Sigil of Azcala

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Azcala has a Primal Construct called the Sigil of Azcala.

It is a powerful inscription that allows high order sorcery as well Mal at Riess and other forms of magic. Sorcerers of the Sigil of Azcala also practice a form of magic called "The Worship" involving blood sacrifices to generate and absorb powers for different uses.

The Sigil of Azcala casts nine shadows. Each shadow realm has a representative Sigil. The realms are (1) Tlalocan, (2) Tesola, (3)Umillan-Zlapa, (4) Ahshaza, (5) Untola, (6) Zictla, (7)Zunala, (8)Etepaq, (9) Mictlan.