the Cult, I think?
BethE: "The Cows are Not What They Seem?"
lazarus: what do we know about the cult?
Knockwood: Only that a) they screw up our mojo, and b) they're in Aniseed.
Random_Nerd: Let's see. They've been around a good while longer than you have. They're corrupt, and at least one Shard has used them against you.
BethE: What other stuff coudl we get about cults from the Library?
Knockwood: (Hm... maybe I should get an Aspect Strike gift...)
Random_Nerd: Well, if the Library knows about them, then that means that Noble society at large knows about them.
Random_Nerd: Besides, you've seen before that Kudzu puts in scant information on things that make him uncomfortable.
BethE: I meant more cults in general.
Random_Nerd: Ah, yeah, that would be covered.
Random_Nerd: But you can consider your characters to have looked it up offscreen if you want, and so know all the stuff in the Big White Book about them.
BethE: Does the fact that the cult exists point to Kudzu having been enChanceled before?
Random_Nerd: Hmm. Not really.
lazarus: is it a kudzu cult oran us cult?
Random_Nerd: Mystery Cults are generally oriented around an Imperator, rather than Nobles.
Random_Nerd: A Kudzu cult.
Random_Nerd: Now, some Nobles manage their Imperators' cults. But it's possible to have a cult but no Nobles.
Random_Nerd: Shall we get in character, and have you guys describe what happened to Kudzu? Or did you want to skip past that.
Random_Nerd: ?
Knockwood: what happened to Kudzu?
BethE: Tell Kudzu what happened to fill in what he heard from Brian.
BethE: And I'd be fine with a quikie recap to Kudzu.
lazarus: ooooh

      • Knockwood is now known as DanteE.

lazarus: ok.

      • lazarus is now known as Brian.
      • You are now known as Theresa.

Brian: (I have a bit of a bad headache today ... apologies if I'm slow ... either on uptake or just slow in general)
Random_Nerd: ____________________START______________

  • Theresa is wearing her new glove and is wondering if it is her style.

DanteE: (anything special about my mannequin?)
Random_Nerd: In the upper part of the Clock Tower, where the gears and mechanisms are, Kudzu perches on a turning gear, looking like a bunch of traffic signs twisted into a vaguely humanoid form.
Random_Nerd: (Your mannequin? You don't have Realm's Heart.)
Random_Nerd: (Oh, wait, the one that was the gift?)
DanteE: (The one I got from Attaris, with my sister's picture on it)
Random_Nerd: (Not the representation of you here in the Heart?)
Random_Nerd: (Ah. Not weird, other than the photo, the slashed throat, and the fake blood around said throat.
Random_Nerd: )
Random_Nerd: (So... pretty weird, I guess.)
Theresa: (Are we mid-explanation?)
Random_Nerd: Kudzu opens his semi-mouth, and speaks, in a voice that sounds like random words shouted by people driving cars that just happens to form sentences.
Random_Nerd: Explain! What happened! With Barakiel!
DanteE: "He should be abandoning his original plan in favor of a new ... dubious plan."
Theresa: "Well, we talked with Consequences and Barakiel, found out their plans. Then we went and Talked to the Imperators of the Second and Third Ages and instead of killing Ananda, he now wants to kill Attaris."
Brian: "And he wants your support"
Random_Nerd: "That's! Insane! Do you think! It will work!?"
Brian: "I'd be wary of it."
Brian: "If only because I have no idea what the hell will happen to this age. I don't even have a good guess"
Random_Nerd: "Attaris! Talked! To you?"
Theresa: "Depends on how he does it, I guess. Attaris says she's going to start the Cataclysm either if Ananda gets bumped off or in three months, unless someone else convinces her earlier."
Theresa: "We talked to a part of her. Cause some damage in Barakiel's Chancel."
DanteE: "The more I think about it... if she does have control over starting the cataclysm she might start it upon hearing we want to kill her."
DanteE: "She had a tiny piece of her consciousness manifest as a ball and berate us./"
Brian: "... she berated you."
Theresa: "Well, but you were trying reverse pysche on her, Brian."
Random_Nerd: "What was your! Impression! Of her?"
Brian: "... it may have sounded that way, T ..."
Theresa: "Well, does the little bits of an Imperator tell the whole story of that Imperator's personality?"
Random_Nerd: "You! Would know!"

  • Theresa smiles.

