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Neutral Good Female Lupinal (Moon Singer) Rogue 1/Ranger 4

Ability Scores: Strength 10, Dexterity 16, Constitution 14, Intelligence 12, Wisdom 16, Charisma 8

AC 15 (Studded leather armor) HP: 42 Speed: 30' Proficiency: +3

  • Ranged Attack: +8 to hit (1d8+3 piercing damage with longbow)
  • Melee Attack I: +6 to hit (1d6+3 slashing damage for scimitar or 1d6+3 piercing with short sword)
  • Melee Attack II: +6 to hit (1d6+3 slashing damage with scimitar and 1d6 piercing damage with short sword)
  • Melee Attack III: +3 to hit (1d6 slashing and piercing damage with bite)

Saving Throws: Strength +0 Dexterity +6 (Proficiency) Constitution +2 Intelligence +4 (Proficiency) Wisdom +3 Charisma -1

Languages Known: Common, Celestial, Elvish, Infernal


Weapons, armor, tools: Light and medium armor, simple weapons, martial weapons, shields, thieves's tools.

Background: One type of musical instrument (Flute)

  Acrobatics +6
  Athletics +3
  Insight +6
  Investigation +7 (Expertise)
  Intimidation +2
  Nature +4
  Perception +9 (Expertise)
  Performance +2
  Stealth +9 (Expertise)
  Survival +6


Skill Expert

Traits and Features

Lupinal (Moonsinger): Celestial, Guise of Mortality, Dodge Missiles, Hamstring Bite, Keen Scent, Fearsome Howl (DC 13)

Background: Wanderer

Rogue: Expertise (Perception, Stealth), Sneak Attack (+1d6), Thieves's Cant

Ranger: Favored Enemy (Fiends), Natural Explorer (Forest), Primal Awareness, Fighting Style (Archery), Hunter's Prey (Horde Breaker)

Ranger Spells Known (DC 14): Ensnaring Strike, Hunter's Mark, Zephyr Strike


Outlander: A staff, a hunting trap, a set of traveler's clothes, a belt pouch. Rogue: Shortsword, quiver of 20 arrows, explorer's pack, two daggers, thieves' tools

Purchases: Studded leather armor, longbow, scimitar, druidic spell focus (sprig of mistletoe) Magic items: Horn of silent alarm, cloak of elvenkind. 124 gp left.