Session 97

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Chapter 11

Brian_: (Tired Laz is Exhausted, as I said to beth. I have _NO_ recollection of what's going on)
Theresa: (Snow was playing tag with Horse. And maybe a cloud.)
Random_Nerd: Well, you were just about to jump out of the cake in the birthday party of the Power of Setting Things On Fire.
Snow: (She'd just come back at the end of the game. Makes things easier.)
Random_Nerd: Meanwhile, the third light dragoons were circling the...
Random_Nerd: Great, I can't even come up with good random nonsense.
Brian_: RN: Just read 8-bit theatre.
Knockwood: ISTR the Fluying Spaghetti Monster showing up...
Brian_: what's a fluy?
Theresa: Canadian deity.  :)
Random_Nerd: Heh, be amusing to imagine 8-Bit Theater as a Nobilis game, where Sarda is their Cruel and Demanding Imperator.
Theresa: All of those random 'us in words popping up...
Brian_: RN: it pretty much IS, already.
Random_Nerd: But, basically, when we last left the game, you all briefed Kudzu on what was up, and he pretty much said "You know what? I have no clue where to go. You guys figure something out."

      • Knockwood is now known as DanteE.

Theresa: (Oh and Kudzu was a hamburger...)
Snow: (Great.)
DanteE: so, we're utterly screwed?
Random_Nerd: Well, I have no clue what you'll do, or how you'll solve these problems. But that's how it always goes, and you always think of something.
Brian_: (I seem to remember anything involving Snow)
Brian_: (like her eating the bossburger)
Brian_: ... I also seem to remember seriously suggesting Snow be our lead tactician.
Random_Nerd: Heh.
Random_Nerd: Oh, and I did have a question.
Snow: (*snort*)
Random_Nerd: Have I made this one too complicated and mysterious?
Brian_: I don't think so.
Random_Nerd: I figure it's a warning sign when even those NPCs that are basically gods are throwing their hands up in the air and giving up on figuring it out.
DanteE: the fact that _you_ can't think up a solution would seem to lean that way
Brian_: I think, personally, most of the problems are us doing our general "leap to conclusions based on not even a shred of evidence" thing
Theresa: I'm confused about where to go, but that's pretty easy to do to me.
Theresa: (BTW - the game turns 3 years old this Sunday. And this will be IC Session 97.)
Brian_: and I think I seriously believe that if we put Snow in charge, with somehow keeping her focus on solving the problem (yeah, right), then it'll get solved.
Brian_: possibly by eating it.
Brian_: (and woot for us!)
Random_Nerd: Well, I always make the game so that I can't think of a single best solution.
Random_Nerd: I find this the best way to avoid "Read the GM's mind" gaming.
Theresa: *eyeballs RN* Is that what you do in my game?
Theresa: I mean, Reading my mind.
Random_Nerd: would that work, with a PC doing it?
Brian_: hm?
Snow: (And for the record, it's a bad, BAD idea to ask Snow to lead. Seriously. I'm not kidding. Nothing will get done.)
Brian_: (I know.)
Snow: (Like, you might think, "Hey, she'll do something!" and you'd be wrong.)
Random_Nerd: No, I just look for weak points in the game, and then throw a spatula-wielding lunatic at them.
Snow: (Okay, good.)
DanteE: (that's the 'focus' part)
Brian_: (Hence the "if we could keep her focused on solving the issue". Which is, like, asking an apple to be a bee)
Random_Nerd: Hmm. Okay, so, ready to go?
Snow: (You could try.)
Snow: (Maybe couch it in terms she'd focus on for a bit, and keep reminding her...)
Snow: (Anyway, just sayin'.)
Brian_: ("Snow, if you solve this problem, I promise you'll get to eat something you've never eaten before.")
Snow: (That'd work for a while.)
Random_Nerd: ________________START_____________________
Brian_: "So, what now?"
Theresa: "We have a giant and a cult and now know that the Boss borrows from other people."
DanteE: "Hm... well, let's not forget we're trying to eliminate the influence of this Cult...
Random_Nerd: L: "Think you should start hitting things that seem relevant. When have hit enough of them, hard enough, things will change in various ways. Repeat until solution appears."
Brian_: "And I've got a meeting in [insert time frame here - I think it's now only a couple days away?]"
Brian_: "Lesson, the problem with just hitting things is that I'm not very strong."
Random_Nerd: (The one with the physicists? Let's say about half a week.)
Random_Nerd: Lesson waves a gnarled hand dismissively.
Snow: "So let the giant hit them."
DanteE: "Well, look at him (the Cultist). What's hitting him gonna do?"
Random_Nerd: L: "Was speaking figuratively. But take drastic actions targeted randomly. Easy way to change situation."
Brian_: "I like that idea. ... Snow! You're the epitome of randomness. Where do we go next?"
DanteE: (Ah, the Iraq solution. :)
Random_Nerd: Lesson shrugs at Dante.
Brian_: (I'm expecting, like, "Tree!")
Random_Nerd: L: "If knew what it was going to do, would know enough about things to take targeted clever action."

