Sesus Jainee

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An NPC for House of Bells

Sesus Jainee and Burning Hammer

"This is so awesome! You guys are gonna learn a lot if it doesn't blow up! Um... let's go watch behind that rock."

Occupation: Tactical Applications of Magitech/Basic Artificing Instructor
Role: Absent-Minded Prodigy
Aspect: Fire
Voice Actress: Kari Walhgren
Theme: 'Weird Science' by Hellogoodbye

  • Enthusiastic and outgoing, Sesus Jainee's only real flaw is unbridled curiosity and an assumption that everybody knows as much as she does, and also is as interested in it. Popular with the students (whom she's not much older than) for her looks, charm and friendly nature, to say nothing of the awesome demonstrations she puts on with her lovingly-maintained Most Fearsome Armor of the Fire Dragon named Burning Hammer. The older sister of Sesus Rorga. Genetics is a hoot, huh?