Shadows of the Tower—Jake Chen

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Jake Chen[edit]

The Veteran (Mortality)

A character in a game of Urban Shadows run by The Tim.

Look: male, Caucasian, Asian, everyday clothing

Demeanor: reserved


Blood –1, Heart 1, Mind 2, Spirit 1

Mortality 1, Night 1, Power 0, Wild 0

Corruption 3

Harm 0


  • Old Friends, Old Favors: When you first encounter an NPC, you may declare them an old friend instead of Putting a Face to a Name and roll with Mind. On a hit, they offer you comfort and aid, even if it exposes them to danger or retribution. On a 7–9, tell the MC why you owe them a Debt. On a miss, tell the MC why they want you dead.
  • The Best-Laid Plans: When you work out a plan with someone, roll with Mind. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7–9, hold 2. You can spend your hold 1-for-1, regardless of distance, while the plan is being carried out to:
    • Add +1 to someone's roll (choose after rolling)
    • Dismiss all harm someone suffers from a single attack
    • Ensure your people have the exact gear they need on hand
On a miss, hold 1, but your plan falls apart at the worst possible moment.
  • Gun to a Knife Fight: When you Unleash on someone by seriously escalating the conflict, roll with Mind instead of Blood.


  • A warehouse hideout
  • A nice car
  • A smart phone
  • A Magnum revolver (3-harm close loud reload)


  • Machining tools
  • An advanced surveillance system
  • High-tech electronics and computers

Advances Taken[edit]

  • +1 Spirit


  • Vivian relies on me for training and knowledge. She owes me two Debts.
  • I'm working on something big for Evgeny (NPC), and it's nearly ready. He owes me a Debt.
  • Miss Black keeps pulling my ass out of the fire. I owe her a Debt.
  • I rely on Damon for my fix. I owe him a Debt.
  • I keep Miss Black equipped and supplied. She owes me two Debts.
  • I didn't turn Malachi Stormcrow (NPC) in for stealing the Satyamaji Phurba from the ROM. He owes me a Debt.
  • Inspector Lestrade (NPC) got Ms. Black the surveillance video for her pet reporter's disappearance. I owe him a Debt.
  • Rebekah ? (NPC) patched me up when I had wounds I didn't want to discuss with the authorities. I owe her a Debt.

Questions and Answers[edit]

Who are you?
I am Jacob Chen, ex-demon hunter.
How long have you been in the city?
I've lived in Toronto all my life—42 years but who's counting?
What was your greatest accomplishment in the city?
Stopping the Broken Mirror Society from merging {WORST SLUM} with the Hell of No Money, back in December 2012 when the Pandemonium Gates opened briefly.
Why did you stop?
I stopped taking risks after my life-partner Larry died because of my carelessness, and what use is a cautious demon hunter?
What do you desperately need?
Someone to hold me when I cry and tell me it'll be all right.
How many remaining members are there of the Broken Mirror Society are there, at least that Jake's aware of?
I don't know. I killed O-juu and the Shattered Man myself, but at least one of the others escaped the collapse of the burning building to send me that threatening mail in January, and it could be all three.
Was your life-partner a legally recognized partner?
No. Larry's family were fine with him being gay, but would have rather died than have him marry anyone non-white, or so he said. I never even got to meet them, just overheard Larry arguing with his parents on the phone…
Has Jake been with anyone since Larry died? Casual encounters? Fledgling relationship? Someone currently moving in? Or just total lockout?
Just casual. I haven't wanted even to go looking for a relationship.
What's Jake do for money?
Running out of that, actually; I've been living off the money Larry left me, everything of his that wasn't tied up in trusts, and I'm down to the dregs. I'm getting set up to provide specialist light engineering services to the supernatural community, but any business takes time to grow.
Is the arrangement with Vivian for space something entirely new, or have you had other "renters" before?
New deal. I haven't even had this warehouse thing for long—I set it up after I got that chunk of mirror wrapped in red silk in the mail in January, no return address, no fingerprints.
Make and model, and colour, for your car and phone.
– Charcoal 2012 Honda CR-V, loaded, bought used for cash in 2013.
– Unlocked black Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Who needs a laptop?
When was the last time you spoke with someone in Larry's family?
When his father called me to tell me not to come to the funeral.
Fuck him. I went anyway. Larry's mother looked like she wanted to come over and talk to me, but it didn't happen.