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In the Sixteenth Cycle. 3Y3M2D = Thirdyear, Thirdmonth, Seconday.

Unlocated rumours[edit]

  • from Split Hoof caballi in (41.39)
    • Hermit dwelling near 3 pillar-like rocks along the forest edge, a week or so west then north of (41.30)?
    • Owl-folk village on edge of haunted wood, gift of prophecy, east of (41.39)

Near Layge[edit]

Medium-scale maps:

Detail maps:

Adasteste Island[edit]

  • requires ocean-going craft to visit
  • many ruins from the Crocodile Kings
  • fort on the western shore (Steste?)
  • 3Y3M current focus of multiple adventuring parties from Shala?

Basilisk Hills[edit]

Dayaz Bay[edit]

Navi River[edit]

  • navigable up into the forest (35.20)
  • meets the Sari at Layge (43.43).
  • Split Hoof caballi camp - east bank (41.39 06.05)
  • abandoned village - west bank (41.39 05.05); was thriving 30 years ago? mostly ruined
  • ankheg lair - east bank (40.38 07.04)
    • 3Y3M3D one wounded ankheg left in deep tunnels
  • unknown structure - east bank (39.35 ??)
    • 3Y3M3D spotted near nightfall; disappeared 3Y3M4D, leaving only foundations without tracks
    • no 'Detect Magic'
  • 3Y3M2D-... traveled east bank from Layge

Qirmizi River[edit]

  • formed by confluence of Navi and Sari at Layge (43.43)
  • flows into Silver Sea far south of (42.49)

Sari River[edit]

  • navigable up to the mountains (on reaching the “Lower Pass” 48.32)
  • joins Navi at Layge (43.43) to form Qirmizi
  • source at Tovid (52.25)

Silver Sea[edit]

Tala Hills[edit]

  • former locus of Velhes Kingdom / Velhesia
  • ruins of Phiesen / The City in Ashes somewhere far east

Vysoky Mountains[edit]

  • Tovid (52.25)
    • on the Sari river
    • 3Y3M1D status unknown

Yasil River[edit]

Plains of Zelaia[edit]

  • hordes of undead along Layge-Shala road due to a gate to the N

Zelaian Confederacy[edit]

  • Layge (43.43)
    • confluence of Mavi and Sari rivers
    • population 7500; stone walls; ruined docks
    • party assets: warehouse, Madam Silk, mercenary watch
    • produces: pottery, fish, wheat, livestock
  • Shala
    • active port
  • Dry Gulch
  • "a few others further to the north and west"

Council of Seven (Guilds):

  • Merchant, Craft, Farming, Ranching, Wisdom, Blade
  • Silent
    • "the beggars, the bawdy houses, the thieves and assassins"
    • "their councilor is, by tradition, always masked"


  • Masgar
    • produces glass
  • Principalities of the East
  • Rocky Peak
    • in mountains; produces metalwork
  • Variegated Kingdom