Spatchi Dwynwen and Alvah study at Vulsara base

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Michael James Watson
Spatchi says, "Before we go find this shadow I want to go to Vulsar, if you don't mind?
"I want to get a large deep learning implant of Azcalan and Mexican regional foods. It wont degrade for 3 or 4 years and if I reinforce it with cooking I won't lose the info. That way I don't have to spend time learning to cook the slow way"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods
"yeah sounds good, then i can see Vance and Candle again. And Dwy can reconnect with my nephew Agrom. If they are all there ofcourse. "
She winks to Dwyn.
"So just trump in this time right? cause the shadow walking thing i've already done to Vulsara. "

Michael James Watson
Arriving at the trump location to Vulsar Base a captain in a crisp uniform come up immediately, "Lady Dwynen, Lady Alvah, Welcome to Vulsara. You don't seem injured so with your permission I'll dismiss the medical droids. You don't seem to be attacking so I'll order the guards to stand down. Do you have vehicles or horses ready for transport? If not i'll have the Mech Crew and the Grooms stand down. Now that i am through my checklist, how may we serve you?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah patiently waits till the captain went through the checklist answering short and polite.
"No injury, not attacking, no vehicles or horses. Yes, thank you we are here in the hopes to talk with Vance, if possible ofcourse."

Michael James Watson
"I'll have the admiral notified. Would you like to wait in the royal quarters?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods in agreements
"Yes please that would be best i think. thank you."

Michael James Watson
In the royal chambers, which includes Vance's office and meeting room as well as ample seating, it looks little like a royal chamber.
A steward brings refreshments and says King Vance will be arriving shortly.
After the steward leaves she notices Vance's desk has a lot of knick knacks...

Amber Bronkhorst
"Thank you we'll be waiting here. "
Seeing Vance his desk her eyes twinkel and she goes to see what he has on his desk. Trying to keep her hands to herself... trying.
"Could have also asked if my quarters were still availabale but that would be a bit weird visit right?" SHe asks in general to Dwyn and Spatchi.
"Kind of left him at the Big Tree..."
She calmly just watches over what he has in his office.

Michael James Watson
A few minutes later Vance arrives by transporter.
Vance says, "Sister..Good to see you. Lovely tan. Dwynen, Welcome to Vulsar. Lany, get me a pastrami and a few hotdogs. picher of romulan ale."

Amber Bronkhorst
Hearing her brother arrive she jerks her head up from nosing around his desk and walks away from it towards him.
"Hello dear brother, thank you. and good to see you as well. Have have things been?"

Michael James Watson
HE takes the tray the steward brings, "No new deaths. I just spoke with Random and the security council. Your trip to Azcala was eventful it seems. Lots of family drama. Was the Big Tree Conferance worth it?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Silent a moment she gives it a deep thought then she firmly nods
"yes. it was very much so worth it. Have not yet recovered the banner from Zictla but will do so in the forseeable future. Plenty of the family have rebelled or at least asked asylum in Amber. Even Aztilios. "
Taking something out o fher pocket to play with she adds things up for herself.
"got plenty of answers myself, about myself. so yes. "
She looks a bit more serious to Vance
"thank you, and i know that is not what you had planned with helping me tha ti would run after my mother, but thank you for giving me the chance to find out more. I know you could have then and there stopped me. "

Michael James Watson
"As long as you survived. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah chuckles and sits down in a chair.
"well that is one thing you could be sure of. They didn't want me dead. They want me on their side of things. You know initiated in the whole ritual thing connected with the stone in a full way. Human sacrifices... those things. They need me alive for that. "
She then waves her hand about dismissivly
"But that never happened. the biggest sacrifice i did was some symbolic thing with tomatoes. So no, i was only in danger of being forced to sacrifice..Although i think Zictalas might really not like me by now.. "
She then smiles looking up
"but Vance, we came here to ask for a favor. Spatchi, Dwyn and i are going ot my personal shadow in a bit. well i am going to search for a shadow that is to my liking and there we are going to set up a small business. Could we perhaps for preparation sake use the implant library? "

Michael James Watson
"Certainly. You don't even need my permission."
He taps in a virtual screen a bit. Three cards appear on his desk.
"Elite Spatchi of Amber, Dwynan, and Alvah". He passes out cards.
" That will give you access almost everywhere. Diplomatic rank of Knights of Amber. And automatic acceptance for any new session of Star Fleet Academy. Permission to audit lectures and use educational facilities. Permission to requisition materials and services within reason. And quarters are still assigned of course. They are being cleaned. Now, its been great seeing you but have work to do. Keep in touch. Computer, one for transport to Patton Station. Energize"

Amber Bronkhorst
Accepting the passes she smiles
"Well seemed polite to first ask you know. Oh could you ask Nur to contact me when he can?"
Seeing him leave then she shrugs
"Or not..."
She turns to the ladies and smiles
"well we got our passes shall we study up before moving on?"