  • Snow studies Brian for a moment.

DanteE: (... oddly enough, Red might just help
Theresa: (Snow will eat his cows!)
Snow: "Where...we should go? I dunno. What do you want to do?"
DanteE: (Put him in the middle of all this with his anti-Urbanization ways and see what develops)
Brian_: "Find bricks."
Theresa: (*fluffs up like vulture* I dunno...wadda you wanna do?)
Brian_: (... Brian's not the best at putting things in Snow-terms, it seems)
DanteE: "Didn't we send the remaining Cultists off to collect their bricks?"
Theresa: "Yes."
Theresa: "Which means that Jim might be having company rather soon."
DanteE: "We can go back there and see what they've done"
Theresa: ( we remember what Kudzu's feelings on the bricks were?)
Brian_: "Hm. I may have had a lapse of memory. Ok, we want to find their boss. What do we know about him/her/it/thing?"
DanteE: "And we can bring him back"
Theresa: "Probably built a gazeebo."

  • Snow rolls in the dirt.

DanteE: (which will promptly animate and attack us)
Random_Nerd: (Kudzu thought they were weird, and probably some weird excrucian attempt to weaken his connection to Urbanization via some sort of funk symbolic blood-magic.)
DanteE: "Maybe they're going after Kudzu's domains one at a time
Brian_: "Lesson, you're tied to Urbanization through the Anchor-link. What do you feel Urbanizationly?"

  • Snow siiiiiiiiighs.

DanteE: "...which could also be related to our brother's reappearance"
Snow: "Do we know who's attacking us?"
Brian_: "Not really."
Theresa: "We know that the leaders of this does lousy impersonations."
DanteE: "Educated guess says it's a Strategist"
Snow: "Do we know anyone who would know who's attacking us?"
Brian_: "They *waves hand at the rest* think some Excrucian"
Random_Nerd: L: "It's important. Try to take care of this city as best can."
DanteE: "Supposedly him (Cultist)."
Random_Nerd: L: "Don't know more. Not sure if it's changed. Have been busy."
Brian_: "I think, kind of, that it's ... Azazel behind this. Sort of."
Theresa: "It's someone who seems to either think you and Hope are the same person, Snow, or else didn't have enough people to play parts.":

  • Snow sits up and squints at the cultist.

Snow: (What does he look like Spiritually and Mythically?)

  • Theresa gives Brian the look of "Dude, his son is _right there_.

DanteE: "Don't forget his presence twists any Miracles we fire off"

  • Brian_ shrugs

Random_Nerd: Mythically, the guy looks like a wooden rocking horse with a bunch of broken glass bottles attached to it with thick wire.
Random_Nerd: To the Sight, he looks like a nonmiraculous guy that you can't quite see clearly because you've got something in your eye whenever you look at him, or look at other things right after looking at him.
DanteE: (hm. A carrier who just lost what he was carrying?)

