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Name: Sia
Type: Modified Young Senatorial
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: Totally 18, you guys.
Force Sensitive: Yes
Description: Young, blue-eyed ginger with shoulder-length straight hair and freckles.
Character Points (Earned/Spent): 5 / 0

Quote: Aww, are you sure it'll kill me? It smells so good!

Attributes & Skills[edit]

Dexterity 3D[edit]

  • Dodge 4D

Knowledge 4D[edit]

Mechanical 4D[edit]

  • Space Transports 6D
  • Starship Shields 5D
  • Astrogation 5D

Perception 3D[edit]

  • Con 4D
  • Persuasion 4D

Strength 2D[edit]

Technical 2D[edit]

The Force[edit]

  • Force Points: 2
  • Dark Side Points:

Force Powers[edit]



Thin dark green but too-large coveralls, brown newsboy cap, short brown leather jacket, workman's boots, macrobinoculars, breath mask, commlink (personal), glowrod, medpac, duffel bag, 50 credits.


  • Merr-Sonn Q2 Holdout Blaster (3D, 3-4/8/12)
  • BlasTech DL-18 (4D, 3-10/30/120)
  • Knife (STR+1D, Very Easy)


Background and Personality[edit]

Sia doesn't discuss her background much, but this young Corellian has revealed she's fled home and the Empire. Despite her skill at disguises and wordplay, her naivety and occasional slips when stressed reveal a prior life of privilege and wealth. Sia greets every new experience with excitement; however, she grows nervous whenever a situation involves the Empire.


To acquire a ship and crew and sail the stars.

Connection With Characters[edit]