Storm Panthers: Tarn

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  • Name: Tarn al'Kesa
  • Race: Human
  • Grew Up: Among the camp-followers of a mercenary band
  • Power Source: Learned to fight before I could walk (i.e., Martial)
  • Hero Points: 3 [2]



  • Primary: Strength
  • Secondary: Charisma


Level Power Name Source Description
L1 At Will Cleave Fighter
L1 At Will
L1 Encounter Warlord's Favor Warlord
L2 Utility
L3 Encounter
L5 Daily Stand the Fallen Warlord
L6 Utility
L7 Encounter Come and Get It Fighter

Fictional Biography[edit]

Tarn was born to a camp follower of a mercenary band. He was raised in the camp as a favored son of the entire band and its followers. After many campaigns, he decided to set out to make his own way in the world. Now he sells his sword across the land.

Tarn is a broadly-built, dark haired man of medium height. He has a variety of non-aesthetically-pleasing scars in various places on his body; souvenirs from any one of many battles and brawls. He favors fighting with sword and shield, though his long years of training make him proficient with most weapons.