Michael James Watson
After checking out their quarters, Dwynan and Spatchi are in Alvah's quarters. Spatchi ordered drinks and food, and used her card to authorize real alcohol instead of synthehol.
Spatchi orders Star Fleet clothes and changes into them immediatly. She orders an Electronic tablet and sits down with drinks looking at it intently.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah just watches Spatchi do her things. She can't gelp but grin.
"Feeling right at home? Not that that is a bad thing actually. So what are you looking up?"

Michael James Watson
"She says, There are over 100,000 topics available. A allowed series of implants is 20 courses.. After a 3 year period a test is given for retention before another round of similiar classes.. Im thinking the languages of the area, Azcalan is what's called Nahuatl, but a Spanish based mixed language comprises Mexican, that's what i remember from my time at Neal's Diner. Culinary general, Culinary Mexican, Culinary, Aztex-Azcalan. Culinary Chaos-You know, incase i have to cook for Vek. another couple regional culinary.
I took butchering at Rasak, as you did, but this is culinary butchering. Construction, because who knows what kind of hovel we will buy and I never had much experience building things. They have almost everything.. Ill loss in a few regional liturature courses..."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah listens to Spatchi and nods.
"Well, do what you think is best to help with the idea. "
Pouring glasses for the three of them and handing them out she smiles
"I honestly did not even give it that much thought. Maybe i should look up how to actually run a small business. Bartending. And yeah languages... hmmm brewing wouldn't that be fun... who knows what kind of local stuff woukd grow and ferment there."

Michael James Watson
Dwynan goes to the replicator, shows her card and gets her Tablet with class listings. She sits down, takes a drink and starts looking at the tablet. "So...many....I.... I don't know where to start.. I didn't know where we are going... Do I need to know how to preform sacrifices? Is that under relgion?"
Spatchi says ,"In Azcala that might be under Culinary Sciences... oh... sorry, Ali.."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laughs and shakes her head.
"No lets not learn to do sacrifices. And sacrificed tomatoes taste just a bit better." She says jokingly.
She walks herself to a replicator and orders a tablet with class listings.
"Do what you feel you want to do Dwyn. We are going to a southern american Aztec inspired or Azcalan inspired shadow. Spatchi and i had tslked a while now about starta cantina. So if you want to help out you are more then welcome to. If you want to learn other things... this is your chance. "
She winks at Dwy and grabs her own tablet.

Michael James Watson
She looks at the tablet and it has her name at the top of the screen.


Michael James Watson
Spatchi says, "Wow, Rasak really covers a lot of Star Fleet courses..."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods
"Yes it seems so... well you know I'm sure Benedict has a hand in that as well...."
Looking at the tablet again she starts looking through the lists.
"So how long do we plan to stay or are we staying as long as we need to learn what we want? Either is fine with me. We got the okey from Vance. "

Michael James Watson
Spatchi says, this says that most students at Star Fleet receive Sleep Implants of their quarterly courses then reinforce them with class work. Each Course is a 4 hour treatment followed by 8 hours of Recovery. So 2 classes a day. I want 10 of these.. Say a week?"

Amber Bronkhorst
"Sure a week of prep time seems fine to me. Dwyn? You okey with that? "
Alvah starts to swlect clssses accordingly but won't push to fill all the slots. Mostly small business running, bartending and perhaps brewing. And some languages that might be useful.

Michael James Watson
Dwyn looks confused. "Ah... There is so much... and how does this know all this?" She shakes the tablet.
"How do i change the picture?" She hits it on the table, checking the picture

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah chuckles and walks over to Dwyn. She then leans over and clamly starts explaining how to wokr the tablet.
"The tablet doesn't know this that just holds the info. There is an extensive library here. Physical and digital. They found a way here to implant knowledge in your head. And with then proper training you learn a certajn skill faster. Lets say you want to learn a language. You could have it implanted in a short amount of time. But to keep it there in your mind you have to use it." She helps her friend find her way through the courses.

