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As a galactic explorer for the crown, it was his job to go out and experience all the worlds had to offer and return with that knowledge and have it coded for all in the empire to experience. He had undergone the coding several times, it was hard on the brain, the experience sometimes took more then it was supposed to, leaving the explorer with less and less will power. Most explorers were limited to ten missions at best before moving to a different job with there minds still intact, this would be his twelve mission.

He was on his way to experience the tidal forces of Eltreen IV, the moon created tidal waves that towered into the upper atmosphere of the planet. On the way there he came across an asteroid, there was a strange energy reading coming from it, he decided to investigate. The energy was coming from a golden metal ring, he picked it up and was compelled to put in on his head, he did so and the knowledge of ages was past to him. Sights, sounds and knowledge lost to time all flooded into his mind. If his mind was as strong as it once was, he would have become a god, but that was not the case.

His mind shattered.

Forgetting all that he was supposed to do, he wandered aimlessly. He had a purpose, but he could not remember what it was. He came to realize that the answer would come to him in due time, until then he should go somewhere and occupy his time. Maybe, with him not obsessing about a "purpose", it would come to him.

He flew to the nearest inhabited world and decided to find something helpful to do till the knowledge returned to him. He came across a battle between Bullet and a group of villains, he was going to watch, but the villains attacked him. His code demanded that he return fire, but he was too hurt to fight effectively. Bullet saved his life. His code was clear in the proper action, he would stay with the man till his debt was payed. He became the third member of the Raiders ..... Starseer.

Starseer PL 13 (195PP)

Init +12; 50ft (Run), 50ft (Flight); Defense 27/27; BAB +9; +12 Melee (7S Punch), +13 Ranged (12S Cosmic Blast); SV Dmg +17, Fort +5, Ref +8, Will 0 (10 Protection); Str 16, Dex 18, Con 20, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 12 (Total 75PP)

Skills: Search 1/+10, Spot 1/+8, Listen 1/+8 (Total 3PP)

Feats: Heroic Surge, Improved Initiative, Power Attack (Total 6PP)


  • Cosmic Power +12 (Source: Technology; Power Stunts: Penetrating Attack, Improved Critical, Space Flight; Flaws: No Transmute, No Sense, Device [Cosmic Crown]) (Cost 5 / Total 60+6PP)
  • Mental Protection +10 (Source: Technology; Flaw: Device [Cosmic Crown]) (Cost 1 / Total 10PP)
  • Combat Sense +7 (Source: Technology; Extra: Super Senses; Flaw: Device [Cosmic Crown]) (Cost 1 / Total 7PP)
  • Super Strength +4 (Source: Technology; Flaw: Device [Cosmic Crown]) (Cost 3 / Total 12PP)
  • Super Speed +4 (Source: Technology; Flaws: Device [Cosmic Crown], No Speed Feats)(Cost 4 / Total 16PP)