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I am: Horizon

I'm played by: Tophocles


Desire: Horizon seeks approval, a sense that she is contributing to the tribe without sacrificing the independence she has worked hard to secure.

Role: Scout

Dramatic Poles: team player (pack mother) vs. lone wolf

History: Horizon is the tribe's Scout, often foraging for days on her own before returning.

Strongarm is Horizon's foster-brother. She was raised by his father, and still lives in his hut, even though Strongarm now lives in the Shaman's place. Horizon does not trust Ghost: he has never asked her to go on raids (though she typically provides the recon), and she fears he wants her to be more like the other women of the tribe. Wind always lets Horizon use his best horse when she goes scouting, and so is her closest friend. Horizon and Shadow were lovers, once.*

The People In My Life[edit]

Character Player Relationship What I Want From Him/Her Dramatic Poles
Strongarm Threlicus Foster - Brother to supply her with hallucinogens Duty and Selfishness
Ghost Caias Ward Does not Trust due to never being invited on raids Ghost's approval as more than just a female of the tribe Glory for self vs safety for his people.Poles
Wind Wroclaw Closest Friend Wind to push for the chiefdom Alliance-Builder vs. Back-Stabber
Shadow Madcat Lovers What Want Ruthless (how far will Shadow go to force recognition?) vs. Resignation (Can he accept his lot in life and prove himself worthy of respect despite it?)

What Can I Do[edit]

Rank Action How I Do It
Strong Moving Long-range Scout
Strong Enduring Feels no pain
Middling Fighting How I Do It
Middling Sneaking How I Do It
Middling Talking How I Do It
Weak Knowing How I Do It
Weak Making How I Do It