Silvia and Mark Chou-Marshall

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Silvia Chou of Sihnon, and Mark Marshall of Londinium were both from wealthy and influential families. Chou from a family with deep ties in the manufacturing, particularly computer holoscreen. Marshall was from a family with old money, his family deep in the pharmaceutical industry. Both of them were 'volunteered' into service in the navy, and rose to the challenge. Chou rose to the rank of Commander, and briefly commanded the IAV Dartmouth. Marshall was in the military intelligence. Chou and Marshall met on the IAV Cambridge where Chou was second mate, and Marshall was intel chief. They were forced to work together to break Independent codes. It was during those four weeks that they fell in love. Since the war, they've found comfortable positions in Ariel. They took passage on the Summer Gift for an Adventure Cruise to Disraeli. During the journey they helped the crew rescue Sirtis Mir. They live in Ariel cloud city.