St. John Markham

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Agent St. John Markham[edit]


Drive: Ennui

Occupation: Dilettante

Occupational Benefit: Use Credit Rating to call on personal connections in any field of endeavor. These contacts will generally be relatives, old schoolfellows, and similar people of your social class.

Build Points: 17


Pillars of Sanity:

The nobility of the Markham family line

The importance of generosity toward "lesser people"

Physical beauty is a sign of moral worth


Sources of Stability:

My boarding school roomate, Tazwell Chamberson

My sister, Eloise

My French tutor, Monsieur Verniere

Academic Abilities[edit]

Archaeology 1
Art History 1 [x]
History 1 [x]
Law 1
Languages 2 [French, Latin]

Interpersonal Abilities[edit]

Assess Honesty* 2
Bargain 1
Cop Talk 1
Credit Rating* 7 x [3 from Occupation; 2 Points]
Flattery* 2
Oral History 1
Reassurance 2
Streetwise 1

Technical Abilities[edit]

2 Investigative Points Unassigned

General Abilities[edit]

Athletics* 8
Driving* 6 [Motorcycle, Transport Truck, one unassigned]
Firearms 4
Fleeing 4
Health 8
Preparedness 4
Riding* 2
Sanity 9
Scuffling 6
Sense Trouble* 8
Shadowing 4
Stability 9
Stealth 4
Weapons* 8


Bio: Now fully six months past his 25th birthday, St. John Markham is the eldest son of the Markham shipping dynasty, which has controlled a significant fraction of the New England shipping trade for generations. Raised on an estate outside of Boston, St. John spent most of his youth among the New England gentry. After an expensive turn at a British public school, he returned to the states to attend Harvard. Bored and dissolute, and having heard the stories of the Bureau of Investigation's work taking down the bandits of the 20s and early 30s, St. John convinced his skeptical father to pull the strings necessary to get him into the Bureau of Investigation, by exploiting the family's connection to Hoover's old mining boss, Edward Hooper.

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