Smith the Battlebabe

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Smith The Battlebabe

Looks: Smith is a lean package, all slender limbs and sinewy tone. That lean body is marked by a scar here, a crude tattoo there; a road map of a life of violence. You can´t look at her without seeing it; it´s in how she moves, in how she looks at you. Dark hair is kept back from her face, braided along her skull tribal-style, braids spilling down over back and shoulders. Sharp, harshly beautiful features and amber-colored eyes, like the ones of the skulldogs, completes the image; what she has is raw, cutting, an open flame. Her voice is low, a soft growl scraping over gravel. When traveling (or occasionally when dressing up for a fight), she wears a reinforced leather coat adorned with straps - otherwise, she tends to settle for what is basically a couple of leather belts and a vague attempt at pants, most of that skin exposed to the sun.

The Strong Family helped her out once, giving her food when she was weak and starving; she disappeared for a while and then returned to cut up some reavers who had cornered three of the Siblings. After that, she has slowly started to become a regular - still keeping a wary emotional distance, feral as hell but slowly coming inside.

Cool+3 Hard-1 Hot+1 Sharp+1 Weird-1

Battlebabe moves:

  • Ice cold: (+Cool instead of +Hard to go aggro on NPCs, +Hx for PCs)
  • Dangerous & Sexy (My eyes - headlights. You - deer.)


  • "The leadspitter", sawn-off shotgun: (4-harm* close reload messy high-powered* AP)
  • Huge collection of blades, like where does she keep them all? And just when you thought you were cool, she´ll pull out another one and stab you. (Handle+Blade+Hidden = 2-Harm Infinite)
  • Oddments worth 2-barter (Collection of stuff kept in a bag, and some shinies dangling from her hair or straps)
  • Reinforced, hooded coat and flimsy leather gear (coat counts as fashion 1-armor).

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