Starting magic items.

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Everyone The Pow rolls are to determine the possibility of a precious or magic item, going from a default of 1.

So chalkie has 1 thing, cos he blew his roll. Special Items Table. Roll [90] Magic crystal/matrix. Roll[00]! Stop hexing my autoroller!!! ...oh, its roll low for weird... sorry. Anyway, you have attuned a Pow 12 storage crystal.

SR has 5, making a powX2. Rolls [46,43,09,89,57.] A scroll, 3 potions and a crystal. Scroll: [01] Special, referees discretion...lemme think on this. It won't be combat related, though. Potions [02,05,57] 2 healing potions, 4 and 6. Blade Venom 13. Crystal:[46] Pow 8 storage crystal.

Mandacaru has 3, as he made PowX4 [89,59,99] a potion and 2 Crystals. Potion[04] Healing 6 Crystals [34,40. Storage crystals, Pow 13,12]

MonsterMash magic: Rolls [29,78.] Scroll, Battlemagic spell. Scroll [26] Hand written account of the Grey Sage Arbius Twinbreath, recording the fall of Pavis in 1237 to Trolls. Written in Auld Wyrmish, with translations to Sartarite. worth a lot to a collector or to the right Sage in Pavis (in the thousands).

Battlemagic spell: A bronze rod, about 6" long, with a Countermagic 4 spell matrix.