DanteE: (guess asking if he knows Attaris would be pointless...)
Theresa: "Well, then I would have to say that that particular form of Attaris is a crazy sarcastic bowl of cherries."
Random_Nerd: (He does to some degree, but she doesn't travel in normal Wild circles.)
Random_Nerd: "Interesting! Choice! Of way to talk! To you!"
DanteE: "Considering she almost killed my sister just for giggles, I'd say she's ... not very social."
Theresa: ("I get the feeling that she had been playing some mortal video game...")
DanteE: (Grand Theft Concept: Jupiter?)
Random_Nerd: "Attaris! Worries! Me!"
Theresa: "She probably didn't think your sister was important, Dante."

  • Theresa blinks at the admission. Now _she's_ worried.

Brian: "She's a recluse, and insane from it."
Theresa: "In what way, Boss?"
Random_Nerd: Kudzu makes a sound like a pigeon going through a car engine, and switches to the "crazy mumbling homeless guy" speech mode.
DanteE: to Brian: "Is it even possible to apply human norms to forces of nature?"
Theresa: (Dear, have you been taking lessons in my Sluggy Freelance sound effects course?)
Random_Nerd: "Becauseshealwaysseems to be planningsomethinghidingsomethingwatchingeverything..."
Brian: "Imperators are personalities, writ very weird."
Random_Nerd: (No, why? Did that use the pigeon thing?)
Theresa: (No, but I saw it in my head more than i heard it.)
Brian: (was very Warner Bros. cartoony in my head. Complete with "Bang!" flag)
Random_Nerd: "Iwantyoutowatchherifyou can. Especially now."
Theresa: "I am worried that she gave us things."
Random_Nerd: "Gaveyouthings. Gifts?"
Brian: "In return for our oustanding conversationalism, no doubt ..."
Theresa: "Yeah. In return for our promises about how we talk about the upcoming events."
Random_Nerd: "Sheknowsyou follow thecodeoftheWild?"
Theresa: "She knew we are yours."
Random_Nerd: "Probablyplaying dangerousfairygiftgames."
Brian: "Her ... gifts ... are barely that. An appropriate return gift would be insulting her. As I have done, frequently, I believe."
Theresa: "She didn't like you, Brian."
Brian: "She didn't like any of us."
DanteE: "My gift was a wrecked mannequin with my sister's photo on it. She'd mentioned that she decided not to kill everyone I'd ever ..."\

  • Theresa hold up her gloved hand palm up to Kusdzu. "This was her gift to me."

Random_Nerd: "Valuablegifts. Uselessgifts. Dangerousmonkeypawgifts."

  • Theresa flinches a little at monkey paw. A bit close to heart, there...

Random_Nerd: "Youfedyourfingerstothehungrycoldgodofthepast?"
DanteE: (This is right after our return, right?)
Random_Nerd: (Right after, yeah.)
Brian: "Why should she? Powerful being, mind of a child, selfish little recluse" (/rant)
Theresa: "Yes, Boss. In return for information. And also that I not regrow the digits for a year and a day and explain what/why they are gone to any who asks. Price for knowledge."
Random_Nerd: "Youcantrusthim, at least on a bargainforknowledge."
Theresa: "He was quite forthright with the questioning."
Random_Nerd: "He is verydangerousbutpredictable. Strongbutconstrainedbyhisownnature."
Brian: "His bargaining goes both ways ... he offered some of his collection for valuable information I hope to glean"
Theresa: "You don't even know who he has in there. Sure, he might have Marilyn Monroe's torso or Odin's Eye, but unless you give the latter to Dante for his birthday, what good are they?"
Random_Nerd: "Hefrightensmefrightensme but is goodtohave as a sourceofinformation. Godofprophecy."
Random_Nerd: "Eyesofgods, fingersofgods, valuablethingstohave."
Random_Nerd: Kudzu mumbles gibberish to himself.
Theresa: "I didn't think many folks frightened you, Boss."
Random_Nerd: "Iamoldandpowerful, but that one is oldandcold and nearlynearlydead. And heknowsthings that heshouldnotbeabletoknow."
Theresa: "Because he traded for them or through something else?"
Random_Nerd: "I think that heknowsthingsabouttheWildthateventheWilddoesnot know."

  • Theresa ponders this for a bit. "Kinda makes sense. Part of his code is involved with the whole Wildlords coming in from Outside."

