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The genesis of this Wikipage can be found on the Roleplaying Open thread, Sorcerer: A Menu. The links herein are not intended to be limited to RPGnet, although most are likely to be drawn from the RPGnet Forums or The Forge. Per Paka's words, "When its firing on all cylinders its not just Story Now. Its Story Now, motherf***er."

Worth mentioning are The Big Menu at the Sorcerer RPG site and Doyce Testerman's Sorcerer Rules Wiki. See also the corresponding thread on The Forge.

Chef's Specials[edit]

Out-of-nowhere ideas that have no (or little) obvious source.

Old Scratch's The Sin Eaters

Old Scratch's The Mythic Past, The Haunted Present

Eighteen: Sorcerous Golf!

Pangaea: Man vs. The Dinosaur Kings - for Sorcerer & Sword

Xuphia - a Sorcerer & Sword campaign.

Old Scratch's Nightmare Sorcerers

A Sorcerer world-building experiment

Nature Spirits and Animist or Tainted Spirits as Demons

Gothic Fantasy (plus Space Western)

The Bound Gods - a Desert City Sorcerer & Sword setting

Afterglow - a post-Apocalypse setting

Magnitude - where demons are young children about to explode with strange power and sorcerers are government agencies attempting to harness it

Lisa Padol's Rennaissance Sorcerer game:

Side Orders[edit]

The art of the Sorcerer Mini-Supplement, what's for sale and how you can create one of your own.

Wanna write one?

Dishes Inspired By...[edit]

Ideas and settings based on stories in other media.

Out of the Joint - inspired by The Wire, The Corner and Oz

Also, Prison Sorcerer

Old Scratch's Twilight Armies - inspired by the novella "A Dry, Quiet War"

Heavenly Kung-Fu - inspired by Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Exalted and the old Shaw Brothers films

Blood Simple: Demons From the Hell-side of Town - setting and prep and pdf (Character & Demon Sheets, Descriptors and One-Sheet

Marr'd/Mu's Bed (RPGnet Forum and The Forge) - inspired by Elric, Fafrd and the Gray Mouser, Howard's Conan and Burroughs' Barsoom

See also:

Old Scratch's Nausicaa Setting

Sorcerer and the Illiad

Sorcerers of Fu Manchu

Complicated Shadows - loosely inspired by The Prisoner

The Asylum - inspired by One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Brazil and Batman stories featuring Arkham Asylum

The Agency - inspired by Men in Black

Anime-Style Sci-Fi - served with kung fu, garnished with giant mecha and seasoned with indomitable human spirit

Sorcerer meets Neon Genesis Evangelion - with a side of Planescape

Sorcerer, Inc. - inspired by modern examinations of the 21st century corporation and the world it has built

Blood Relics - a strangely titilating flavour combination of The Guyver and Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure

Twin Peaks Sorcerer - examining one of Sorcerer's Viewing Recommendations

Glenwood Springs - Twin Peaks meets Six Feet Under

The Celebrity Machine - inspired by The Player, Project Greenlight and the E! show

Sorcerers of Arrakis

Embraced by the Dark - inspired by Flatliners

Sorcerer 2289: Technological Demons in the Science Fiction Solar System - 3 cups of Richard K Morgan's Takeshi Kovacs with a dash of 2001: a space odyssey and a pinch of Stross' Accelerando

Your Favourites Done Flambé Sorcerér[edit]

Direct conversions of other roleplaying games.


Olde School Dee and Dee - a strange conversion of back-in-the-day Dungeons & Dragons filtered through a lens of mocking absurdity

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay goes Narrative, described by Old Scratch as "a very rough, and I do mean rough and at times misguided conversion of WFRP to Sorcerer"

Hunter: The Reckoning done Sorcerer

Sorcerer and WoD - how to handle the entire World of Darkness line in Sorcerer

The Madness Dossier - based on a GURPS Horror campaign blurb by Kenneth Hite

Wine and Dessert Menus[edit]

Threads that contain a selection of ideas or discuss broad concepts.

What have you done with Sorcerer?

What do you WANT to do with Sorcerer? - features a whole host of brief ideas on Sorcerer:

  • Sorcerer with Goblinland and the Fae and their dark ilk (Post 1)
  • Sorcerer with Jedis and Midochlorians as your demons (2)
  • Fantasy Buddhist Empires of South-East Asia (7)
  • Epic Dawn of Civilization with Animist Demons (16)
  • Supers (ideas spread throughtout the thread)
  • Crime Families with Demons as Criminals without scruples (33)
  • "The Devils" Pre-Revolution Russia (34)
  • Post Modern/Transhuman (36)
  • Modern Things with Demons as Modern Technology (41)
  • And a great example of a metaphorical demon (44)

Sorcerer in Space - brainstomring science fiction concepts compatible with Sorcerer

Executive-Class Sorcerer - has Sorcerer sold out to the Corporation?

Cyberpunk Sorc - one of several discussions on playing cyberpunk using Sorcerer

Mystery Men - Sorcerer and Super Heroes

Masks - another brief look at Sorcerer and Super Heroes, as well as several three-line concepts

Four Mecha Settings - WarGods, Creation was a Lie, 1000 Years Ago, and Mechanoir (Posts 20, 22, 23, and 33 respectively)

Cooking Tips[edit]

Our chefs give you tips on how to bake one at home.

Art-Deco Melodrama: In which the game's author shows how settings can be made in a collaborative effort in four parts.

  1. To Tor, Jesse, and Paul
  2. Art-Deco Melodrama Part One
  3. Art-Deco Melodrama Part Two
  4. Art-Deco Melodrama The Final Chapter

You Kick, we Bang

Kickers and Bangs, how do you use them?

Kickers and Group Parties

Kickers for Dummies:

Relationship Maps

Sorcerer One-Sheet Preparation

Getting Started - Ron Edwards and Lisa Padol discuss assembling the one-sheet, relationship map preparation, identifying sources and getting everyone on the same page