Strike rank Interpreations.

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You know what? we need a SR precis for this game. So here goes...

Main Criteria: Siz (Melee), Dex(Melee, Missile, Spell), Weapon length(Melee), fire rate (thrown/missile), Pow use (Spell).

Modifiers. Suprise (3SR), Prepared attack(Spell/missile/Ambush) 0 SR; Unprepared 5SR.

Movement is 1SR per 3 metres.

Anything else, like uncorking and drinking a potion, drawing a new weapon, reloading, etc, is considered to take 5 SR. Reasonable combinations are allowable, like drawing a weapon while moving or readying an arrow while casting a spell of the right type.

In Runequest II, you need to carve, draw, burn or incise a focus rune for your spell, and they are generally placed where they can be useful. Appropriate spells like speedart or multimissile will normally have focus runes carved on the arrows or bow by their users. This means you add the Spell SR to your missile SR/Melee SR only, rather than using the 5SR delay for doing another action.

To summarise

  • Melee SR: Siz + Dex + Weapon rank/SpellSR = SR.
  • Missile SR: Dex + Status[Prepared/un] = SR
  • Spell SR: Dex + Pow of spell -1. = SR.
  • Preparing: 5SR [covers reloading, changing weapons, reading a scroll, etc]
  • Suprise: 3SR
  • Move: 3m per strike rank.You may begin or slow/stop a move on dex sr.

Spell SR can be added to Melee or Missile SR if appropriate without 5 SR to do most quick actions or change actions (Reload,