Brian: "Kudzu, what do you know of Outside? I plan to research for a trip to the Outside to find out, well, everything I can"
Random_Nerd: "Iknownothing. Remembernothing. Haveheardnothingfromanyother."
Random_Nerd: "Nobodyknowsanything. Anyonewhohasbeenoutsidecannotorwillnotormustnot tell."
DanteE: "Speaking of which...
DanteE: "Attaris didn't tell us anything about what would happen, just when.
DanteE: "Part of the deal is, should anyone _ask_, we make something up and pretend she told us."
Random_Nerd: "Doesthatinclueme?"
DanteE: "I think so."
Theresa: "Didn't say."
Random_Nerd: "Idonotthinkevenshewoulddisputewhatthepiecesofmetellmein my Realm'sheart."
Random_Nerd: "Butdonotellher you toldme."
Theresa: "Okay, Boss. She seemed busy anyhow."
DanteE: "It starts in 3 months, or when Ananda dies."
Random_Nerd: "Isthereanthing else Ineedtoknow?"
Random_Nerd: "Shit."
DanteE: (Right here in the RH? : )
Random_Nerd: "Iwillhavetomakepreparations. Therabbitissafe, yes?"
Random_Nerd: "Hasanyofyoubeenconsidering suicide atall?"
Theresa: "Yes, Boss. We brought him and Snow back home and Monty's back on his moon."
Theresa: (This is a distressing turn of conversation with an Imperator.)
DanteE: "Sui...? No..."
Theresa: "I haven't, at least that I have been aware of."
Random_Nerd: "Tellmeifyoudo, please."
Brian: "why the inquiry?"
Theresa: "I mean, if I was going to, I could have probably have gotten a lot more out of Ben Jan..."
Random_Nerd: "Itwouldbeuseful, perhaps."
Random_Nerd: "Orifyouseetheotherone. Urbanization. Tellmeatonceifyouseehimanywhere."
Theresa: "O..kay, Boss."
DanteE: "Didn't you ... 'take care of' James?"
Random_Nerd: "NoIhavenot. Notyet. HewentsomewhereandnowIcannotseehim."
Theresa: *blink*
DanteE: "... you can see everything this side of the Weirding Wall, can't you?"
Random_Nerd: "Noteverything. Mosthings. Manythings."
Random_Nerd: "Imperatorscanhidefromme. Excrucians. Somenobles, but Idonotthinkthathehadthattalent"
Theresa: "Like how Barakiel's nobles are shifty?"
Random_Nerd: "Differentbutsimilar."
Random_Nerd: "Themyoucanseebutyoudonotknow it is them."
Random_Nerd: "ButthatflowsfromthecontradictionatBarakiel's heart."
Random_Nerd: "IfIwerebent in thatmanner, I wouldknowit, I think."
Theresa: "Have you been feeling anything new or different lately, Boss?"
Theresa: (Gee, I sound like a shrink to a being that could incinerate the world...)
DanteE: (Weirder considering that should be me... :) )
Theresa: (True, you are Honest with yourself?  :) )
Random_Nerd: "I change. Ialwayschange. Everyonechanges. Nearlyeveryone, notallImperators."
Random_Nerd: "Butitislikethe greekhumansaid. Everythingisfire. Cannotstepacrosssame rivertwice."
DanteE: "So what do we do?
DanteE: (to everyone)
Theresa: "Somethign that doesn't involve the Locust Court?"
Random_Nerd: "Ihavenoworkforyou at present. Youhavedonewellwith a difficultjob, and Iampleasedwithyou."

  • Theresa blushes slightly. "Thank you, sir."

Random_Nerd: "Iampleased that the groupofyou can completecomplexanddifficulttasks without theneedfordirectsupervisionorguidance."
Theresa: (... *is suspicious* Are we heading into 'Don't tell your Imperator you can do something or you will have to do something.'?)
DanteE: (I'm more interested in the sudden PHB tendencies he's showing...)
Random_Nerd: (Hmm? How so?)
DanteE: (His last statement could come straight off an employee evaluation)
DanteE: (Now he'll be taking credit for our work to a VP while figuring out how to justify giving up paltry raises... :) )
Random_Nerd: (But the PHB would never be that positive!)
Random_Nerd: (And he's /trying/ to learn how to motivate humans.)
Random_Nerd: (He's just not very good at it.)
Random_Nerd: (Anything else before we change scenes?)
DanteE: (Well, IC, first thing I do is go and comfort my sister...)
Theresa: (I'm okay with cutting here.)
Brian: (cut good)
Random_Nerd: (Okay, so, cut to Dante and his sister?)
Random_Nerd: (Or did you want to do that offscreen, Knock?)
DanteE: (Unless you have a Major Plot Point in mind, offscreen)
Random_Nerd: (Okay.)
Random_Nerd: (So, what sort of scene do you guys want to do now? What would you next be doing that's worthy of screen time?)
Random_Nerd: (Or should we call it a night?)
DanteE: (Strategising around the table?)
Theresa: (Not sure. Brian working with his Anchor on the accelarator?)
Brian: (could work)
Theresa: (Plus it would be a good way to bring up the cult again, since that's connected to meeting your Anchor.)
DanteE: (OK... what does my sister say about what happened?)
Random_Nerd: (She kept seeing a guy with a shiny knife and a blank spot where his face was, first just out of the corner of her eye, then walking after her, progressively faster.)
Random_Nerd: (And when I say blank, I mean less a void, and more like the little blind spot where the nerve hooks in the back of your eye, where you can't see anything but your brain pretends you can and guesses.)
Random_Nerd: (And after a bit of that, the guy just stopped being there behind her.)
DanteE: (Hm. You guys think I should anchor her?)
Random_Nerd: (Well, she clearly qualifies.)
DanteE: (Probably won't yet... she's only attracting a _little_ of the attention of Fate at the moment. :) )
Random_Nerd: (If you do, please, give me more background on what she's like, so we can deal with scenes where she's an active participant.)
DanteE: (Well, younger sister... so, think 'major annoyance'.  :D )

