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Age/Alignment/Race/Class: Unknown

Gender: Female

No one knows what she looks like, where she comes from, why she does what she does, or how she came to possess Magitech beyond anything feasible by even the greatest humanoid minds in history. Of those who have survived her, and they are rare indeed, she is but a phantom, an instrument of divine punishment, immortal, untraceable, and beyond constraints of time and space.

The truth is at once more terrestrial and more terrifying. She is but one of countless agents of The Bearers of the Crimson Flame, the mortal hand of the Chamber as it seeks to advance the Prophecy. The Dragon's hyperadvanced magitechnology allows it's agents to move about undetected and take down targets well beyond their ability otherwise.

The legend surrounding her is less a tale of her own deeds, and more a compilation of all the deeds done by female agents of the Crimson Flame throughout the centuries. Mysterious deaths are often attributed to her, regardless of the truth behind the matter, and the name is used to frighten small children.

"Behave, or Shadowpaw will come for you."

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