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Character Details[edit]


Kelsi is quiet and observing, tending to stay out of conversations that don't need her input. Her world is one filled by the Force and it is overwhelming most times. She often feels like what should be a gift is truly a curse. She complains about "voices" that need to be quiet or even at times swatting at the air to stop from feeling so many ripples in the Force. Sometimes she worries for her own sanity.


Kelsi gives off a meek aura, typically not making direct eye-contact with anyone. Rarely does she ever look like she is enjoying herself or without something on her mind. Were one to look deep into her blue eyes they would perhaps see a hint of fear. Her body posture is always closed, arms often wrapped around herself and hiding behind a cloak or some other garment. She does not wear makeup or strive to bring attention to her appearance.

Kelsi wears simple clothing in earth tones and almost always has a dark cloak pulled around her. She doesn't wear anything new unless it is replacing something completely worn out and unusable. Kelsi wears her dark brown hair long and without frills. She does, however, wear a small quartz crystal on a thong of leather, though it is almost always tucked behind a shirt or cloak.


Kelsi was born to a small community of Humans on a backwater planet in the Outer Rim. Her mother had only traveled to the planet to tend wounds suffered in the Clone Wars. She was a warrior first and foremost, but while healing she allowed herself to fall in love despite her better judgement. As it turned out, it was her destiny to give birth to another Force user, though she'd had a vision of dying during labor. She had made Kelsi's father promise to take her to the Jedi. A distraught man not understanding the circumstances made the hollow promise, never realizing what he'd agreed to nor having intentions of following through.

From an early age Kelsi was haunted by the Force's extreme presence in all things. It overwhelmed her and drove her away from anyone that even remotely had the Force within them. Her only friends were droids, though they left much to be desired. Still, she didn't immediately get headaches from interacting with them. Kelsi was never sent to the Jedi for training which ended up saving her life, but solved none of her other issues.

When Kelsi was twelve she began to roam the wilderness outside her colony which proved healthy for her mental state. She found a reduction in her headaches and was able to focus more on actually training her sensitivity to the Force. Though the winters were harsh, Kelsi often took long walks in order to clear her mind and center herself. Meditation became a part of her daily regimen, serving to build walls within her mind to keep the Force at bay and not drive her completely insane. There was a special cave filled with quartz crystals that was her favorite place and seemed to thrum with energy in a way that let her mind relax.

On one of her adventures into the wilds Kelsi stumbled upon one of the feline creatures that the locals had warned about. Fear immediately tried to overtake her senses, but there were other ripples in the Force that guided her toward it. Knowing full-well she could be killed or maimed (or worse eaten alive), the teen walked right up to the beast. For the slightest of moments, she felt a mental connection with it. And as soon as it was over the creature fled from her, though it looked at her with knowing eyes. Kelsi never spoke to anyone about her encounter, fearing the reprimand from her father.


Dexterity 3D

Blaster 4D

Dodge 4D

Melee Combat

Melee Parry


Vehicle Blasters

Perception 4D







Sneak 5D

Knowledge 2D

Alien Species


Planetary Systems

Survival 4D

Willpower 3D

Strength 2D





Mechanical 2D


Beast Riding

Repulsorlift Operation

Space Transports

Starship Shields

Technical 2D

Blaster Repair

Droid Repair

First Aid

Repulsorlift Repair


Special Abilities

Control 1D

Force of Will

Sense 2D

Life Detection

Life Sense

Receptive Telepathy

Magnify Senses

Alter 1D



2500 credits

two sets of clothing

R2 astromech droid

Blaster Pistol (4D)​

Other Details

Move 10

Force Sensitive? Yes

Force Points 2

Dark Side Points

Character Points 5