Spiritual Charming Spellianus Shining Lyna

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Spiritual Charming Spellianus, Shining Lyna! With the elemental power of AETHER! Domain: Magic

Aspect: 1 Domain: 4 Realm: 2 Spirit: 0

Anchor: "Blazing Nina", magical girl, old team mate and good (if somewhat abrasive and vitriolic) friend. From other notes: "Hot tempered, hot blooded, flaming fire-element magical girl, her mother died when she was young and her father was such an abusive asshole that she ran away from home and had been living on the streets for a while before she was awakened to her magical girliness. Second in command of the Spelliani, often butts heads with Lyna but deep down they're the best of friends. Eventually gets taken in by Lyna's family once the truth about how she is living comes out(?)"


Bonds: Family (5) The Spelliani Knights (5) (her old magical girl group) Her old home town (2) Belief in magic (2) Hope (3) "True Love" (3)

Handicaps: Anello d'Spelliani - Magic ring (loses one point from each attribute if misplaced) Blatent Honest Naive Has to return to her hometown and meet up with at least one old acquiantence every 3 days or fall into deep melancholy.

Symbol/Flower: Pink cherry blossom (good education) (Hana: kind/gentle), Lily of the Valley (trustworthy) (Hana: sweet), Peony (shame, bashfulness) (Hana: bravery), Violet (faithfulness) (Hana: honesty), Zinnia (Hana: loyalty)

Bouquet of pink cherry blossoms, Lilies of the Valley, Peonies, Violets and Zinnias.


0 - Estate Driven Divinations - (0 MP)

1 - Ghost Miracles - (0 MP)

2 - Lesser Divinations - (0 MP)

3 - Lesser Preservations - (1 MP)

4 - Lesser Creations - (2 MP)

5 - Lesser Destructions - (4 MP)

  Major Divinations -  (4 MP)

6 - Lesser Changes - (4 MP)

  Major Preservations -  (4 MP)

7 - Major Creations - (8 MP)

8 - Major Destructions - (8 MP)

9 - Major Changes - (8 MP)