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Player Character Name Hp Strength Dexterity Will Deprived? Encumbrance
Ameraaaaaa Henry Rokeby 3/3 12/12 8/8 6/6 N 8/12
ApparitionsStalkTheNight Hawk 2/2 10/10 10/10 13/13 N 3/10
KnockingBox Jack ‘Iceberg’ Berrg 1/1 12/12 12/12 13/13 N 4/12
Madcat Chastity Glean 3/3 8/8 15/15 14/14 N 4/8
Stattick Charley Growling 6/6 12/12 14/14 11/11 N 2/12

Character Sheet Character Sheet


Electric Bastionland Playtest Doc

Rules located on page 6

Additional Rules[edit]

  • Encumbrance: The maximum number of items you can carry is equal to your Current Strength score. Certain items will be mark by a (t) for ‘Trivial’. These items take up no encumbrance slots. As well some items stack using up one slot. If carrying more than your encumbrance limit, all Attacks are Impaired and you find yourself Deprived (see above for those conditions).
  • Rolling Hp: After a week at rest somewhere safe you may reroll your hp. You must accept this new value even it is lower than your previous.
  • Guns and Reloading: Industrial Age, Modern, and Sci-fi guns can fire every round. Black powder guns emit a large black plume of smoke and take a while to reload. They may be fired once per encounter.
  • Ammo: Guns have a Usage Die (Ud) to track ammo. After a combat ends where you used a gun with a Usage Die, roll the Ud of that weapon. On a result of 1-2 the die drops down a step. When a 1-2 is rolled on a d4 you’re totally out of ammo. The cost to buy ammo shown in the Silent Titans book will improve your Ud by one step. A stack of ammo uses up one encumbrance slot.




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