  • Snow lays down in the dirt, closes her eyes, and seems to think really hard.

DanteE: (... a _fake_ carrier...)
DanteE: (...he's a decoy?)
Random_Nerd: (*steeples fingers*)
Random_Nerd: (Interesting idea.)

  • Theresa will do an Auctoritas spot check of the Chancel.

DanteE: (If he's a decoy... it's possible they're doing something back in Aniseed right now!)

  • Brian_ holds back asking Snow to try giving this guy an Identity

Theresa: (Sounds like a plan to me.  :) )
Random_Nerd: (The current area is a blind spot, as his presence screws with the divinations. There's the relics in Kaerkoven, and Carrie's parents, elsewhere.)
Random_Nerd: (Or, at least, gaps shaped like them in the places where they'd be.)
DanteE: "The next part of this is probably in Aniseed somewhere."
Brian_: "The next part of this is likely wherever we will be."
Theresa: "The bricks are probably not what they seem."
Brian_: "If we gather them all together, I fear the world will explode"
Brian_: ("How will it end?" "In fire")

      • Nemesis has joined #nobilis.

Theresa: (Hi Nemisis!)
Snow: (Oh hey!)
Brian_: (hey)
Brian_: (welcome back to the madhouse)
Random_Nerd: (Hey, welcome to watching the game.)
Nemesis: (Hello, hello :-) Such a friendly bunch)
Theresa: "We'll just duct tape it back together then. So, back in the car, all! Everyone make sure you go before we leave the Chancel..."
Brian_: (Comes from the straightjackets)
Brian_: "I have something I'd like Snow to try, first."
Brian_: "If she'd wake up?"

  • Snow blinks, then shakes her head.

Snow: "What? I'm awake."

  • Theresa looks at Brian. "You didn't get any of those pyschotropics off of the college students, did you?"

DanteE: (Hi Nem)
Brian_: "Snow, can you try giving this guy *points at the cultist* an Identity?"
DanteE: (Wouldn't his presence screw with that?)
Snow: "Sure!"
Brian_: (unknown)

  • Snow spins the metaphorical wheel of personalities that the guy's mind might want to pick from, and *bamfs* a lesser preservation on it once it hits something interesting.

Snow: (She should be able to do that with Domain 4--for the first bit--and then Realm 3?)
Random_Nerd: (Yeah.)
Snow: (Cool.)
DanteE: (But then it won't hold once he leaves)
Random_Nerd: Cultist Guy sits up: "Hey, do you have some paint and paper I could use?"
Snow: (Well, you have to be more specific then.)
Brian_: "Paint and paper? For what?"
Random_Nerd: "So I can paint, of course. Why else?"
Brian_: "I meant paint what?"

  • Theresa will create some paper and some plant inks. (Will check to see what is wrong with them, if possible before handing them over.)

Random_Nerd: (The paper seems to be made up of plant fibers that are alive, but slowly dying from lack of water and nutrients. The plant inks are runny and smell horrible.)

  • Theresa steels herself against the plaintative crys of the paper...

Random_Nerd: "Paint you. Or... the other versions of you, the real ones that you showed me."
Random_Nerd: Paper: "Why?" *dies*
Theresa: "Here...I'm sorry about the quality." *small shudder*

  • Theresa hands them over, although she doesn't have any brushes.

