Shadows of the Tower—Lachlan

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The Fae (Wild)

A character in a game of Urban Shadows run by The Tim.

Look:ambigous, white, colorful, messy clothing, blonde hair and blue eyes

Demeanor: feral, seductive


Blood 0 Heart 1 Mind 0 Spirit 1

Mortality 1 Night -1 Power 1 Wild 1

Gear: A nice house or apartment, a car, a smart phone, a radiant sun pendant from my court, the last acorn of a druid's tree


Faerie Magic: Whenever you use a faerie power, choose 1: • Mark corruption • You owe your monarch a Debt • Suffer 1-harm (ap)

  • In Our Blood: When you trick someone, roll with Heart instead of Mind.

Words Are Wind: When someone breaks a promise to you or lies to you and you find out, they owe you a Debt and you take +1 forward against them.

Faerie Powers:

Glamours: You create illusions to fool the senses. The effcts don’t last long.

Shape Change: You can briefly change your shape into that of an animal.

Bedlam: Touch a target to place them in a specifi emotional state (your choice). Mark corruption to have that emotion directed toward a target of your choosing.


• Someone broke an important promise to you and swore they would make it up to you. They owe you 2 Debts.

• You are keeping something hidden for someone. They owe you a Debt.

• You entrusted Miss Black with a dangerous task, which she succeeded at and I owe her two debts.

Corruption and XP[edit]

Mortality X



Night X

Corruption 1

2 harm


My name is Lachlan, of the Sun Court, rider of the Wild Hunt. I have been here for a longer time than it seems, a slipping away of a hundred or so years that never quite mattered. I love humanity for its sense of change, the terrible desperation of its few remaining years and the speed at which it seems to move, all the time, as if afraid that its time will run out. And of course, how easy they are to draw into a bargain, a deal, a compromise.

I have many human friends. One of them is named Wildcat. He does drugs, but he likes my jokes and he thinks I'm funny. He made me a bracelet when I helped him deal with someone wanting to take his drugs, which I wear often. Its made of string and beads, no iron at all. I told him what I was one day and he laughed for almost an hour at the thought of it.

I'm...not convinced it was that funny, mind you.

I need friends, really--the more of them, the better. I like to surround myself with humans. Those of my own kind find me rather odd for it, but after all of this time, humans are still so alive. So interesting. Always full of thoughts and new ideas.

s it all right if I change his car to a bike, actually? I think he rides a 2013 Suzuki Katana, which is jazzed up with all sorts of improvements and who he gambled off someone by tricking them into betting it, then winning. His cellphone is a piece of junk someone convinced him was vintage, though, one of those flip phones with no real brand name and no Internet capability to speak of. He uses a Toronto carrier and often forgets to use it as all--he's more inclined to just go looking for whoever he wants in person.

Are you still a rider with the Wild Hunt? When was the last time you rode with the Hunt?

It isn't the same, you can't thunder through Toronto on your nightmare steeds, unless its a really quiet night and I don't go to the old country much. But a few of us, younger members of the Sun Court, have formed a sort of motorcycle group that rides together and recreates the vicious joy of the Wild Hunt, riding down mortals through the streets.

Its exciting, but it does attract the attention of the mortal authorities. We have to be careful not to do it too often. The older members of the court don't much approve, either. Maybe its the motorbikes?

Do you have a favourite type of quarry on the Hunt?

Mortals who have wronged the Fae, then mortals who we see doing something that offends us--but there is a wildness to the Hunt. When you are on your bike, your fellows around you, the world is sharp and focused and someone cries a target, no one stops to see why. The world turns and you ride.

Prey that runs well is the best--often we'll slow our bikes to stay a bit behind them, but if they give up too soon, it ruins the Hunt. Once we had one that ran for so long that we had to split and run because the cops were after us. That was a good night.

So you have a lot of friends, how do you keep in touch with all of them? Do they drop in or wait for you to come by? Do they know about one another?

Oh, they come to my house, mostly or I meet them in clubs or at parties. I like to go to human parties, with loud music and human clubs. Often my house has as many as four mortals staying in it. Some of them know each other, sometimes they fight or fall in love.

How trust worthy are your friends, generally? Like, are these people who get house sitting gigs from strangers or folks whose moms lock up the good silver before they come over for dinner?

They tend to be--young, musicians, poets and often do drugs. Some of them don't have true homes and just rotate through my house. They don't always do good things, by the strange mortal standards of good, but they have magic in them, all of them. Little bits of it, flowering through their skin. A passion to create, to sing, to play, to dance all night with leaves in their hair.

They are my court. My people used to trick mortal musicians, to make them spend the rest of their days playing for us, but if you tell them you have weed and pizza, you don't really have to do that anymore.

House or apartment? Also, who does house cleaning and the like? Do you keep it neat (or let it get messy) on your own?

A house, in a poorer district (maybe in Jake's territory?). It has space, but it isn't very clean at the best of times. The various humans that filter through it leave it trashed and while it doesn't have the grandeur of the Court, its my home, decorated with my things, and the mess is part of that too, a display of wildness. We are not meant to live in permanent, unchanging order--we are chaos and beauty.

My room, however, is locked and has bars on the window. It is where I keep things that are sacred to me, both truly sacred, like the last acorn and just bits of important memories. Once one of my friends broke into it and--then we weren't friends anymore.

That was the last time I rode the true Wild Hunt.