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Spica Sector Project[edit]

Welcome to the Spica Sector Project Wiki pages.

This project was a collaborative effort on the part of members of the Citizens of the Imperium (CotI) Forums at the QLI/RPG Realms website - discussion for this can be found on the CotI Spica Sector Project (CSSP) board - you have to be a registered user at CotI to post to there.

The Spica Sector is an area of space described within the canon Official Traveller Universe (OTU). The purpose of the project was to redevelop the Sector using realistic data for stellar systems and worlds. Much work has already been carried out on developing Spica Sector over on the CotI Spica Sector Project boards (CSSP), but the effort foundered and has not moved forward. The purpose of creating a Wiki entry for the Sector is to facilitate free access and development of the project by all involved.