Sesus Rorga

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An NPC for House of Bells

"Lemme hit 'im."

Sesus Rorga.jpg

Archetype: The Really Big Kid
Aspect: Fire
Voice Actor: Patrick Seitz
Theme: 'Some Bodies Gonna Get It' by the Three Six Mafia

  • Bronze-skinned and broad shoulders, Rorga gets his share of attention, but he doesn't care for that stuff so much as he does a good fight. Bigger than just about all the other students his year at the House of Bells, his sheer presence discourages people from even thinking of starting a fight with him, which drives him crazy. All he wants to do is have a good scrap, and nobody'll take him up on it. Despite the initial impression, Rorga's not really a bully. Picking on weaker kids is no fun. Now if he could find some stronger kids to pick on...