Brian_: (RN: not "Not again?")
Brian_: (... I guess paper's not a potted petunia)
Nemesis: (*hands Brian a home made banana and chocolate chip cookie, then promptly vanishes again*)
Random_Nerd: (And no whales are in sight.)
Snow: (You made cookies?!)
DanteE: (/me looks up)
Brian_: (aw, cookie! ... too bad it's probably got wheat and thus means I can't eats it :()
Theresa: (Internet cookies have no gluten.)
Brian_: (:D)
Random_Nerd: He immediately starts painting something that looks like the huge looming figure of the Lord of Cities that those of you who divined his mind earlier saw.
Snow: (And he's a good boyfriend--he could make good gluten-free cookies. And I make killer gluten-free soda bread.)
Random_Nerd: He can't paint well at all, and it looks like he's never seriously painted before.
Theresa: (And yet we can all tell what he's drawing.)
Random_Nerd: But he's really, really into it, to the point that he doesn't seem to notice anything around him.
Brian_: (you cook gluten-free?! Awesome ^_^)
Random_Nerd: (Well, it's something that some of you just saw, so it's easier.)

  • Theresa whispers to the cultist. "Do you know where we could find him?"

Snow: (I went through a phase where I had to. Not any more though. Turns out I'm not allergic after all.)
Theresa: (Yay, congrats!)
Brian_: (Good to hear :) Celiac/gluten allergies are no fun. I'm currently on the diet for trial purposes ... probably next week I'll add gluten back, see what changes)
Random_Nerd: Cultist: "No. But he seems important."
DanteE: (Hm... check out the painting in Sight and Mythic)
Brian_: "... My fellow familia, I ask this of you: what if our estranged Brother is behind all this?"
Random_Nerd: (To the Sight, it looks like mundane matter, affected to some degree by the same occlusion that conceals him.)
Theresa: "Then the second question would be 'why?'."
Random_Nerd: (Mythically, it looks a little like a little Kudzu made from Legos.)
DanteE: "This cult happened when our brother was still a statue, possibly before)
Brian_: "I don't know. It vaguely sounds like there was a falling out between him and Kudzu, though why he's allowed to remain if that's the case I don't know"
Theresa: (Lego...bricks.)
DanteE: (The bricks are an attempt to make a new Kudzu?)
Brian_: (could be?)
Theresa: "It might be because one can want to keep one's family close, one's enemies closer and sometimes you get jackpot with both."
Brian_: "I propose our next plan of action is to find our erstwhile companion, and reacquaint ourselves."
Theresa: "How do you get a cult when you are an Imperator? Especially one that doesn't have a huge history with Earth?"
Random_Nerd: Cultist: "He was a statue, once?"
Brian_: "Urbanization was, yes."
DanteE: "the _current_ Urbanization was..."
Brian_: "He was a soul of a man taken as his body died, and inserted into a gargoyle."
Random_Nerd: William: "It takes at least some contact with humans. Sometimes Imperators set out to create cults, sometimes they just happen."
Random_Nerd: Sam: "Sometimes they don't even take direct contact, actually. I'm pretty sure that it's happened when some whacked-out mystic just spontaneously sees a vision of some Imperator."
Theresa: "I'm just wondering if this was a cult that focused on Weapons or Blades first and the rest of them congregated to it or whether this is a Kudzu-specific cult."

  • DanteE takes at closer look at the painting

Random_Nerd: From this angle, it looks more like modeling clay shaped like a vaguely humanoid figure, with labels stuck to it that say "Kudzu" and "James."
DanteE: "When did you say you started in with the Cult?"
Random_Nerd: "Few months ago. Later than most of 'em. I got the dream, so I showed up."
DanteE: (That still predates our Nobility by several weeks, right?)
Theresa: (I think so.)
Random_Nerd: (Yes, it does.)

  • Snow lays down again and closes her eyes tightly.

DanteE: (...which makes no sense... unless James got recycled)
DanteE: (... we should still have the guy his soul supposedly came from in a grey-vine cocoon at the tower)

  • Snow searches out the heraldic design(s) of the Noble(s) of Intent, using the library o' stuff.