Michael James Watson
"Will it teach me to make trumps? Or do sorcery or magic?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Shaking her head.
"No i don't think they cover that type of skillset since that also comes with using the pattern and other psyche related abilities.
This is just a quicker way to learn some useful skills. Like Spatchi said, cooking, languages, construction. So theoratical or practical doesn't reallly matter you learn what can be imprinted and the rest follows in classes. "

Michael James Watson
Spatchi says, "History of High Order Magical Artifacts and constructs....Includes trumps. Low Order Magical system, High Order magic systems."
"Probably like an overview not something practical. could probably get the same from Arlo...Dwym.. Here..Take languages Nuatatl and Mexican. Take Culinary general, culinary Mexican, Culinary Vegetarian. Ah.. here.. Automotive pilot. "

Michael James Watson
Dwyn-"Automotive pilot? Is that aa flying thing?"

Michael James Watson
Spatchi-"No.. l;ets see how you do driving a vehicle before we have you pilotiing a starship"

Amber Bronkhorst
"Yeah first stay on the ground. After that you could always chooce to come back and learn more. But Spatchi her suggestions seem a good start. See how you like that."

Michael James Watson
After a couple sessions Spatchi asks Alvah, "The last session i had was restaurant management and it got me thinking. Wherever we go, we can equip from local materials but we can also get the technicians here to construct using replicated copies of local materials.
Have them do a lot of the construction. Add tech beyond the norm like surveillance . Put high grade materials beneath local materials. Bulletproof walls under plaster and paneling. Replicators in the kitchen just in case. Or we can forgo it all and just work with whats there.. Your thoughts?'

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah conciders it for a bit and fhen nods.
"Would actually not be bad to have some more advanced and high tech things covered up. Might help us in the long run. And eventho i am all for authenticity i also like certain protection, surveillance and all that."
She nods
"Sounds like a plan. Do you know where we need to go to arrange that? "

Michael James Watson
"Technical Services. Rede spoke of them after He and Vander did it with a residence Vander had built. I looked into during the rest period. My rank isn't enough but yours and Dwyn's would be. We find the place, get a tech to come in and scan the place. Then they create the place in a holodeck. We decorate it digitally. Implant the shielding walls, impenetrable doors. Surveillance devices. Even a device that stuns everyone in a building with phaser fire. A crappy looking local refrigerator covering a hightech storage unit. A replicator not just for producing food but tableware, clothes, and cleaning things. Bullet proof windows made of of something call Hull Metal-a clear metal. Medical Scanners to detect poisoning or injuries. Maybe a hidden medical bay? Its not roughing it but maybe we can do things the hard way the NeXT cantina."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laughs.
"Oh i don't need to be roughing it. I like convenient things. So sounds like a plan.
And i like the idea of a hidden medical bay. Because you never know when that is needed. And when jt is needed you don't have one around. "
Alvah notes it down on her to do list and nods
"Sure sounds like a plan. And healthier for us as well. If something is happening we at least have some form of protection."

Michael James Watson
During one of the rest periods between sessions the Companel contacts Alvah. Candle calling from space.

Amber Bronkhorst
Probably in her quarters she answers the call.
"Heya. Out and about being busy?"

Michael James Watson
"Never a dull moment in the Amber Navy. Im doing a survey of a supernova on a trade route.. have to map a new longer one around it.
You are getting implant learning i hear? I won't be back for a month but in my quarters is a deck of Trumps Vance made m e. One is to my ship here. We are in the same shadow, so you wouldn't loose much time coming out to see it."

Amber Bronkhorst
"A supernova on the road.... well is something else thm a landslide i suppose. And yes after this Spatchi Dwyn and i are going to spend some time in shadow. Running a cantina and just living a bit."
She smiles
"Sounds good i'll go check it out. I have a resting period now anyway."

Michael James Watson
"I'll clear room access. I'll send a very severe corporal to you. He's on my personal detail. He'll take you to my room. The cards are in the top drawer of my desk. I can't use them but Vance made them incase i wanted to give one to someone who can. You are the first one to get one., I'll stop the ship. Apparently trumping onto a ship at warp is almost as hard as driving a ship across shadow at warp. "

Amber Bronkhorst
"Alright wow stopping the ship on my account guess i'll be hurrying then. See you in a bit."
Alvah moves out of her quarters to Candle his quarters and searches for the deck in his desk. And the card he told her about. Trying it out right away.

