Sir Nathan Bishop

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A character from Space Princess Outlaws. 1239834511706.jpg

"Now now, your Highness, surely we can do better than that?"


Man of Letters[edit]

politesse, languages, anatomy, cosmology, rhetoric, general knowledge, physics

Seasoned Campaigner[edit]

tough, foraging, vehicles, tactics, leadership, repair, athletics

Authority Figure[edit]

authoritative, responsible, patient, moral exemplar

Brave Sir Knight[edit]

close combat, swords, armour, mighty blows, ambush, battle-hardened, courageous


Key of the Guardian[edit]

You have voluntarily assumed responsibility for the welfare of others. Hit your key when you act in the best interests of your charges to your own disadvantage. BUYOFF: Act in a selfish manner to the detriment of your charges.

Key of the Teacher[edit]

A passion burns in you for inspiring and instructing others. Hit your key when you impart some important knowledge or skill. BUYOFF: Observe the shortcomings of others and make no comment.

Key of the Scholar[edit]

Learning is an obsession for you. Hit your key when you discover some interesting fact or uncover a hidden secret. BUYOFF: Refuse to pursue an opportunity to learn something new.


Secret of the Sage[edit]

Once per session, you may grant someone else the chance to reroll under the pretext of teaching a charge under your care a valuable lesson.

Secret of Experience[edit]

Having lived two lives, you can employ past experience where it is relevant. Once a session, you can use tags from more than one trait.


Formerly a Knight of the Order of Endless Stars, a monastic chivalric order dedicated to deep-space exploration and the protection of researchers, travellers, and colonists in the outer reaches of known space, young Nathan Bishop was anticipating a meteoric career when it was brutally cut short by a tragic industrial accident that left the squad under his command dead to a man and Bishop himself catatonic. When he recovered, he could no longer face the prospect of leading men into danger and was given an honourable discharge, after which he found employment as a teacher at an elite finishing school. His monastic training has given him a strong grounding in belles lettres as well as applied science, and his prior paramilitary experience makes him a shoo-in for school representative on field-trips and suchlike. He has recently been deployed to rendezvous with the clipper carrying the school's latest batch of students, and instead finds himself the sole mature authority figure aboard a runaway ship full of precociously-talented royals. He tends to spend as much of his time mediating between strong personalities as he does trying to get their mission back on track.

He carries him with some remnants of his earlier vocation, including a hypertome index, a monosword equipped with a pulse field generator, and a light armoursuit hardened against ballistics and energy weapons with an incorporated shield gauntlet. He never anticipated having to use any of them.