Simon Elliott

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Agent Name: Simon Elliott
Code Name: CAYENNE
Profession: Criminal Investigator - Bureau of Indian Affairs,Department of the Interior
Nationality: American
Sex (Age): Male (35)


Score x5 What Others Notice
Strength 12 60
Constitution 12 60
Dexterity 13 65 Nimble fingers
Intelligence 13 65 Methodical thinker
Power 11 55
Charisma 11 55

Derived Attributes[edit]

Current Maximum
Hit Points (HP) 8 12
Willpower (WP) 6 11
Sanity (SAN) 48 50
Breaking Point (BP) 44

Incidents of SAN loss without going insane[edit]

Violence O O O adapted
Helplessness O O O adapted


Michael Singer (Son, 10. Prefers the name Gvhnige Waya "Black Wolf" Cherokee) 11
Vanessa Singer (Estranged Girlfriend) 11

Motivations and Mental Disorders[edit]

He HAS to know! He grew up listening to stories from his grandfathers, both African- and Native-American telling stories of the strange things they've seen or heard about.

Simon is driven to prove himself in every situation. He will almost never back down from nearly any challenge. He's not stupid, though, he won't go knife fighting grizzly bears if there's another option.

Simon wants to be worthy of his son's respect. He won't do anything he considers dishonorable without a VERY good reason.

Simon wants to protect the environment. He wants to keep as many things clean as possible.

Simon hates corruption and loves nothing more than taking down frauds and cheaters.


Total Total Total
Accounting (10%) 10 First Aid (10%) 10 Science (Astronomy) (0%) 40
Alertness (20%) 50 Forensics (0%) 30 Search (20%) 50
Anthropology (0%) Heavy Weapons (0%) SIGINT (0%)
Archeology (0%) History (10%) 10 Stealth (10%) 70
Art (0%): HUMINT (10%) 60 Surgery (0%)
Artillery (0%) Law (0%) 30 Survival (10%) 30
Athletics (30%) 30 Medicine (0%) Swim (20%) 20
Bureaucracy (10%) 40 Melee Weapons (30%) 50 Unarmed Combat (40%) 60
Computer Science (0%) 50 Military Science (0%): Unnatural (0%)
Craft (0%) Foreign Languages and Other Skills:
Criminology (10%) 50 Navigate (10%) 10
Demolitions (0%) Occult (10%) 30
Disguise (10%) 10 Persuade (20%) 50
Dodge (30%) 50 Pharmacy (0%)
Drive Auto (20%) 20 Pilot (0%):
Drive Heavy Machine (10%) 10 Psychotherapy (10%) 10
Firearms (20%) 70 Ride (10%) 10

Physical Injuries and Ailments[edit]

Constitution down to 9 due to spell effect.

Has First Aid been attempted since your last injury? If yes, only Medicine, Surgery, or long-term rest can help further

Armor and Equipment[edit]

Body armor reduces the damage of all attacks except Called Shots and successful Kill Damage.
Night Vision Goggles
Type IIA body armor
Encrypted smartphone
Small evidence collection kit
"FBI" jacket
FBI credentials alias Eli Walker
Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK)


10mm Sig Sauer 8rd mag. Carried in a shoulder holster. 2 additional mags
7.62mm Sig Sauer 716 Patrol Rifle. 20rd mag
Ka-Bar Fighting knife

Weapon Skill % Base Range Damage Armor Piercing Kill Damage Kill Radius Shots
Unarmed 60
10mm semi-auto pistol 70 15 1d10+1 24
7.62 semi-auto rifle 70 110 2d6+4 20
Ka-Bar Combat Knife 50

Personal Details, Work Performance, Special Training and Other Notes[edit]

Simon is 5' 10" #180. More lean and tone than bulk muscle. He is African-American but is obvious that he is multi-racial. Light brown almost reddish skin and light brown eyes point to his Cherokee background. He shaves his hair bald but wears a chinstrap beard and pencil mustache. No visible scars.

He has quick, nearly jumpy reflexes. Though he has smiling eyes, they sometimes get a faraway haunted look in them. Simon smiles easily and is always ready with a sarcastic comment.

Simon spent 8 years in the Marines, primarily as a CoIntel analyst. He was separated Honorably from the Marines in 2006 after his superior officers thought he might be "going native" regarding operations in Lebanon. Simon was an excellent Marine in most respects, though he received several non-judicial punishments for being to willing to "try to understand the enemies point of view."

Simon received a Bachelors in Criminal Justice while serving the Marines and followed up with a Masters in Native American Studies. once he was discharged. While at UGA he met and began dating Vanessa Singer, another Native American Studies student. They have one son together, Michael.

While at UGA was recruited by the Department of the Interior, where he accepted a position in Criminal Investigations for the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Traumatic Background: Hard Experience

Homeward Bound