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rstites's SWN Game

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Player Characters[edit]

  • Gadreel Azrian Warrior, Former Soldier of the Destis Confederacy/Scout played by Naed Yar
  • Ivan Butler Expert, Captain and Merchant played by MonsterMash.
  • Verity Land Expert/Warrior Adventurer, Rebel Peasant Hacker played by Ninevehn.
  • Mersiel Rainer Expert/Warrior Adventurer, Combat Medic played by The Conquering Potato.

Party Logistics[edit]


  • The Detis Confederacy consists of 5 systems bound together through trade treaties and some shared defense and governance, lying on the edge of the Sigma Squared Sector.
  • Recent exploration into the Sigma Tau Sector has found a moon of the third planet of the Reni (0002) system that can maintain a small outpost settlement, with a communications detachment on the second largest moon of the fifth planet, a gas giant. The third planet is entirely made of barren mountains and badlands with a corrosive atmosphere that breaks down the best suits available, so can't sustain any life itself. Only limited exploration of the surface has happened due to this.
  • The outpost is a joint effort between a number of large corporations and trade organizations, plus government sponsorship, from the Detis Confederacy. It is a rough and tumble place though, with only a thousand residents at the moment, and no more than a few thousand permanent residents ever able to be supported. Supplies have to be transported in at that moment. A small port that includes ship repair facilities and upgrades is under construction, but it will be some time before it's operational. Three systems are within range of a Spike-2 drive from the outpost, but as of now, nobody has visited them from the Confederacy.

Tau SS named.png

Wuey is an Ocean World with a human inhabitable atmosphere with a large population. There's speculation that it might have been a great vacation spot once, but nobody really knows. It's just fun speculation. Weapons regulated so no open carry. Mainly a farming planet now so good place to import tech. Existing government, but possible rebel groups looking to trade for weapons.

A world of interconnected city domes on the surface of a rough world with an invasive atmosphere that makes the surface both toxic, as well as very difficult to be on longterm even with suits as they have to cycle the atmosphere. The settlements there are isolationist and have not been open to initial attempts at contact.

  • Dibru (0202)

There's two civilizations in the system, one human, and the other not. They don't appear to be friendly with each other, and this group's ship was warned away, so they didn't land. (They were a basic survey ship, who found the updated path to the system, that you can now access at the base. They weren't in a position to do much but accept that and leave, and had no incentive to stay around.) That system is critical as it's the key to opening up the rest of the sector, but it also appears like it'll require some work to figure out the situation there and manage it.

  • Que (0206)
  • Acemmog (0207)
  • Virocs (0302)
  • Kil (0303)
  • Chotren (0304)
  • Egisol (0306)
  • Boint (0307)
  • Kadsict (0406)
  • Inocs (0407)
  • Siog (0408)
  • Rovuc (0503)
  • Vlit (0505)
  • Shad (0603)
  • Juks (0608)
  • Cor (0609)
  • Qir (0700)
  • Huechiff (0701)
  • Dobeh (0702)
  • Owals (0708)