Sister Serra

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Sister Celeserra Colbair AKA: CC (within the Order) Serra (within our organization) Playbook: The Devoted Archetype: Progressive Novitiate

Demeanor: Determined but wary demeanor

Appearance Normal: She wears a bland gray full sleeve high collar dress and a drab blue hooded long jacket that is barely distinguishable from the gray dress, a uniform similar to the other sisters. Around her neck is a mousey tan scarf… she chose this as her one ‘personal item’ that each sister is allowed to wear. When the hood of her jacket is down her dishwater blond hair is up in a bun, though a few strands fall loose throughout the day.

Transformed: Her scarf becomes a brilliant gold and expands to ridiculous lengths. As it wraps around her waist her clothing transforms and becomes a brilliant teal and a dark, luxurious black. Her eyes also glow the same teal and her bun becomes undone as her hair be also transitions to metallic gold. The scarf wraps loosely down each arm, but when it reaches her hands, it folds in upon itself and forms a pair of glittering short shorts that she can throw, spin and recall through the ribbons that connect her arms to the blades.

Stats Daring +1 Grace +1 Heart -1 Wit 0 Spirit +2

Devotion: the Preceptory of the Imperial Vigil/the Cause of Change

While other orders are tasked with various bureaucratic functions, the Order the Undying Flame was tasked with teaching the youth of the nation and its history. Specifically, indoctrinating them into the core beliefs of the Imperium Arcane. In reality, the sisters end up brainwashing everyone into believing The Lie.

The Preceptory of the Imperial Vigil started as a group that focused on educating adults and foreigners… those who’s minds were already set by false information were harder to change. Over the years they began to see the truth… that the Imperial Arcane itself had become stagnant and resistant to change. The goals of the Preceptory started to change… their goal was no longer to change others to succumb to the Imperial will, but to promote the growth and evolution of society itself.

Tenets she’s most tempted to violate: Purity – the whole Order eschews intimate relationships because they can divide their focus and make them question their beliefs. Poverty – the whole Order frowns upon material possessions and wealth as needless distractions from their goals. Preservation – the Preceptory insists that they must change the Imperial Arcane WITHOUT tearing it down first.

Truths of Heart and Totem X My Heart is Not Mine to Give X What Will You Fight For?

Moves X Fanatical Self-Sacrifice X For the Cause X Lay on Hands

Totem – Adaptation (AKA: "Addy" the Wind of Change. Impulsive and flighty. The spirit claims it was attracted to Serra because she shared these qualities, but Serra has begun to wonder if the spirit hasn’t brought out those qualities in her through the bond.

In its dormant form, it is the dull tan scarf and completely ordinary looking. In its Tool form it becomes a golden silk scarf that is much longer and seems to move on its own a bit like it feels its own personal breeze. In its weapon form... see the transformed description above.

Background and Details In Progress