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Rumors suggest that this was once the original home of the Hutts, before they polluted their first home and had to emigrate to Nal Hutta. Whatever the truth, explorers constantly seem to uncover odd artifacts in this system all the time. The star of the Varl system burns white.

Jerec’s Junkyard: A free-floating mass of ships, parts, and sheeting connected via magnetism and cabling. If you’re looking for equipment on the cheap, the Junkyard is your place, though it will likely be missing a piece or unreliable. Jerec also buys, but is a canny haggler.

Trade Platform Auto #4: The Empire had set up a trading platform for selling fuel, covered in defensive systems to deter theft. After the Battle of Endor, the droids revolted and overthrew their masters; stormtrooper carcasses are still lashed to the outer portions of the platform. Despite these grisly trophies the droids trade equally with all parties and hold no grudges, but they do react with astonishing and total hostility towards any show of force near the station. Because of this, some parties conduct negotiations here to discourage escalation.

Planet Omega: Three survey crews and one military expedition vanished before the Empire quarantined this planet. It’s overrun by a deadly life form that nests within pre-Republic ruins and can resist orbital turbolaser strikes. The Republic considers it hostile, but insignificant to its plans.


This ocean planet was colonized by the Republic for almost a hundred years before aquatic xenos made themselves (and their planetary claims) known when they declared for the Seperatists. Imperial forces broke the Memish military but the aliens simply retreated underwater. Republic officials are trying to make diplomatic overtures to the locals, with little success.

Scene: Republic officials in robes, talking with Memish labor bosses. See-through spires rising from the underwater government palace to open-air pavilions. Tourists embarking on submersibles to take in the local sea life. Scientists in exo-suits on deep-sea missions while the Memish watch from the waters.

Wealth 2
Crime 2
Tech 2
Weird 3

Victor Kromyl: Planetary Governor. Former Imperial, manipulated events to keep his position. Seeks proof of Memish rebellion after a few subordinates vanished. Always with his Mandalorian bodyguard. (vigilant, meticulous, paranoid)

Espa Nur: Memish labor boss. His scars are packed with deep-ocean bioluminescence. Reports to Kromyl on seditious behaviour, but hides his knowledge of Memish occultism. (xeno, ambitious, cunning, treacherous)

Wyndam Zahn: Biology researcher seeking a connection between the Mem and other planetary life, with little success. Gathering an exploration of the ancient Mem city of Bok-Dar. (wealthy, brilliant, passionate)

The deeps are littered with Force relics and strange glows. When in the deeps, using attune for long-term projects grants +1d. Failures may attract weird attention.


Description: This planet is tidally locked—the same side of the planet faces the star at all times. No full map of the dark side is known to exist. Most of the settlements are in the twilight border zone, including the capital city of Ugar. Known for its lax policies regulating trade, it’s become a choice destination for smugglers and fences alike.

Scene: Perpetual twilight amid paved streets and concrete buildings. Howling of frequent wind storms. Masked and cloaked strangers congregating around a steel warehouse before an auction begins. Row after row of ships landed in the open dirt on the outskirts of Ugar.

Wealth 2
Crime 2
Tech 2
Weird 2

Del Hex: Outlaw and gunslinger. Has some obvious cybernetics from his military days. Wanted in several systems. Runs a vibro-weapon fighting ring deep in the day side. (ruthless, fast, cautious)

Abra Drake: Fixer for hire and auctioneer. If she can’t get it or sell it, she knows someone who can. (connected, confident, bold)

Zaeed “Tank” Marak: Mercenary turned Nyct farmer. Knows where and how to hide ships on the night side. (gambler, commanding, experienced)

Osha: Nyct-smoking, grizzled ex-stormtrooper. Runs the Three Suns, a gambling den and the biggest local dive. (deadly, retired, steely)

Everything is available here for a price. You can always take +1d to acquire assets, but on a 1-3 the asset also comes with strings attached.


Description: Known throughout the sector as “Glimmer,” the surface of this enormous planet is made up of carbon compounds such as graphite and diamond. At night, the largest crystal formations glow with an unearthly light—an exotic property many of the crystals retain after being cut.

Scene: A well-armed, permanent blockade in space, with many ships waiting for clearance. Smooth walls of dense carbon brick, looking out onto the black surface. Diamond-scarred and sooty-faced miners, drinking by their bulky sonic cutters. Chiming music floating out from the pristine shops of the visitor settlement.

Morek and Ra-na: Most-feared bounty hunter in the sector. Ra-na, his droid partner, helms his cutting-edge ship and runs ops on his missions via the strange armor he wears. On retainer to hunt any who loot Vos. (ruthless, vigilant, commanding)

Impera Evazan: High-ranking mining guild logistics officer, responsible for crystal mining. Privy to much of the Guild’s supply structure. (popular, demanding, shrewd)

Yola Sprekk: Jeweler known for using the unique properties of Vos crystals. Her creations may be the most artful pieces in Hutt Space. A Sprekk piece can open doors in the most elite circles. (artistic, charming, proud)

Vos is full of money, but also closely monitored by the Republic. When you do a job on Vos, you get +1 cred and +1 heat.