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Response to queries from Eric Marklin regarding Erica Carlyle

Note 1:

Miss Carlyle has been a benefactor to me in the past. She is trustworthy and very useful for dealing with the authorities (her family has a great deal of influence in the international business community. However, she is not aware of the dangers involved in the Fight(1), nor does she yet realize or fully appreciate the nature of the enemy.


Response to queries from Eric Marklin regarding Erica Carlyle's search for her missing brother

Note 2:

I am surprised that she has decided to pursue her brother. If she knows anything, I wonder where she got this information. Roger Carlyle and his former expedition comrades are alive and well (somewhere); they plot to open the gate for Nyarlathotep.(2) I do not know whether they are near succeeding.
It is possible that the Trujillo group(3) may be attempting to use her for their own purposes, so it may be wise to keep her in your sights.
Unless she has been tainted (?), her innocence as to the risks of entering the Congo are probably genuine. I don't think you need fear her.
She may be able to be of some financial assistance. I don't know why you are in Africa, so I can't say much more. But I would appreciate it if you would see that she is safe. I owe her quite a bit.


Response to queries from Eric Marklin regarding Nyarlathotep

Note 3:

Nyarlathotep is not a place -- it is a black thing . . . . A BIG, black thing. It is everywhere. It has many cults.
If you find her brother, use your best judgement, depending on the context. Just remember that he may be dangerous.

Best Wishes



(1) The term used to identify the struggle against the Outer Gods
(2) One of the ancient Outer Gods
(3) An organized group opposing the effort to prevent the Outer Gods from entering the world, and at times actively attempting to help the Outer Gods enter the world.