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The College of Sorcerous Arts[edit]

The College of Sorcerous Arts is a play-by-post campaign, using a modified version of the d20 system. The College is one of only three great consortia of magicians in the known world. Its leaders are erudite and powerful, its students are dedicated and full of talent, and its campus is absolutely idyllic. Were it not for evil necromancers, angry dragons, unbound demons, insane rivals, fervent priests, disgruntled politicians, botched experiments, mischievous pupils, and greedy colleagues, life at the College would be the very picture of tranquility!


A description of the College and its environs, in order of greatest to least proximity to the campus. (In other words, the campus itself, then the neighboring metropolis White City, then the surrounding nation of Albion, then nearby sovereignties, then far off lands, and, lastly, various celestial bodies of note.)

Rules Modifications[edit]

The version of the d20 system being used for this play-by-post game is based on Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Edition; however, many of the specifics have been greatly altered. Variant rules are being used for race, class, hit points, experience points, levels, and magic. If you are playing in the College of Sorcerous Arts campaign, please familiarize yourself with these rules changes!


A directory of character descriptions and statistics, organized by the role that each character plays (PC, College faculty, College students, other magicians, important personalities of White City, and so on).


Once the game has been going on for some time, this page will feature a summary of the action so far.