Theresa: (*blink* Uhh...Was the cult more than 3 months ahead of our enNoblement?)
Random_Nerd: (The closest to a Power of Intent that there is is, uh, you.)
Random_Nerd: (At least some of them seem to have been.)
Snow: (Hmmmm)
Snow: (Aggressiveness?)
Theresa: "Actually, Kudzu might have started enChancelling Amyra around then. Remember the deaths?"
Snow: (Aggression rather.)
Random_Nerd: (There's, let's see, Confrontations and Violence. And Courage, of course, but he's standing next to you.)
DanteE: "That would coincide... (to Cultist) do you remember the date you had it?"
Snow: (Not good there a god of Cults? Or of warping things?)
DanteE: (The latter is Entropy)
Random_Nerd: (There are many Nobles of something related to corruption in various ways.)
Random_Nerd: (Like Desecration, one of Entropy's Nobles.)
Random_Nerd: Cultist: "December 17, last year. I didn't join up with the cult yet then, of course."

  • Snow sighs in frustration, and sneezes.

Snow: "Can't think..."
DanteE: (OK, first of the weird deaths was...?)
Random_Nerd: (Let's see... okay, let's say the game started in mid january, which seems to be the current plan.)
Random_Nerd: (So, then, they would have started in mid October.)
Theresa: "Which could mean that either Kudzu had us in mind for his Nobles already or someone was trying to influence his decisions."
Random_Nerd: S: "Or it would suggest that he had someone else in mind."
Random_Nerd: S: "Since, right, the things they saw, they were only a bit like you guys, right?"
DanteE: "Or... someone else spotted the pattern of deaths and intervened"
Random_Nerd: S: "So, maybe they were working on an older version of what Kudzu was planning. Or a guess, even."
Random_Nerd: W: "That doesn't explain the conflated roles, thought."
Theresa: "Hmm..I had been wondering if Kudzu had had a chancel before here before. Or if Amyra was someone else's Chancel before."
Brian_: "I'm interested in finding out exactly what happened with Azazel. Only, I don't think we really can."
DanteE: "They could guess what he'd make because they're his domains
Theresa: "Could be that they thought that Hope might be part Capriciousness as well."
Random_Nerd: S: "But the versions they imagined, they seem a lot more... I don't know. Apocalyptic?"
DanteE: "That's their worldview:
Brian_: "There was mention of unmaking thiings"
Theresa: "And darker. Then again, end of an Age coming up. And we've already been invited!"
Brian_: "Hell, we seem to be Prime Movers involved in the Event."
Theresa: "I don't think we get to be counted as Prime Movers unless we can talk the Locust Court out of chewing on our fundaments."
Brian_: "The Universe does not care what the Locust Court says"
Random_Nerd: S: "Okay, so, like, the Excrucians know Kudzu's going to be getting some Nobles soon, so they make some guesses about what you might be like and taint them with their nature. And they kick up the recruiting for the cult, get a bunch of expendible newbies with no clue what's going on."
Random_Nerd: S: "Is that it?"
DanteE: "Our group includes Hope, Courage, and Randomness, it's pretty important
Snow: "What if we kill all the cultists?"
Brian_: "That was sort of my plan to begin with. Well, Lesson's plan, really."
Random_Nerd: S: "All of them, worldwide?"
Brian_: "It still sounds good."

  • Snow shrugs.

DanteE: "How extensive is this Cult?"
Snow: "Easier than all this talk talk talk."
Brian_: "We agonize for hours over what we're going to do, and then we just go and hit the first thing that moves and call it a day."
Theresa: "Then I suggest we go back to Aniseed. Plenty to hit there."
Random_Nerd: W: "I imagine there has to be an older core, connected to Ymera Kudzu's original worshippers. The Other Side can't just toss together the kind of metaphysical bond this kind of cult has to you out of thin air."
Random_Nerd: S: "But killing them all... what if that's what they want?
Random_Nerd: "
DanteE: "OK... so let's see if we have a theory...
Brian_: ("It could be bunnies?")
Random_Nerd: S: "So, like, most of them are probably clueless folks like this one, who're working against you, but rather innocently. What if they want you to kill a bunch of them? And for that matter, with the miracle-distortions, there would be some innocent deaths too, I'd imagine."
Theresa: "Plus we're not supposed to kill innocents. Brings bad attention."
DanteE: "Some Strategist notices the pattern of deaths in Amyra...
Random_Nerd: S: "I'm just saying, might be a setup for you being guilty and depressed. Or might be a distraction."
Theresa: "The vines sprouting out of orifices _is_ unusual."

