Sir Candle's Crossing

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Sir Candles Crossing is a chivalrous display for Knight Errants.

The waymet has a mile long contact to the Jeweled Road. It has a large area for travelers including a collection of bungalows and traveler services tucked against the Eastern edge for those uninterested in Sir Candles entertainments.

The Lists[edit]

The majority of the Waymet is comprised of a great greensward split by a large river. The river is bridged by a massive stone bridge 50 meters wide.

On both sides of the river are pavilions and tents of chivalrous design. Each side has lists field were various knights and warriors hold tournaments and jousts.

Sir Candle's custom is that if knights wish to participate in the lists on either side the may cross the bridge on foot. If they wish to participate in the joists on either side they must face a challenger on the bridge to bring their horses across.

Frequently knights will take station on the bridge for no reason other then to stand to the challenge.

The Principalities of the East and the West[edit]

Many of the pavilions and tents are permanent residences. Families, children live here. They are called living on the fields.

Deep inland away from the Jeweled Roads are farmlands producing food and livestock. The regions are generally feudal in tightly knit areas as knights fiefs, baronies, counties and other feudal regions.

There are two Principalities. The Principality of the East, filled by the Van Dhal family and their vassels. The Principality of the West, filled by Sir Candle and his vassels. While small areas may have small local conflicts most conflicts are brought to the Field of Green and settled by chivalrous methods on either the East Field or the West Field or on the Great Bridge.