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A megadungeon campaign by thirdkingdom.

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The Crimson Irregulars[edit]


  • Cahir the Implacable, Fighter 6. AC 6, HP 37/42. Magic Sword 6+, 1d6+4. Shortbow 8+, 1d6+3. +0 initiative, +1 surprise.
    • Keira the Witch, Mage 4. AC -1, HP 14/14. Silver Dagger 9+, 1d4. -1 initiative.
      • Ana the Obscure, Mage 1. AC 0, HP 4/4. Silver Dagger 10+, 1d4. +0 initiative.
    • Alastar Nine-Fingers, Thief 5. AC 3, HP 21/21. Battle Axe (+1) 7+, 1d6+1. Composite Bow 7+, 1d6 damage. +2 Init/surprise
      • Kimto the Clever, Venturer 1. AC 3, HP 4/4. Fine Sword 10+, 1d6-1. Composite Bow 9+, 1d6 damage. +1 init.
    • Morgan of the Willows, Bladedancer 5. AC 5, HP 17/20. Two Swords, One Fine-Quality 6+, 1d6. +2 Initiative.
    • Cenroc the Beefeater, Fighter 4. AC 7, HP 21/21. Fine Spear 7+, 1d6+3. Crossbow 8+, 1d6+1. +1 Init/Surprise
      • Hereza Moonfollower, Bard 2. AC 4, HP 8/8. Fine Sword 10+, 1d6-1. Composite Bow 8+, 1d6. +2 Initiative.
    • Sani the Shining, Fighter 4. AC 5, 21/21. Fine Spear, 7+, 1d6+2. Crossbow 9+, 1d6+2. +0 Initiative, +1 surprise
    • Carmes the Green, Explorer 2. AC 5, 16/16. Fine Battle Axe, 8+, 1d6+4. Double-Fine Compound Bow 7+, 1d6+3. +1 init/surprise


  • 10 Veteran Light Infantry
    • Equipment: 3 Javelins, Short Sword, Shield, Leather Armor
    • See Veteran Status. 5HP, +1 morale and damage.
  • 10 Heavy Infantry
    • Equipment: Spear, Sword, Shield, Banded Plate
    • 4HP
  • 7 Crossbowmen
    • Equipment: Arbalest, Short Sword, Chain Armor
    • See Veteran Status. 5HP, +1 morale and damage.
  • 2 Crossbowmen
    • Equipment: Arbalest, Short Sword, Chain Armor
    • 4 HP

Standard Equipment for all soldiers[edit]

  • Backpack, Wool Blanket, 4 weeks rations, Rope, Tinder Box, 6 Torches, Belt Pouch, Waterskin


NOTE: The warhorses of those characters capable of using a lance contain a single lance in a scabbard next to the saddle.

  • Jaegermeister, Cahir's Fine Heavy Warhorse: 27/27hp
  • Whiskey, Hereza's Medium Warhorse: 14 hp
  • Gin, Keira's Light Warhorse: 10 hp
  • Tonic, Morgan's Medium Warhorse: 10/10 hp.
  • Vodka, Alastar's Light Warhorse: 15 hp.
  • Tequila, Cenroc's Medium Warhorse. 9/9
  • Mead, Sani's Medium warhorse. 12/12
  • Brandy, Ana's Light warhorse. 15/15
  • Porter, Ferven's Medium warhorse. 14/14
  • Moscato, Carmes' Light warhorse. 14/14
  • Retsina, Kimto's Light warhorse. 7/7

Extra Horses[edit]

  • Two Light Horses
  • Three Medium Horses
  • One Mule

Horse Draft Pool[edit]

  • 12 Rounceys (training to become warhorses)
  • 3 Foals
  • 5 light riding horses
  • 3 potential warhorses (in training)

Hound Draft Pool =[edit]

  • 6 puppies suitable for training as guard dogs

Boot Hill[edit]

Logistics & Supplies[edit]

Wagon 1, pulled by 4 heavy draft horses[edit]

Gatehouse Supplies[edit]

  • War Chest: 6380gp, 8x 1000gp gems, 25gp agate.
  • A fuckton of crossbow bolts
  • 5x Crowbars
  • 100 Flasks of Common Oil
  • 30 Flasks of Military Oil
  • 2 Grappling Hooks
  • 5x Small Hammers
  • 120 Iron Spikes
  • 5 Lanterns
  • 20 Large Sacks
  • 200 gp in: fuckton of nails, axes, saws, sledgehammers, some block & tackle stuff, some carpentry planes, pickaxes, shovels, spades, etc.
  • 5 Barrels of water
  • 100 gp in: Miscellanea, like washbasins, a cauldron, rags, vinegar for cleaning, other shit we don't want to think about.
  • 13 units Comfrey
  • 4 extra shields
  • 12 doses tywyllwch leaves.

Current Identification Queue[edit]

  • 2 potions in a green glass bottle, and a wand. Post 826.
  • Special Sword
    • Tab Remaining: 2400gp

Henchmen Stuff[edit]

  • Note that every one of the henchmen has their own high-quality chest for their room/under their bed/whatever.
  • Ana & Keira also have a small secret door/closet area.