  • Snow siiiiiighs.

Random_Nerd: William nods at Dante.
DanteE: "Puts together the threads of Kudzu's original Cult to revive it...
DanteE: "With this poor guy in the middle"
DanteE: "And come to think of it... Samuel may have got it. So far we've dealt with Excrucians via extreme violence...
Brian_: "Tends to work"
DanteE: "So whoever would be keeping an eye on us would figure that would be our move."
DanteE: "and would plan accordingly."
Brian_: "However, being a Strategist, I suspect the threads for this were laid back when the enChancelling was going on."
Brian_: "And thus, before we had our actions."
Theresa: "And thus give us a problem we can't solve by killing everything in sight."
Brian_: "On the other hand, he probably planned for that."
DanteE: "Maybe not.
DanteE: "William, Samuel, what's the typical pattern of new Nobles?"
Brian_: "SO. We're back to 'don't try to outthink a Strategist: find him and shoot him in the face lots'."
Random_Nerd: S: "Varies a lot. You guys are pretty standard, though."

  • Snow grins at Samuel.

Random_Nerd: W: "So, because he's planning something that he wants you to respond to violently, and you know that, and he'd know that you'd know that, you... I see what Lord Kudzu meant."
DanteE: "So... a Strategist, if he plans forward far enough, would assume any unknown Nobles are like us"
Random_Nerd: S: "It'd be the most likely kind of human noble, at least. Other species can be different."
Brian_: "Were I half as smart as the half-as-smartest Strategist, my plan would have threads like, say, Warmains to determine how my opponents react to various situations. Likely nudging them toward some desirable outcome."
DanteE: "Classic college bullshit session: you suddenly get Superman's powers. What do you do?"
Random_Nerd: Lesson stirs restlessly.
Brian_: "Hit on Wonder Woman."
Theresa: "Go get a real job as a reporter."
DanteE: "I rarely heard 'go save the world', except on a very small scalwe."

  • Theresa notices Lesson. "How are you doing, Lesson?"

DanteE: "Did hear a lot about bullies getting pitched into the sun."
DanteE: "Lex Luthor, too, but that's neither here nor there..."
Random_Nerd: L: "Was thinking. If he says that they'd plan for you being human... only non-human of the original crop... vanished. Really early."
Brian_: "Then, once again, we're back to 'Snow's our Sekrit Weapon'. That scares me a little."
DanteE: "James was targeted and turned?"
Brian_: "That might explain why Kudzu hasn't done anything about him yet."
Random_Nerd: S: "But the one of them that was both Carrie and Snow seemed more like Snow in some ways."
Theresa: "We don't know that yet but he's changed if he can affect Lesson like that."
Brian_: "We seriously need to find him."
Brian_: (heee! I don't know if we're on the path to fighting Final Boss or Mid Boss yet, and if the first, we're boned :p)
Random_Nerd: (But now, see my TRUE FORM!)
Theresa: "He's not in the Chancel. More clues might be in Aniseed."
DanteE: "Lesson... we need you to find you-know-who
Theresa: (A load-bearing Boss.)
Random_Nerd: L: "Can't. Don't go into his mind, he goes into mine."

  • DanteE checks Lesson out in Mythic...

DanteE: (any chance of a Silver Cord?)

  • Snow sighs, squeezes her eyes shut, and prays.

