Sunset the Battlebabe

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Character Type

Battle Babe


See these three character images: face, figure, fashion. Asian female, mid-twenties, lean, hard-edged, dressed in combats-and-camo when it's warm or leathers when it's cold.

(Woman, casual wear, boyish face, arresting eyes, angular body)

Stats and the Basic Moves

Cool +3* (Act Under Fire)
Hard 0 (Go Aggro, Seize by Force)
Hot +1 (Seduce or Manipulate)
Sharp +1 (Read a Situation or Person)
Weird -1* (Open Your Brain to the Maelstrom)

Special Moves

Ice Cold: when going aggro, instead of adding Hard add Cool (NPCs) or HX (PCs)

Merciless: when inflicting harm, add one

Gear and Barter

Kusarigama (2-Harm, Hand, Area, Valuable) (Chain + Blade + Antique)

Machine Pistol (2-Harm, Close/Far, Loud) (Handgun + Semi-Automatic + Three-Round Burst)

Tough Fashion (1-Armour)

Oddments (2-barter)

Interesting Fact

Despite her chosen profession, Sun treats violence as a last resort. She's never fought in the pit, and views those who do with a detached distaste. Those who know her will have seen her lose her cool precisely once, during a messy affair involving a Hocus cult and a handful of missing girls and young women.


Angler +1
Dez +1
Hammer +1
Jones +3
Tai -1

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