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El Barrio

The Kings

Area: East Harlem/Spanish Harlem - 25th precinct NYPD

Colors: Gold

Leader: Mateo “The Prince” Palacio

The Kings run “El Barrio” (East Harlem/Spanish Harlem). Since Ashton they have expanded their reach throughout East Harlem and have taken out or taken over several smaller neighborhood gangs. Their expansion has begun to cause tension in several other major regions in the northern part of the city, as several other gangs have consolidated the surrounding areas.

The Kings are widely believed to have several powered members.


The Goodfellas

Area: Harlem/Morningside Heights - 28th Precinct NYPD

Colors: Red

Leader: Domingo “Godfather” Indiano - Currently in Riker's Island Prison

The Goodfellas are a dangerous street gang that operates around West 129th Street in the Harlem neighborhood of New York. The gang is known for their wide collection of firearms, which they use to intimidate rivals. In November 2011, 19 of their members were arrested and charged with conspiracy, and some were charged with weapons possession, firearms trafficking, and murder. They are currently involved in a turf war with La Familia over Hamilton Heights.

Other Major Gangs:

The Ballas

Area: The Bronx

La Familia

Area: Washington Heights/Hamilton Heights (contested)