Monthly Expenses[edit]






Monthly Income[edit]


Marching Order & Watches[edit]

Marching Order[edit]

  • Cahir, Cenroc
  • Morgan, Keira
  • Alastar, Sani


  • Alastar, Cenroc
  • Cahir, Sani
  • Morgan, Keira


  • Cahir
    • Gear: 8st+1
    • Treasure:
    • Total:
    • Bling Worn: 100gp gold ring, silver signet ring, 1400gp circlet
  • Keira
    • Gear: 2st+4
    • Treasure: a comb of ivory, worth 50 gold, a half-filled bottle of perfume, likely worth around 25 gold, and a gold ring set with rubies, worth approximately 900 gold
    • Total:
  • Alastar
    • Gear: 4st+2
    • Treasure:
    • Total:
  • Morgan
    • Gear: 4st
    • Treasure:
    • Total:
  • Cenroc
    • Gear: 8st+2
    • Treasure:
    • Total:
  • Sani
    • Gear: 8st+3
    • Treasure:
    • Total:
  • Carmes
    • Gear: 5st+6
    • Treasure:
    • Total:
  • Ferven
    • Gear: 8+1
    • Treasure:
    • Total:
  • Hereza
    • Gear: 4+2
    • Treasure:
    • Total:
  • Ana
    • Gear: 2st+2
    • Treasure:
    • Total:
  • Kimto
    • Gear: 5+4
    • Treasure:
    • Total: 5+4


  • Leofuste the Lambent a Mage living in Concord who identifies magical items.
  • Hew the Deputy is a sheriff's deputy in Concord. Currently charmed by Keira.
  • Riatan the Alchemist is a trader in potions and monster parts in Concord. Has requested various things from Cahir, see Notes.
  • Urgan the Orc is an exiled orc who is helping Cahir drive the orcs out of Stonehell.
  • Zorrel Gnast is a former bandit leader who greatly desires to rescue his sister from the curse of lycanthropyl.
  • Mitguth & Ferthson are the farmer and hetman of Vinton that Cahir dealt with in the process of destroying the goblin menace.
  • Oma One-hand is a lady magic-user of Mun who buys and sells enchanted items.


Stonehell History[edit]

A century ago, the Sterling Potentate ruled the Westerlands with an iron fist. Through dint of military strength he manage to unite the various petty kingdoms and squabbling tribes from the shores of the Shallow Sea to the Redpeak Mountains. Neither a charismatic nor gentle leader, before long the Potentate's prisons were overflowing, his executioners unable to keep pace with the work the secret police brought them. And so, the "Stonehell" dungeon was born, in a remote western corner of the empire, a vast prison excavated by the prisoners themselves, who were told that in order to eat they must work. For years the population of the dungeon swelled as the Potentate eliminated political threats; it became its own ecology, one into which the guards of the prison were loathe to tread.

The subsequent coup d'etat came as a surprise to the Potentate, who fled east across the Swollen Sea with a few trusted advisors. The Potentate's palace was stormed, his police apparatus dismantled, and the doors to his prisons and torture chambers flung open, including the gates to Stonehell. What the victors found within the bowels of Stonehell they could barely speak of -- communities of prisoners turned cannibal, adapted to a life underground, the worship of blabbering, blasphemous deities. Only a mere handful of prisoners left willingly, and for nearly one hundred years the place has festered a half-days walk from the town of Concord, in the foothills of the Redpeaks. Since the fall of the Potentate the dungeon has been used as a base for orcs and bandits, as hidden laboratories for mad mages, as shrines for those who worship the squat, unsavory gods lurking in the shadows and dank caves that honeycomb the hills.

The prison itself is a half-days walk west of Concord, reportedly nestled in box canyon on the fringes of the Madifent Mire, a large swamp hugging the base of the mountains. Concord itself has a population of nearly three thousand souls, much shrunk from its heydey, when the prison was in operation and trade flowing through the Redpeak Pass. Now only a dozen or so caravans a year make the journey either way, the residents of Concord scratch out a living raising horses and cattle on the grasses of the foothills, or from small mines in the mountains, and, drawn inexplicably, as if by magic, parties of adventurers arrive looking to plumb the depths of the Stonehell dungeon.


Stonehell Entrance[edit]

Beware All Who Enter
These Benighted Halls of Stone.
Within Lies No Solace
Nor Any Comforts of Home.
Toiling For Our Crimes
We Must Dig Where We Dwell,
With No Freedom or Mercy
In Our Vast Stony Hell.

Stonehell Cave 1[edit]


As agreed, the jewels await you two levels downin the chamber past the acolytes' cells How you deal with the wasps is your own concern!


Stonehell Cave 7[edit]

  • Note found Here
    • The grottos beneath are for them whose eyes need no longer see, for their marvels are too strange and terrific for those who tread in sunlight to behold. Otrogg gave unto his worthies the great holes beneath the earth and placed within them his riches and wonders. These treasures are the inheritance of that which once crawled, but has since learnt to walk.

Potential Resources[edit]

  • Riatan the Alchemist has requested Certain Things be returned if they should be found. Cahir needs to try and grow a grove of Laumi Apples within the box canyon if this is possible.

Magic Items[edit]

  • Levanmes is a sword that Cahir obtained as a reward for killing the goblins of Vinton.


Stonehell Interior[edit]


House Rules[edit]

  • Shields Shall Be Splintered
  • Retainer Morale. Each Retainer starts play with a +2 modifier to their morale checks., reduced by 1 per calamity
    • Keira currently has a modifier of +1
  • The primary character gains an additional General Proficiency at every two levels.
    • Retainers gain an additional General Proficiency at every four levels.
  • Languages:
    • Common. Note that in this instance Common specifically refers to the human language spoken within the bounds of the Sereliam League -- specifically, what used to be the Sterling Potentate's realm.
    • Lassara. The Human language spoken across the Redpeaks, in Myrsal and elsewhere.
    • Faery (elves, pixies, dryads, etc.)
    • Undertongue (dwarves, gnomes, kobolds)
    • Bestial (ogre, orc, gnoll)
    • Goblin (goblin, hobgoblin, bugbear0
    • Grog (common language of most primitive races)
    • Swampspeak (frogling, lizardman, troglodyte, etc.)
    • Giant.
    • Draconic

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