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I am: Wind

I'm played by: Wroclaw


Desire: Thrill-Seeker


Dramatic Poles: Alliance-Builder vs. Back-Stabber

I'm Wind, an ambitious aspirant to the chieftainship. My family raises the tribe's horses, making us the second most influential after the line of chiefs. I've befriended Shadow, as the heir apparent Golden is our common enemy. I'm jealous of Strongarm's ability as a shaman to calm and heal animals, as it could undermine my family's position, which is why I was secretly poisoning the old shaman for months before he died. The raid in which Ghost got his name also wiped out the raiding party's horses, which had to be replaced. That took all the horses in my family's possession, and ever since I've treated Ghost like he owes me.

Wind is a thrill-seeker, craving excitement and danger. A incorrigible intriguer, he can't help but to scheme to keep the boredom away, even if patience and stillness would better serve his self-interest than risking his neck with increasingly more daring plots. It's either sink or swim, there's no holding still.

Horizon wants Wind to push for the chiefdom -- she knows nothing of his treatment of the last Shaman, and feels that her friend offers hope for the tribe.

That sounds like the kind of thing that wouldn't work, but I think it actually does. Wind can't push for the chiefdom, despite his thrill-seeking nature and that being ultimately what he wants, because he wants to ally and then ultimately betray Shadow rather than going up against Golden himself.

So even though Wind's well meaning friend is pushing him to make his ambitions more clear to the tribe, every time he does that it will more likely than not be detrimental to him; he'll be doing it to make Horizon happy and get favors from her later to help his subtle intrigues.

Oh and Wind can't give Strongarm the acknowledgement he wants, because he was raised to deride and undermine those he fears and respects.

My story is of a man for whom wealth and security are meaningless without respect and power.

The People In My Life[edit]

Character Player Relationship What I Want From Him/Her Dramatic Poles
Shadow Madcat Friend Wind wants Shadow to tell him Golden's dark secret Ruthless (how far will Shadow go to force recognition?) vs. Resignation (Can he accept his lot in life and prove himself worthy of respect despite it?)
Strongarm Threlicus I Secretly Killed His Master Wind wants Strongarm to support Wind's exclusive role as caretaker of the horses Duty and Selfishness
Ghost Caias Ward He Owes Me Glory for self vs safety for his people.
Horizon Tophocles I'm Her Closest Friend team player (pack mother) vs. lone wolf

What Can I Do[edit]

Rank Action How I Do It
Strong Talking Politics and intrigue, horsetrading
Strong Making Animal husbandry and training, commerce
Middling Action How I Do It
Middling Action How I Do It
Middling Action How I Do It
Enduring Action How I Do It
Sneaking Action How I Do It