  • DanteE returns to the Conference Room. He looks ... different.

Random_Nerd: (How old is she?)

  • Theresa ponders over Dante. "Something happen?"

DanteE: (Just a few years younger than me...)
DanteE: "Talking down my sister from the effects of Attaris' gift."
Theresa: "Ah. How's she doing? And how's she handling big brother being in charge of the country as well as a pillar of creation, whithout which no one will ever open a sealed letter again?"
DanteE: "that and ...
DanteE: "You laugh, but I'm feeling more ... distant from humanity lately.
DanteE: "I think she was mad that I had to go, even if it's Important with a capital I.
DanteE: "Brian, how's your project coming?"
Brian: "That's a good question. (Anchor) How's the arrangements going out there?"
Random_Nerd: Jim: "...Oh! Hey. Sorry, thought I was daydreaming for a moment. I've talked to a few people I know in the physics department here, and asked a few of them to talk to friends elsewhere. I'm most of the way done with a list of the sort of people you'd probably want, and who wouldn't freak out when the weird shit starts showing up."
Brian: "Good ... do you have any idea on a time frame?"
DanteE: "What were you trying to do again?
Random_Nerd: "Design phase will take a while. Nobody's ever built an accelerator on the scale you were talking about before. Do you have any sort of freaky magic stuff to help with that?"
Brian: "Largest particle accelerator EVER. Try to foster some SCIENCE! knowledge transition between our Chancel and the Real World, hopefully inform the mortals of what's really going on Out There."
Brian: (anchor) "Well, at one point I heard of magic seeds that grew into buildings, but I haven't seen any myself. I don't know for sure if they exist or not. Besides that, we don't really have an ... oh, I could do something for you, probably, maybe."
DanteE: "What do you mean, inform them of what's really going on?"
Random_Nerd: (Besides, with Realm miracles you could make an accelerator that we just don't have the construction or materials science to make in the real world.)
Brian: (... yeah, but the mention of "freaky magic stuff" went on the "weird science!" thing :p)
Brian: "People have a right to know how their universe works."
Brian: "And it's not like they've been told. At all."
DanteE: "How is a particle accelerator going to tell people about Yggdrasil?"
Theresa: "Have you seen the debates on creationism vs evolution? Try to give them another option and their brains would break."
Brian: "Well, when they start coming in through random streets in various places, and going back out the other .... ah, who am I kidding? I just want Wikipedia back"
Random_Nerd: (Lesser Creation of Internets!)
DanteE: "...OK, that I can believe."
Theresa: "You know that the thing you have going on with the Amyrans is not going to stop them changing your Wiki page once you're famous out in the other world, right?"
Brian: "Hm?
Brian: "
Random_Nerd: (Wikipedia will ban all Amyran IPs because they keep writing non-NPOV stuff about Brian!)
Theresa: "You'll have nonAmyrans writing 'who is this goober' on your wiki page that the loyal Amyran populace will put up and you'll get them banned and maybe they'll even try to hijack the Wiki servers to insure that you are the only page on the Wikipedia."
Random_Nerd: (He'll... he'll be the next Chuck Norris Facts!)
Theresa: (I hear Brian once hit a guy so hard, he changed his Code.)
Random_Nerd: (There's no such thing as Excrucians. There's just Brian when he's mad.)
Brian: (Ha!)
Theresa: (Brian once sassed Lord Entropy. Entropy apologized.)
Random_Nerd: (Given that we're pretty dead, shall we call it now and start the Cult thing next week?)
DanteE: (We're gonna start a cult next week? Kewl! :) )
Theresa: (Dibs on the prophecying oracles...)
Random_Nerd: (You could totally start a cult if you wanted to.)
Random_Nerd: (Heck, make your cult and the corrupt one fight! Sell tickets!)
DanteE: (Or... take over the cult & save the trouble. >:> )
Random_Nerd: (Tough part is taking over when you can't use miracles and they hate you.)
Random_Nerd: (Do that! I want to see how you do it.)
Random_Nerd: (Okay, technically, you can use Aspect with no trouble.)
DanteE: (Well, we whoop their leader...
Brian: (-_-')
Theresa: (This is why we need a week?  :) )
Random_Nerd: (We can keep going if you want.)
Theresa: (I'm somewhat braindead, but if people want to go on, I can fake it.)
DanteE: (Well, what could we really accomplish in the next few minutes?)
Random_Nerd: (Beats me.)
Random_Nerd: (But you guys surprise me, for good or for ill, all the time.)
DanteE: (Next week?)
Brian: (*nod*)
Theresa: (Next week is good.)

