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Sophie An ugly and rarely visited rock, Sophie was unremarkable and the only people that did visit Sophie were miners seeking mineral wealth (and usually leaving without it). However, when Dr. Leonides Trebucat and his followers came to Sophie, they thought it was perfect. Trebucat set up Erewhon Colony on Sophie where his ideas of eugenics and selective breeding were emphasized (there is no natural reproduction in Erehwon, all children come from laboratories via cloning) and the human condition of jealousy, hatred, love, greed and other feelings were marginalized. If one was to do a search in the Cortex for Sophie all one would find is a brief listing of the minerals found there and the fact that the Erehwon Colony exists there.

  • Summer 2522 - H2 has contracted with ANS to provide security for the Zeus hydrogen plants, to ensure their productivity. ANS has founded a regional headquarters on Sophie to manage this effort.