Summer's Gift

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Summer's Gift[edit]

(Formerly. MakeMake)
Kuiper II Class Light Transport


Dimensions 50Wx180Lx40H
Tonnage: 1000 tons
Speed Class: 5 cruise/ No Hard Burn
Crew: 5
Fuel Capacity: 25 tons (600 Hours)
Cargo Capacity: 250 tons in 10 standard cargo containers, plus an additional 16 tons throughout.

  • 1 Botany/Fish container†
  • 1 2nd Class Passenger Suite Container
  • .5 Vehicle Container
  • .5 Weapons Module (Concealed)
  • 6 Cargo Containers (150 tons free cargo)
  • 1 Medical Clinic Container

Passengers: 2 first-class in the standard cargo configuration

  • 4 second-class with Container Suite


  • 20lb Cannon in Drop Down Turret in Weapons Module (concealed)10EM rounds - 5Jammer Rounds
  • Light Machine mounted on Turret in Weapons Module200 rounds of ammo.

Price: 12,500
Maintenance Cost: 3000 (250/month) (Covered by Kiera's Rent) | 60/wound
Fuel Cost: 125/tank/600hours (1cr/4.8hrs)
Food Cost: 5 Credits per day (crew of 5)(Canned + spices)†
†The Botany Bay produces 35 person days of nutritious food a week (fish and vegetables)


  • Agility d6
  • Strength d4
  • Vitality d8
  • Alertness d8
  • Intelligence d4
  • Willpower d4

  • Initiative d6+d8
  • Life 8
  • Pilot d2, Perception d6
  • Slow Throttle (Major), Seen Better Days (Minor), Loved (Major)
  • Complexity: Average
  • Gear: 1 30 Ton Drop Ship 0 escape pods, Turbo-Thruster (+3 Speed for 1 hour, burns 10 hours of fuel)

The Kuiper Class freighter is a simple design made to transport 10 standard cargo containers cheaply. While not a flashy ship, it is reasonably speedy, and easy to maintain. It is one of the first freighters to have been put into mass production since the Unification war, now that surpluses of wartime vessels are beginning to dwindle.

The ship is designed with primary thrusters fixed aft, and must therefore perform atmospheric reentry aft-first. It possesses large air-breaking fins to assist in this, and the main sensor tower folds forward, protected by a bulkhead to decrease wear on the more delicate parts. This doesn’t really affect the ship’s sensor ability, since the sensors being shielded are those used to monitor pulse drive activity. Cargo modules can be unloaded to ground level even from the upper deck thanks to extending boom arms that run athwartship. ‘Garage’ modules can lower ground vehicles to the ground without detaching, but unless one such module is aboard, loading free cargo is a laborious activity requiring trudging up the stairs.

The Kuiper II class widened amidship by 10 feet to add additional crew and passenger space, as well as provide more access to the cargo containers. It also lengthened the ship by another five feet to provide an aft hallway.

The Summer's Gift was originally christened "MakeMake" by Jamison Fairweather who made a small fortune in the Mining business on Angel. he used it primarily as an ore freighter. It was later leased to Potemkin Colonial Services for longer distance travel. After a business dispute, the Potemkins killed Fairweather and forged the documents to look like he sold the vessel to them. After mutineers returned the vessel to Angel, the deed was transferred to the people returning it to the heir of Fairweather, and the vessel was rechristened "Summer's Gift" in her honor.

Summer's Gift crash landed on Miranda after taking two missiles from a Reaver ship. It was repaired and refitted by its crew. They swapped out the sensor, computer and communications package with that of another ship, and added four maneuvering thrusters from another. They also made extensive modifications to the interior adding hatches and surveillance equipment. The resulting rewiring and modifications have created a unique ship which would no longer be familiar to others. This labor intensive work as well as the history the crew has with the ship have made her one well loved vessel.

Ship's Books[edit]

Ship's Books
[Maintenance Issues]

Deck Plans[edit]


Plan Descriptions[edit]

  1. Bridge
  2. Medical Suite
  3. Forward Lounge
  4. Galley
  5. Pantry/Cold Storage
  6. Port Passenger Suite
  7. Starboard Passenger Suite
  8. Midship Lounge
  9. Joshua's Quarters
  10. Rina's Quarters
  11. Nika's Quarters
  12. Arden's Quarters
  13. Port Crew Dorm
  14. Starboard Crew Dorm
  15. Aft Workroom
  16. Engine Room
  17. Garden Container
  18. Wardroom
  19. Second Class Passenger Container
  20. Garage Container
  21. Kiera's Clinc
  22. Ship's Lockers
  23. Weapons Locker
  24. Gym
  25. Weapon's Pod

Other Plans[edit]