Michael James Watson
Trump opens to a forward lounge. Candle is there as are a number of other people off duty in the lounge.
"Welcome aboard the Shadowwalker, Flag Ship of the Amber Star Fleet," He embraces her quickly.
The crew is a little surprised at their captain but know he is allowed."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah steps try. Smiles up at Candle as she returns the embrace.
"Thank you! Good to see yiu again. "
She inlcines her head tk the crew who are looking at them giving a quick wave.

Michael James Watson
After a time, or a few times, anyway.
Stat Fleet ships are not clunky, bulky, ships like in the Expanse. The Expanse Ships look like what humans would actually build. Star Trek looked like a hotel designer went into them and made them pretty.
His quarters look like a fancy sci fi hotel with a great view.

Amber Bronkhorst
"Wow Star Fleet got some style."
Turning to Candle she laughs.
"Must be good to be the Captain. Except for having to make the hard decisions and all that."
Stepping closer to Candle she smiles looking up.
"Missed you on Randal. My stay was a bit shorter and more turbulent then expected."

Michael James Watson
so, after a time or a few times Candle orders tequila from the replicator and it is a good one, but not quite Blue Tequila.
“Its funny you mention Style. I probably never mentioned it, but I'm not from this shadow. Vance sought a shadow which had his Vulsar but had a few people with extraordinary minds able to comprehend the vasty of shadow and magic and keep these things straight. He found Celakat and I in a shadow that used a shadow of the pattern that allowed anyone to walk it. He says its a low power, low level, high order inscription. He was able to juice us up to be able to walk shadow beyond the level of shadow we were born on. Celekat became expert at magical systems and I became expert at shadow shaving. “
“So Vance and I shadow shaved finding different universes with things we liked. We found Jedi & Sith and other Force Users. When we brought them back they couldn't believe we had flying hotels. We looked into Style and ship design. He said most ships in the Star Wars shadows had interiors that looked like Soviet Cold War submarines. Expanse Shadows had great ship design but had a tendency to age poorly and break easy. Foundation shadows had ship designed like something called Greyhound buses. Dune Shadows had ships designed like Dentist office waiting rooms. Hitchhiker Shadows had ships like lunatic asylums. We decided that if we were going to fly ships, fly the comfortable ones. Its a pity that the Inertia-less drive systems don't work in most shadows. We actually had a mansion that rested inside and Intertialess bubble in that flew around the universe.“
“I was wrapping up some business and ready to take a month or 6 off and join you on Randal but then Arlo and Vance showed up with Random and they all looked pissed. “
After talking about the cantina and Spatchi's suggestions. “Easily done. We do it for putting facilities down on planet here. He consider the space to be used. Then create the facility within those perimeters. We make most of the building out of hull metal, able to seal completely in need. That makes them proof against nuclear detonations. But when we coat it with native materials it just blends in. So what we would do is send in some construction guys. You build the place as you like, using native materials. Decor, style, appliances, everything. Then, we send in the tech guys. They figure out how to do the hull metal retrofit. How to hide high tech devices, how to blend in things in. Once that is all figured out, we build the structure here. We open a trump to the middle of your cantina and we do a simultaneous transfer; Transport the space out of the original and transport the stuff in through the gate from out factory floor. No loss of structural integrity. No visual pyrotechnics to scare the locals. Hell, we could do it during business hours and the patrons would never know the difference. Wouldn't even shake their drinks. Won't break plates in the kitchen.”

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles
"OH ya you told me that you aren't from this shadow but its good to hear the story anyway, keeps it alive. And about Randall yeah well things just escalated as they usually do around me. Went for a bit to Azcala meet the other side of my family. Get aquinted with them. Piss some off, make things more complicated... You know how it goes. Luckely Vek was there with me. He helped me a great deal.
And cause some trouble but mostly helped. "
Thinking back at the mometns in Untola she just smiles ear to ear.
"There is something to that place you know. It just feels... right. not everything but enough things are very.. familiar. "
When talking about the cantina she smiles and claps her hands
"Great! so that means we can have a nice authentic place without the downsides of lower tech authentic places.. In case trouble does come our way it is good to have some more protection. And the conveniences of high tech is always nice."