Shimizu Kimi

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A PC in the Star Trek Adventures game Star Trek Eclipse



Bio: Female human Age: 21 Height: 5'4" Weight: 99 lbs
Environment: Homeworld (Earth)
Upbringing: Starfleet (accepted)
Rank: Ensign
Assignment: Junior Science Officer. Kimi's specialty is xeno-biology and xeno-cultures. She is passionate about discovering, communicating with and studying alien lifeforms.


Stress: 10 / 10
Determination: 1 / 3
Phaser Type-1 Attack: 4 Damage Dice (Charge, Hidden 1)
Unarmed Attack: 3 Damage Dice (Knockdown, Nonlethal)

Attributes & Disciplines[edit]

Attribute Discipline
Control 10 Command 1
Daring 11 Conn 2
Fitness 8 Security 2
Insight 10 Engineering 3
Presence 7 Science 5
Reason 10 Medicine 3


Bold: Science: Whenever you attempt a Task with Science, and you buy one or more d20s by adding to Threat, you may re-roll a single d20.
Spirit of Discovery: You have the drive, spirit, and courage to voyage into the unknown. You may spend one Determination to add three points to the group Momentum pool. The normal conditions for spending Determination still apply.
Studious: Whenever you spend one or more Momentum to Obtain Information, you may ask one additional question (in total, not per Momentum spent on Obtain Information).
Walking Encyclopedia: Once per session, when you attempt a Task, you may spend 2 Momentum (Immediate) in order to gain an additional Focus for the remainder of the session, due to your breadth of knowledge. However, any Task using that Focus increases in Complication range by 1, as you are not a true expert on that subject.




Culture: All life is beautiful
Academy: Understanding is more powerful than warfare
Junior Officer: Spirit of Discovery
Career: I seek the secrets of the cosmic eco-system


Kimi was born on Earth and always had an eye for the stars. A bright student, she had a passion for learning about alien lifeforms and their different cultures. She enrolled for Starfleet and passed the rigorous fitness disciplines (Kimi trained in gymnastics at school, and was a varsity team tennis player), as well as exhibiting the analytical abilities required of science officers.

During a training mission on board the USS Haller, she discovered a link between different organisms and aspects of an ecosystem. This led to a solution to a mysterious illness afflicting the colonists of the Ranfel system. On that occasion, she worked well together with a fellow cadet – the genius Trill symbiont, Nolen Xel. Nolen helped Kimi by programming a holodeck simulation of the planet and its native species so she could test her hypothesis.

Unfortunately, at Kimi’s insistence, Nolen managed to decode and disable the holodeck’s safety protocols – leading to quite a small adventure together, before Kimi proved her theory.

While researching an extinct alien species on the planet Ismar, Kimi discovered an energy-based incorporeal lifeform within the nearby dying star of Ismares. Unfortunately, her probes drew the attention of the slumbering entity and it attacked the science vessel. Facing death and no prospect of escape, much to Kimi’s distress, they had to utilize her theory that pushing Ismares into supernova would "blind the Cyclops". This was a success, but it vaporized the planet and all traces of the lost civilization. Kimi later found the species was not an entirely new discovery; the Vulcans spoke of them in ancient allegories. These godlike beings were as old as the galaxy, long thought extinct, and procreated and migrated via supernova. So she had inadvertently saved a dying lifeform.

Kimi was reunited with Nolen in the final part of her cadet training – a practice military exercise in the wilderness lands outside Outpost 7, on planet Perse. This was cut short as the outpost was attacked by what appeared to be Orion mercenaries. The Starfleet marines were quickly overrun and the base captured. But a small group of cadets, led by Kimi and Nolen, with a mixture of bravery and cleverness, managed to board and disable the enemy starship, uncovering a Cardassian plot to foment disunity between members of the Federation.

It was after this final notable achievement that Kimi was recruited in a clandestine interview, directly after the graduation ceremony, to serve aboard the Eclipse.

Kimi is passionate and enthusiastic about her work, but can be overly emotional. Her previous discoveries have led her to believe in a cosmic, galaxy-wide eco-system that we do not yet understand, and that all species form but a part of this. She can be a compelling advocate when she believes something is morally right, but perhaps is naïve in the way of politics and “grey-area” negotiations...