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Daphne is originally from Last Hope, but was given a different name as a girl, one she barely remembers. Given an accumulation of factors - her family´s poor reputation, the deaths of her mother and her siblings, the disgrace of her brothers and sisters - she fled as a child. Wandering the world, she first found her way as a fisherwoman, mending nets and casting a line from a boat in a village whose name she barely remembers. She then found herself inspired by the Old Faith and traveled to holy sites as a pilgrim. Meeting a sage, she worked with her as a student of the Occult until her mistress´ mysterious disappearance. Finding herself on the road once again, Daphne found herself in a village stricken with the Plague. She remembers little of the period but finding herself once again on the road, her face horribly disfigured and her body broken. In a daze, she found her way back to Last Hope, living off alms despite a reserve of coin taken from her former mistress. She subsisted for a while sweeping the church, until the death of [the priest] and even helping out the local law enforcement, given her ability to go unnoticed. She has not looked her father up since her return.

Daphne is short and stocky. She would be a fairly normal-looking human but for her terrible disfigurement, the result of a plague, that has rendered her hideous to look upon: She looks like a monster. Children often cry when they see her, the weak of heart might faint, and at least one person has vomited after seeing her. Age young adult, 28 y.o.

Human/Rogue L2[edit]

Strength 10
Agility 13
Intellect 12
Will 10

Perception: 12 (+boon) | Defense: 13 | Health: 16 | Healing Rate: 4
Size: 1/2 | Speed: 12 | Power 0
Insanity: 0 | Corruption: 0

Languages: Common | Westerspeak
Professions: Religious | Pilgrim; Academic | Occult; Common | Fisher; Wilderness | Beggar; Tracker


  • Rogue
    • Nimble Recovery: I can use an action to heal damage equal to my healing rate and then move up to half my Speed without triggering free attacks. Once I use this talent, I cannot use it again until after I complete a rest.
    • Trickery: Once per round, I can make an attack roll or challenge roll with 1 boon. If I attack with 1 boon from this talent, my attack deals 1d6 extra damage.
    • Exploit Opportunity: Once per round, when the total of my attack roll is 20 or higher and exceeds the target number by at least 5, I can take another turn at any point before the end of the round.
    • Roguery Talent - Backstab:' Once per round, when I attack with a basic or swift weapon and I made the attack roll with at least 1 boon, the attack deals 1d6 extra damage. If I choose this talent a second time, the extra damage increases to 2d6.
  • Scout
    • Alertness: You make all Perception rolls with 1 boon. In addition, you cannot be surprised while you are not unconscious.
    • Forward Observer: When you make a challenge roll to hide or sneak and you are farther away than short range from other members of your group, you make the roll with 1 boon.
    • Quick Reflexes: You can use a triggered action on your turn to hide or retreat.
    • Trackless: When you move across solid ground, you leave tracks only if you choose to.

Interesting Things:

  • Background Pilgrim: A spiked collar, skin clamps, and a scourge.
  • Background Academic, Occult: A glass ball filled with water in which swims a tiny living goldfish.


Lifestyle: Getting By (started Poor)
Equipment (Str 10 allows 10 items)

1. Dagger
2. Sling with 20 stones
3. Staff
4. Backpack, size 1/2

In pack:
a. Week of rations
b. Waterskin filled with water
d. Tinderbox
e. 2 torches
f. Rope, thick, coil 20 yards
g. Fishing tackle box

3sp & 2cp.

At camp:



Generated background:

  • Ancestors: Your family includes several disreputable characters whose deeds have sullied your family’s reputation throughout the province or city in which you live
  • Family: You were born to a poor family (Cook)
  • Mother: Died of natural causes (childbirth) Did father remarry or are all siblings full-siblings?
  • Siblings: 1 Eldest sister alive but disgraced; 2 Brother died of natural causes; 3 Brother died due to war; 4/5 Brother and sister alive but disgraced; 6 Brother alive; 7 Daphne; 8/9 brothers died of natural causes; 10 youngest brother alive and famous.
  • Childhood: You ran away from home and were forced to make your own way in the world, became a fisherwoman.
  • You earned a living working in your profession (Pilgrim).
  • You worked in your profession (Academic: Occult) and saved a little coin.
  • Minor windfall You made the acquaintance of someone important - her mistress when she worked as an academic (occult) Choose Influence, Information, or Security. This character can provide the benefit to you once (see Connections in Shadow, page 207). Work with the GM to define this character.
  • Major setback: You caught a terrible disease that left you scarred. If you have Demon Lord’s Companion, you can add the Plagued story complication.
  • L1 Rogue: You were an investigator or member of the watch, developing your talent to combat criminals (Profession: Beggar)

Generated personality:

  • Positive traits: Corageous, Fair
  • Negative trait: Sarcastic
  • Personality: You put your interests and those of your friends above all else
  • Religion: You follow the tenets of the Old Faith.

Weapons + Damage[edit]

  • Staff (two, finesse) +3, 1d6+1
  • Dagger (one, finesse) +3, 1d3
  • Sling (off, medium range) 20 stones, +3, 1d6


To Do[edit]

  • Reroll glass ball from Academic: Occult?
  • Contact - former mistress
  • Family things, e.g. bad rep, famous younger brother
  • Weapon stats (attacks)
  • Size 1/2: NOTES
  • Tidy up sheet
  • Update backstory & notes



She´s hideously scarred from disease, ran away from home (but I think home was here and she returned, perhaps her family doesn´t know she is she because of the scarring), has/had nine siblings, the youngest of whom is famous (!?), has been a pilgrim and an academic (occult), has disreputable ancestors and three siblings are alive but disgraced. So, I reckon she has been living as a cleaner in the church until the priest died and has been aimless since then.