Sundry members of the Northern Expedition

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The Valley of Cradles

The healers.

  • Anshe - an Arroin Initiate. Recruited to the expedition through Iskilli. A skilled healer.Mid 20's, ex-bison clan.

Disease and Poison master, Healing plants master. White Leather armour, carries a staff.

  • Enae Laughing Eye - A Chalana Arroy Acolyte. Recruited through Ruric. Allied spirit is a Healing Spirit. Late 20's, ex-Oasis folk.

Healing herb mistress, diease mistress.

The guards. Initiates of Pavis.

  • Alyta the Axe. Early 20's, ex townsfolk. Poleaxe, Pick, large shield. Cuir and leather, open helm.
  • Ronak Sellinger. Early 30's, ex townsfolk. [2nd cousin] 1h spears/javelins [4] Large shield, Darts[3], pick. Chain hauberk, cuir limbs.

Sundry notes