Spatchi Dwynwen and Alvah arrive in Jetex and set things up

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Michael James Watson Arriving at the Pacific coast, just north of Acapulco, the trio find a collection of run down buildings on the main highway to the east and on the water to the west. The corner is anchored by a bodega. Around and behind it is a closed cantina, a barely used two story hotel, a broken down dock, a sandy area local kids are playing in and a long sea side wall and narrow beach. beaches extend north and south. A cruise ship can be seen turning into the famous harbor, miles south, of Acapulco.

Amber Bronkhorst When the car is stopped Alvah steps out first stretches a long time because sitting staring and shadowshifting is hard... when you are not to used to it. Looking around she then looks at Spatchi "Well? What do you think? We can make this work yes?" Leaning against the car Alvah just faces up to the sky with her eyes closed basking in the sun. Letting Cicero do the same thing. Just warming up a bit.

Michael James Watson Spatchi walks into the bodega, purchases a 6 pack of Cerveza Pacífico Clara. "The guy says the hotel is open, we can get keys from him. No maids, doors lock from the inside. I asked if the place was for sale and he said always, but the landlord hasn't been there in years. Looks good. I got a key. Lets go see the other side"

Amber Bronkhorst ALvah laughs then lowering her face towards Spatchi and looking at her with a squinted eye. "Hah a woman on a mission. Well sure lets go look at it then. No better time then now. And i'm sure that we can get the paperwork done. If hte landlord hasn't been here for so long. " She looks along the street and smiles "If we get this place up and running might be good for the neighbourhood as well. Some extra jobs. " SHe then follows Spatchi to the other side to watch the property

Michael James Watson Sp-"I get the feelings anyone industrious went south years ago. But we can import people if need be. " Walking in it looks like 30 years ago it might have been a nice place. Two hotells with 20 rooms each frame to common area. Toward the beach is a closed cantina, a dive shop, a store that advertises diamonds but looks shady as heck. A dock and something of a boardwalk finish off the place. a couple of people fish on the half collapsed dock

Amber Bronkhorst "This place needs some serious renovation. But i think it is manageble. " She looks at the other two ladies. "What do you two think? The diamond shop is got to go we can repurpose that for something else. Maybe since it is next to a dive shop something to put down there is boat charters and other beach or harbor rental stuff." She looks at the closed cantina "Do you have keys for that as well? before saying yes we need to see how good the foundation is before deciding right? "

Michael James Watson Spatchi says, "I have keys to a room but I'm not sure why if they only lock from the inside.. THe bodeaga, the diamond shop are the two working businesses. I get the impression the place is essentially abandoned. Probably a function of your shadowwalking choices. I suggest we leaving any working businesses in place and act like we bought the rest of it. If we get the two businesses to start paying us rent eventually the real owner will show up, or his representitives. In the mean time, we clean"

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah looks about and nods. "That sounds like a plan. Lets see what we can make of this place." She then turns "But you got keys from a room that only locks on the inside. That is weird. Guess we'll find out what those rooms are while working our way through here."

Michael James Watson Dwy seems utterly confused. Spatchi tells her to wander around and look things over...

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah nods at that idea and watches Dwy wander off. "So with the high tourism in the other place this hotel won't be fully used i think." Taking a step back she watches more the surroundings. "We have to think of proper living spaces for ourselves as well. "

Amber Bronkhorst When Dwy is a bit out of hearing distance she leans in to Spatvhi and whisperd "We have to keep an extra eye on her i think all the life changes for her are a bit much now."

Michael James Watson "I was uncertain about the wisdom of bringing her. But, I grew up knowing of Amber, if only as a commoner. She comes from a far odd land. I suspect she will appear odd to people for a long time. There is something you should do for her. I tried. Sit her down, seriously and soberly, and get her to use the family powers of shapechange to make her eyes look more native. That Blue and red eye thing is going to make her stand out fiercely on this world. "

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah nods "Yes you are right. If i already got picked on my eyes.... i'll talk to her. I'm happy she is here but she is clearly in a fragile state. Suddenly having to find your place in this crazy multiverse..." She looks at Spatchi "Can you make a list or something what we need to clean up and fix this place? Then i'll talk to Dwyn after that we can gather supplies we need and start working."

Michael James Watson Assuming the conversation is in the evening. "I've looked over the place and we can go two directions. We can hire local contractors in Acapulco. I've looked at the phone book at the bodega and there are a lot of them. If we go that way we hire a company, drop a ton of money on them, and let them go to it. That would give us the local exterior we want as well as pump money into the local economy., We start hiring, training. We stock from local sources things like towels and furniture and appliances. I never asked, but paying for things will be tricky unless we acquire a local source of funds. I read something about that when i was researching the whole-build here, insert from Vulsar plan." "Or, we can hire from Vulsar. Have them come in and do everything. It will look like we hired a comapny from up north but it will be done quickly. Hundreds of people, a lot of off world techniques. And it won't cost anything"

Amber Bronkhorst "Right well, i think contractors is the eay to go. And yes funds. Been thinking about that. I can for now conjure up some or something worth alot that can then be traded for funds. But you are right that we need a local source if we want to run a business." Impressed by Spatchi her preparations and knowlegdr she nods "What is your suggestion or what did you read about the funds part? " Hearing the Vulsar suggestion she nods concidering it "To start us off not bad... and the things we want can immediately be implemented..."