      • You are now known as BethE.

Random_Nerd: ___________STOP_____________
BethE: I look forward to meeting the sister.  :)

      • DanteE is now known as Knockwood.

Random_Nerd: So, what'd you think? Slow one, I know, but did it have some merit?
Knockwood: dunno about that. Remember the First Rule of NPCs: if they're there, they complicate your life/
BethE: I liked seeing Kudzu's reaction to the last story. We made him swear, how human.

      • Brian is now known as Lazarus.

Lazarus: I don't like it when I have a headache on game nights x_x
Knockwood: laz: migraine, tension, illness?
Lazarus: all of the above.
BethE: And lack of sleep.
Knockwood: actually, part of that table thing was to 'justify' bumping Aspect
Knockwood: ... just wish it didn't seem so damn awkward when I did it... :/
Random_Nerd: Why do you feel the need to justify it? Nobles develop in their abilities all the time.
Knockwood: well, not justify... but make it part of the IC, really.
Random_Nerd: Fair enough./
Random_Nerd: Still, it just makes sense. Dante's a physically oriented character, and he didn't get his Nobility by eating another Noble's heart, so there's no reason his Aspect wouldn't continue to develop.
Knockwood: ah, but do we know that? :)
Random_Nerd: If you'd eaten somebody's heart, you'd know.
Knockwood: maybe in a past life
Random_Nerd: Wouldn't count.
Random_Nerd: Mmm! Redtooth Rite brand Heart Helper!
BethE: Could eat someone's heart now and see if the taste does anything. Like grade-school food or Mom's home cooked meals.
Random_Nerd: You know, I wonder if Jan Ben Jan has any Noble hearts anywhere in him.
Random_Nerd: That'd have to be one hell of an answer to be worth it, of course.
Knockwood: how would you cook it?
Random_Nerd: With fire!
Knockwood: anyhoo... 3rd player lost.
Knockwood: maybe 4th if you count Sara
Random_Nerd: Well, she's more on indefinite hiatus, so I don't count her.
Random_Nerd: But we do need new blood.
Random_Nerd: Blood and souls!
Knockwood: what's her current status?
BethE: *insert vampire joke here*
Random_Nerd: Back to some of her games, but the lateness of this one is a problem.
Random_Nerd: Of course, with Etheric gone, perhaps a different time would be available.
Knockwood: no, it's mainly because of my work, remember?
Random_Nerd: Well, more a different day, really.
Knockwood: hm...
Knockwood: well, anyway... how's this sound: Aspect 6 Pen 3 Strike At Whatever's In Front Of Me, Normal Miracle, Local Only, One Trick (POUND)... 2 points?
Random_Nerd: Not One Single Target?
Knockwood: oh yeah, duh.
Knockwood: Though I was considering something I could use to do both pounding Exs and, say, breaching walls.
Random_Nerd: Ah. Then you'd want Limited Applications, I think.
Knockwood: 3 points?
Random_Nerd: And this would probably be Common, as it's a pretty straightforward and obviously useful trick.
Random_Nerd: And I'll let One Person work for one person-size environmental object.
Random_Nerd: So, yeah, 3 if you want some variety in your smashing targets.
Random_Nerd: Err, person-sized, even.
Random_Nerd: 2 for just hitting people.
Knockwood: Would also set me fairly solidly into the StrongGuy niche...
Knockwood: ...but I'm there anyway.

Chapter 10