Shadows of the Tower—Damon

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Damon "The Fool"[edit]

The Vamp (Night)

A character in a game of Urban Shadows run by The Tim.

Look: Male, Black, Formal Clothing

Demeanor: Volatile

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Advances: +1 Mind


Blood 2 Heart 1 Mind 1 Spirit -1

Mortality 2 Night 1 Power -1 Wild 0

Gear: a secluded apartment, a comfortable car, a smart phone, a sword (3-harm hand messy)

Corruption: (1 advance) xxxx

Corruption Advances[edit]

Move: Blood Magic: choose two faerie powers and mark corruption to use one of them.

Bedlam: touch a target to put them in an emotional state of your choice. Mark corruption to direct that emotion toward a target of your choosing.

Glamours: you create illusions to fool the senses; they don't last long.

The Vamp's Web[edit]

Dana Millfield, wealthy patron of the Hackeysack Club


Eternal: You hunger for human emotions (preferred emotion: mirth). When you feed, roll with Blood. On a 10+, choose 3. On a 7-9, choose 2: • You heal 1-harm • You learn a secret about them • You take +1 forward • They don't die

Haven: You have a safe place (the Hackeysack Club VIP Room), secure from outside dangers. It has emergency rations, a few ghouls, and an escape vector. When someone willingly comes to your Haven, they enter your Web.

Cold-Blooded: When you Keep Your Cool under emotional duress, roll with Blood instead of Spirit.


• Dale Hackeysack makes sure you get fed regularly. You owe them 2 Debts.

• Jake Chen relies on you for their fix. They owe you a Debt.

• Lachlan bears responsibility for you becoming a vampire. They owe you a Debt.

• Dana came to my Haven and I fed on her; she owes me two Debts.

• Dale Hackeysack owed Dana favors for helping him open the Hackeysack Club. Now, that burden has passed to me; I owe her a Debt.

• I let Ecstasy assert ownership over one of Evgeny's clubs, instead of disputing the contract. They owe me a Debt.

• The Twisted Man is back in town, and I feel his grip on me tightening ever so slightly. I owe him a Debt.


Damon might not actually be legitimately into comedy, he just enjoys feeding off of people's laughter. I think he's fascinated, more than anything, by how it can drive and control people. (In some ways, I really want to play up the inhuman nature of his vampire-ness.) He definitely prefers to work around more well-known comedians, though. He loves how they draw people to themselves.

I think a specialty of the Hackeysack Club is a couple of character comedians who make appearances regularly. I can work up acts for them, if you'd like.

Damon is fascinated and baffled by his favorite comedian's political humor. It repels him, because human politics seem so petty and pathetic, but it's enough to draw the attentions of a lot of people, and they like it. The influence that this comedian wields is what The Fool finds compelling.

Damon considers his favorite comedian's humor to be juvenile, not because of the style of humor but because it has laughably pathetic human politics as its subject matter. Poking fun at a political figure is like making a fart joke, to him. And yet they still draw people specifically because the humor is political. Damon wants to understand that.

The ghouls are new recruits; no better way to build a presence than to recruit some devoted fans of the club!

I haven't seen the Twisted Man since...but I often get the feeling that he's just out of sight, observing my actions to see what I do.

The current official owner is Dale Hackeysack. He has the notion that I'm some sort of financial advisor or something; I made sure to recruit him as a ghoul, too. The rest of the staff isn't exactly sure what I do, they just know I'm supposed to get a wide berth, because I'm important around the club.

I'm picturing a somewhat upscale club; the people who go to it are way more influential than the people at other clubs, but it's probably not the highest rung. I didn't want to build my way up from the ground, after all. The masses aren't worth my time; they move to the beat of more important people. So, not a general admission club, and not priced for the plebians. It's probably a B-room, as I understand the terminology from my brief research?

Phone: a sleek black iPhone, naturally. I'm not familiar with models, but it's probably the latest.

Car: BMW M6 Coupe, Singapore Grey paint job...that's something you might find in Toronto?