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Race: Doppelganger
Grew Up: In the gang-ridden, maze-like underground warehouse-lab of Sarastra the Metallurgist
Power Source: Upon reading that book, my words became as sharp as my sword (Arcane and Martial)
Hero Points: 3

Identities in Ozenfre[edit]

  • Vrask, a spy in the employee of Madame D'Orzo
    • Vrask is on the shorter side of average height, perhaps 5'8" with the right pair of boots. He's dressed tidily, a grey blouse over black leather trousers, a black leather vest attached to leather epaulets and vambraces providing both utilitarian armor and having the appearance of some sort of tidy uniform. His boots are fine calfskin. His face is brown; his eyes grey; his hair short, mussed, and black. His nose is severe and his goatee is primly trimmed, and shows some grey. His posture is erect and his stride balanced; the man might be a swordsman, but whatever he is, he presents an aura of competence.
    • The Vrask identity and the Ooleng Garn identity look vaguely similar, as though Vrask were disguising himself as the other with a considerably good degree of mundane disguising skill. Vol clearly wants anyone watching him to think Vrask and Ooleng Garn are the same person, and that Vrask is the spy and Ooleng Garn is Vrask's fabricated identity. Vol actually plays it in a way where observers could sort of catch Vrask going into a building one way and coming out another as Ooleng Garn. Vrask is good, but not perfect.
  • Ooleng Garn, an oily-talking merchant of some kind who interacts with homeowners on their doorsteps in search of curios he can sell in market. He offers coin for items nobody much wants anymore, and is a good conversationalist with a talent for gossip.
  • Sour Samastra, a middle-aged washerwoman on the Street of Sorrows, who watches traffic along the main thoroughfare as she scrubs other people's clothes.
  • Solid Ned, a teenager who runs messages throughout the city for bits of coin, who's mute and can't read even his own name but is excellent at pantomime, and whose duties take him into all manner of unlikely places.



  • Primary: Charisma
  • Secondary: Intelligence


  • Insight
  • History


Level Power Name Source Description
Racial At Will Changeling Disguise Doppelganger
Racial Encounter Changeling Trick Doppelganger
Warlock Pact Boon Convocation of Shadows Dark Pact flickers
L1 At Will Eldritch Bolt a bolt of black, violet, and silver force, makes a tearing sound from vaporizing air
L1 At Will
L1 Encounter
L2 Utility
L3 Encounter
L5 Daily
L6 Utility
L7 Encounter



Eldritch bolt.png

Convocation of Shadows
Pact Boon, Warlock Utility
At-will + Arcane, Shadow
Free Action, Personal
Trigger: You reduce an enemy to 0 hit points, or an enemy adjacent to you drops to 0 hit points.
Effect: You are insubstantial and phasing until the end of your next turn.

Changeling Disguise.png


Changeling Trick.png


  • Suli reminds me of dangerous things I cannot allow myself to forget.
    • Vol has heard of the Crimson Moon. They're someone who studies the influence of celestial bodies on the people who live under them, and the Crimson Moon is the sort of tale/phenomenon that would have come to their attention as such a scholar. I don't think they yet associate Suli directly with those tales, but they know she's from the north, and there's something about her that they'd be sensitive to. Being in her presence reminds Vol of the tales they've heard of the crimson light in clearings within the snowy forests. It's something that both disturbs and fascinates them, so she'd be a bit of a locus for their interest, at the same time that their mind would prefer to veer away and see her simply as a naive girl of the north.
  • I see the bardic side as being more of a narrative element than a mechanical one. Vol is a scholar of celestial bodies, and a student of the arcane and of history. Traveling in the guise of a bard would be a good way to get into areas that might otherwise be hard to enter or move around in, and they'd have joined a Bardic College. But their only real bardic magic would be ritual magic.
  • Patron: an enigmatic being from one of the outer spheres associated with a celestial melody. Music is literally their mode of expression thoughts and feelings, rather than words or pictures. Vol has always been sensitive to the magical side of music, and the book they read in the gang-ridden, maze-like underground warehouse-lab of Sarastra the Metallurgist awoke them to a Far Entity, from whom they have gathered powers, and who has shaped their personality. But that entity and its cousins remains a shrouded mystery.
  • Instructions for contacting Seeker Autumn