Random_Nerd: Mythically, Lesson looks like a dog in a tux and pants, balancing very carefully on his hind legs and trying to stand like a human, but his legs look like they're cramping pretty fierce from the way they're shaking.
Theresa: (That's quite a description, RN. Thank you.)
Snow: (No cord?)
Random_Nerd: (No visible connection to James.)
Snow: (Okay.)

  • Snow prays to the Estate of Lost Things.

DanteE: "Let's get to Aniseed"
Random_Nerd: You hear the somewhat matronly voice of the Power of Lost Things in your head: "Near as I can tell, you're Noble, or you're interesting, or both. I'm busy, but I have a moment free."
DanteE: (AFK a minute...)
Brian_: ("Hi, we've lost a Noble. Do you have any in your Lost and Found?" "Yeah, got plenty. Have here Dolls, and here's Computers..." "No, no...")
Theresa: (Hmm...that Noble wouldn't be able to find James, since James is a Noble.)
Brian_: (but a link to James may not be covered)
Snow: silently, "Thanks! I need to find my maybe-brother, James. Can you find him?"
Random_Nerd: Lost Things: "What does he look like?"

  • Snow sends a mental image of James, from information in the library.

Random_Nerd: Lost: "I haven't seen him anywhere around, so I don't think he's here on the moon."
Snow: silently, "Can you find the thing that's last seen him?"
Theresa: (The moon? Makes sense and seems familiar.  :) )
Random_Nerd: Lost Things: "I... hmm! Well, that's interesting. I can tell that he's missing some memories, but they haven't turned up here, which is odd, really."
Random_Nerd: Lost Things: "I have a place on the shelf ready for them and everything."
Snow: silently, "If you can tell me where he is, I can find out what happened, and tell you the story when I know. Would you like that?"
DanteE: (BAK)
DanteE: (While you're at it look for the Cultist's name)
Random_Nerd: Lost: "I can tell you that he isn't lost or misplaced. If he was, he would be here, and I would know it."
Random_Nerd: (His name was less "lost" and more "broken.")
Brian_: (I would have said "stolen"?)
Snow: (So Lost Things can't find the thing or person who last saw James, because its memories if seeing James have been stolen?)
DanteE: (you mean it was ... Damaged?)
Random_Nerd: (Lost Things doesn't have high Domain. She mostly has a few Gifts to make it so that everything lost comes to her on the Moon, unless constrained by some stronger force. Her high stat is Realm, which she uses to take care of the lost things until it's time to send them back.)
Random_Nerd: (So, mostly, she knows a lot about the things in her collection.)
Brian_: (... that's awesome. On-the-fly?)
Snow: silently, "Can you let me know if it shows up?"
DanteE: (Can she find my copy of StarChildren? I've been looking for it for days...)
Theresa: (She must have many many socks.)
Brian_: (or my old Battlestar Galactica model)
Theresa: (Or is the Moon made of socks?)
Random_Nerd: Lost: "If he shows up, I'll get back to you. Oh, and if you talk to him first, tell him that I'd like to have some words about those memories of his. It screws up my filing system when things are lost but something keeps them from coming here."
Snow: silently, "Okay, thanks!"
Random_Nerd: (Oh, and yes, on the fly, based on an idea from Alice In Wonderland or something that all lost things are on the moon.)

  • Snow stops squinting, and nibbles at a flea on her hind leg.

Brian_: (:))
Brian_: (I propose you write that out for RPGnet :p)
Theresa: "So, on to Aniseed?"
DanteE: "Yeah... hey Snow, you're zoning out, what's up?"
Brian_: (gotta call it a night now. Sorry, guys.)
Snow: "Muh? Oh, nothing. We're going now?"
Snow: (I'm pretty beat too actually.)
Random_Nerd: (I'm just glad when my muse actually comes up with something when a player puts me in a corner and I need to design a new NPC in the space of ten seconds.)
Random_Nerd: (Knock, Beth, do you want to keep going, or stop?)
DanteE: (Depends. You planning on anything happening either en route to Aniseed or right when we get there? :) )
Theresa: (I'm okay with cutting here if we'd be cutting scene to end up back in California.)
Theresa: (You do good random NPCs, dear.)
Snow: (Works for me.)
Random_Nerd: (Not planning on anything happening in transit.)
Snow: (Okay, I'm off then. Good night all!)
DanteE: (OK... so next week we're in Aniseed?)
DanteE: (g'night Snow)

      • Snow has left #nobilis.

