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As you guys are Sartarites and haven't been to Pavis yet, I'll just copy out the RQ2 Kit here. The reason for this is that Pavis is wood poor, metal impoverished and leather rich, so the prices are kinda skewed from that where your PCs bought thier kit.


- Peasants: 2L/year - Townsmen: 5L/Year - Adventurers: 10L/Year (we tend to go through clothes a lot) - Nobles: 20L/Monthly (ouch)

Trail Fodder:

- Oats: 2L/weekly

General Costs: (including regular expenses)

- Adventurer: 5L/weekly - Noble: 10L/weekly

Equipment and Transport:*

- Average Cart Horse: 50L (18hp) - Average Riding Horse (untrained): 100L (18hp) - Average Cavalry Horse (battle-trained): 1500L (20hp) - Average War Horse (attack-trained): 5000L (22hp, 25% attack skills) - Two Wheeled Cart: 35L - Four Wheeled Wagon: 85L

  • Note: Horses are taboo in Prax, and the locals kill them. This is well known.


- Hammer: 2C - Mallet: 5C - Fish Hooks (10): 2C - Writing Tools: 10L - Papyrus/Vellum (per sheet): 5C

Camping Gear:

- Cooking Eating Gear: 2L - Small Tent (1 man): 10L - Medium Tent (3 men): 25L - Large Tent (5 men): 40L - Fire Starter (bow and block): 1L - Back Pack: 1L - Climbing Pack: 20L - Adventurer's Pack: 25L (includes; pack, 5 litre water skin, 30m cheap rope, peasant clothes, hand axe, hammer, 10 wooden stakes, 10 bone fish hooks, 10m line, sack, cheap knife and scabbard, bandages, cooking gear and blanket).

Expedition Gear:

- 15m Rope: 5L - 10 Wood Spikes: 1L - 3m wood pole: free - Lamp: 5L - Lamp Oil: 5C/lampfull - Large Sack: 5C - Small Sack: 2C - Pine Torches: free

Riding Gear:

- Saddle and tack: 20L to 200L - Barding: Human equivalent armour x5


- Wine skin (5 litre): 1L - Flask: 1L - Jug (2 litre): 2L - Cask (5 litre): 5L - Keg (15 litre): 15L - Barrel (50 litre): 25L


- Lur Horn: 25L - Lyre: 20L to 100L - Bugle/Horn: 5L - Reed Pipes: 1L to 5 L - Harp: 10L to 50L - Bagpipes: 10L to 25L (don't you dare!)