Michael James Watson "The Vulsar guys are going to take readings of the place once its done. Then replace interior supports and materials with indestructible stuff form Vulsar. They do it by setting up what they call 'Pattern Enhancers'. Not pattern of Amber, molecular patterns. I took a sleep learning class on the way they do this and its beyond my ken. But not theirs. And example in the learning is that they find a local source of funds. A bank, a crooked bank that is. Then they find a source illegal gambling money, drug money, a large amount of money. They put pattern enhancers around it, as far as a mile away on 4 sides. They take a molecular lever reading. They create identical money in Vulsar, and replace the native money with the Vulsar money. They wouldn't do this in Acapulco, but other places in this country probably have that kind of dragon horde of money. We bring the legal tender to the crooked bank and deposit it. From there out we spend it like normal for a paper currency world. Importing gold or jewels from shadow can be tricky to fence here. The people we stole the local money from never know the difference unless they have pattern recognition equipment, and they don't. WE would have a vast fortune of available funds. We aren't here to make money running a business. We are here to have fun. Cook. Fish. Drink. Dance. In time...we might want a couple bouncers from Vulsar, but thats down the road. “

Amber Bronkhorst Listening she nods "Well that sounds like a plan then. I think we can best ask Vulsar for help to start. Like you said. We are here to have fun, relax and give ourselves some time to experience life. Yeah bouncers are a good idea in the long run. But at least this gives us a more relaxed start of things. And why not learn from people who already done this couple of times. " Alvah nods "Guess that is contacting Vulsar then right. Do you also know what channels to go through to arrange it?"

Michael James Watson "Technical Services. Just have to tell them which way to go."

Amber Bronkhorst A slight shrug. "So we agree on it then? Ask Vulsara for now to give us a decent working base. No need to rough it out and do things the hard way. And with something you said earlier. I know there is a chance of relatives coming by at a point so i would really feel better with the right securtiy measures."

Michael James Watson "Then use the Vulsar card. Ask the Duty officer for a representative of Technical Services to come back here. You'll have to trump Dwy to get back here of course."

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah nods looking over at Dwy. "You are okey with thag Dwy? I'll contact you when i'm ready to fo back. "

Michael James Watson SHe nods when she is told. "Sounds easy enough...Ive been called on trumps before"

Amber Bronkhorst "Well yeah, by me as well." She winks to Dwyn and then starts looking through the deck for Vulsara again. "Alright off to ask for some help then. Be back in a bit." She looks at the Vulsara trump and steps through.

Michael James Watson IT doesn't take long. Technical services has offices off the giant room used for trump arrivals. They have a conversation over navy coffee or navy rum and assign a Tech Guy to come do the measurements. He comes dressed in local attire and speaking perfect spanish and nuatl.

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah then gives the Tech Guy the space and time he needs to arrange everything to fix the building and have it outfitted with some extra securjty and other conveniencies.

Michael James Watson He spends a couple days taking measurments and technical readings. He walks with Alvah asking about colors, and depth of native appeal and fishing laws, and construction laws. He takes one of the rooms and sets up a portal to Vulsar. The next day three people from Legal Services arrive and disappear into Acapulco. The third day, after a conversation with Spatchi he tells Alvah that while he doesn't know of a billion dollar local source he does know of a cargo carrier at sea with a suitably large supply of local currency. He would be happy to arrange a heist and store the bulk funds at VuUlsar for her. Leave her a million or so in local funds for opperating expenses.

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah would fully agree with the money plan. She keeps Spatchi in the know ofcourse but she leaves Dwy a bit out of it. Asking her opinion and help about other and smaller stuff like furniture in rooms decoration and the likes.. To still let her help out but with less pressure.

Michael James Watson The tech guy says he has just the thing. Put her personal apartment in the hotel on the front edge closest the ocean and the cantina, take a room on both floors. They'll convert it into a personal apartment, stairs, kitchen, living room. Then in ther bedroom the'll put a raiseable bed. Under the bed a sealed chamber door, round, that only opens for her. The tunnel below goes down 60 or so feet to an underground chamber as big as she wants. It'l have all the comforts of home; replicators, dylthium-power systems. And he is sure he can get magical protections as well.

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah fully agrees with that idea. The magical protections would not so much be needed. Just a big space and the mentioned equipment. The furnishings she will arange herself. And a request not to mention this or note it down as far as possible.

Michael James Watson He says the magical protections are for several things. One is to hide it from magical investigations. Another is to make it so you can lock it against people with technical skill to breech it but not the magical skills.

Amber Bronkhorst Then she will agree with the magical protection as well. If indeed possible to arrange that all.

Michael James Watson He says its certainly possible. Part of the service, especially for the royal family. A week into their efforts the lawyers return from Acapulco. They say the owner of the property is eager to dump the place and is willing to take cash. 1.4 million in US dollars. That includes some local bribes. Technical services can acquire the money easily.

Amber Bronkhorst so that would mean the official building can commence after the week and the place is theirs. How long is the estimated time the building would take?

Michael James Watson While there is a lot that is done with advanced equipment, out of the eyes of the public, much of it has to be done openly. 2 months at least.

Amber Bronkhorst Within those months i think Spatcho and Alvah can focus on making friends with the local farmers and fishermen. And eventually shwoing them their plan so if they want in on earning that they can. Also finding out the best way of keepong the bar stocked, and hiring staff for hotel and cantina and the chartering business. Oh an perhaps arrange a deal with Jurt for a supply of Urala cigarettes...

Michael James Watson After two months the Tech Services guys have finished the exterior construction to specifications. At midnight after the completion day they set up the pattern enhancers and do the big transfer of interior structure for Vulsar Interior structure, including the secret room. The move doesn't even rattle the bottles.

Amber Bronkhorst Alvah stands next to Spatchi just grinning from ear to ear. Nudging Spatchi she says "We did it.... with help but we have our cantina! So tomorrow the real running of it starts. "