Theresa: (I think that was the plan. Theresa is getting progressively more nervous the more broken-boy is there.)
Brian_: (g'night)
Random_Nerd: (Sounds good.)

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Random_Nerd: So, what'd you think of that one, Knock?
Knockwood: So, do you have an idea of what's happening? :)
Knockwood: And are we close?
Knockwood: we're either discerning the very nature of the universe or doing Epic Demonboxing. :)
Random_Nerd: I do have an idea of what's happening.
Theresa: Could be both. This _is_ Nobilis.
Random_Nerd: And you are on to some stuff.
Random_Nerd: Not all your ideas were correct, but some were.
Random_Nerd: (This being the collective you, since I don't want to go back and see who said what.)
Knockwood: heh... quote from the 'Girly' webcomic:
Knockwood: "Sometimes, when I'm deep in thought, I'll just randomly say whatever I'm thinking about out loud! It's a game I like to play!"
Knockwood: "Uhh... okay. And how do you win?"
Knockwood: "If it makes something neat happen, I'm a winner! Doesn't it sound like fun?"
Knockwood: (Sound familiar? :) )
Theresa: Diceless game, sounds like.  :) Hoep she gets enough XP...
Random_Nerd: Really, you guys made a lot more of this situation than I imagine I would have in your places.
Knockwood: Well, we wanted and needed a change from the usual Ape Dynamics.
Random_Nerd: Hmm. What did you think of how the NPCs were? It's tricky to get this right, to have multiple NPCs involved in a brainstorming session.
Theresa: I thought they were all fine. I really liked the description of Lesson. And I picture Lost Items as the old woman in the "Goodnight Moon" book.
Knockwood: I kinda figured the painting was a "Clue Here (ya doofs)!" moment, myself...
Random_Nerd: No, actually.
Random_Nerd: Not really.
Random_Nerd: The painting isn't particularly significant, and the mythic views are just how it looked mythically, not secret clues.
Knockwood: ah, but, the James tag localized the cult's origins to our time rather than our predecessors'.
Random_Nerd: Well, yes. But that wasn't really so much an intentional clue. It was more... a product of how the situation was, that you picked up on and realized an implication of.
Random_Nerd: So, I wasn't setting out to point that out, but it was there because it was something I knew that affected this.
Random_Nerd: See, this is the sort of thing I meant earlier. Even when I don't set out to make a way for you to work this all out, players are sneaky.
Knockwood: still wondering if the Cultist can help us...
Random_Nerd: I don't know!
Knockwood: then again, he should have a (slightly twisted) new identity, ne?
Random_Nerd: Yep. And that's on top of his sanity being somewhat locked into its previous state, and both miracles being twisted.
Knockwood: of course, knowing Snow...
Knockwood: what is his new name, anyway?
Random_Nerd: Hmm. It's more that she gave him a new /identity/ rather than a new /name/, per se. But on the other hand, he now has more of a hook that you could put a name on, where previously he didn't.
Knockwood: Snow would give him a name like "PeanutButter McSpankyPants Bibble"
Theresa: "Bib" for short.
Random_Nerd: Or "Oooh, shiny, what's that over there?" or "What the hell's that cow doing in here?"
Theresa: That last to her stomach as she did not remember eating a cow?
Random_Nerd: Heh.
Knockwood: she just considers it a really big rare burger. And as we know, moving is not a deterrent... :)

Chapter 11