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A The Seventeenth Bridge Resource

Major NPCs[edit]

Knight-Captain Genevieve Ardelles[edit]

Knight-Captain Ardelles is the commander in charge of the Cavaliers within the city of Lutetia. A veteran cavalier with over two decades of experience, she is a skilled fighter and a master tactician, able to navigate the complex politics of Gallicia even if she seems fairly disdainful of them. She is a no-nonsense commanding officer, generally honest (if slightly wry) about situations and charges, and is fiercely loyal to the Queen.

Knight-Captain Ardelles has had some minor clashes with the Prince-Consort; she has little patience for his Albian sensibilities, and is not shy to show it. She has a strained relationship with Guardian Farrazin, and supports her Cavaliers in their clashes with his Holy Guardsmen.

Perretta D'Aubrei[edit]

An inventor from Valerienne, Perretta D'Aubrei has gained some small renown over the years for her skills with clockwork technology, specializing in clockwork engines and lightning catchers, but has recently fallen out of favor due to an increasing interest in prophecy and witchcraft; after she presented a paper on the possible scientific applications of folk remedies, the Royal College suggested that she take a year-long sabbatical to 'clear her head'. Now returning, she has sent word ahead of her arrival that she has made an amazing discovery that the Queen will be delighted to learn of.

Perretta is a forty-year old woman, fit and lean from the exertions of clockwork assembly and maintenance, with callused hands and hair cut short to avoid catching in gears. She has a vague understanding of the fashions of court, but tends to favor simpler clothing that will not embarrass her by reaching for the latest fashions and failing.